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Genuine HTC One 2013 Double Dip Flip Case - HC V841 - Light Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This Flip Case in light blue offers high protection for your HTC One 2013. It features a perfectly fit and stylish design with folio stand with suede lining.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40388
$23.89 inc VAT
 1 stars from 2 customers

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Not good enough
Not impressed with this case. The plastic does not reach far enough up the sides to protect it when dropped. Also the cut-out holes have worn out very quickly and now look horrible (bent out of shape). Wouldn't repurchase.
So bad
I bought this cover because it was made by HTC so I thought it would fit it perfectly and protect it. But it doesn't. the front doesn't stay closed which is a pain and it doesn't fit properly at all. The plastic which holds it doesn't come up high enough around the sides. I dropped my phone today and the cover didn't protect it at all and the screen smashed. I understand that this is my own fault for dropping it but that fact that the front cover doesn't stay closed mean that it is not protected at all. So disappointed. Would be perfect it the plastic covered the phone like other covers and it the front stayed closed.

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