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Genuine Apple Lightning to 30 Pin Converter Cable Reviews

Use your new iPhone 5 with existing cradles and chargers with the genuine Apple Lightning Connector cable.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36257
$49.09 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 12 customers

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A very useful bit of kit
Genuine Apple Lightning To 30 Pin Converter
I had a problem. I have a dock with a 30 pin connection, an iPhone 6 which takes the standard lightning connection and a case on my phone which didn't allow for a plastic converter as the hole was too small. I found this converter cable and as it is an Apple product, I knew I was getting quality. The short cable allows you to connect your iPhone to the dock and place it by the speaker. It charges the phone and you can listen to music whilst charging. Very useful at night to charge your phone and know that if you've set your alarm, it will wake you as you're battery is being charged. This would work for other Apple products which have the lightning connection.
A useful bit of kit which I wouldn't be without.
It has fitted like a glove to the phone and does exactly as I hoped for
Bought this to convert a 30pin docking stereo to work with new iPhone 6s
Bought this to convert a 30pin docking stereo to work with new iPhone 6s.
There are other cables out there that don't handle audio, so it always pays to get genuine apple cable.
Only issue is that the lead is 20cm long which means the phone is dangling in front of the stereo. Would have liked to see a lightning extension lead (say 1metre) to make this a fully polished solution. Hence only 4 stars.
Excellent piece of kit
My BMW has a 30 pin in car lead and whilst I used the 30 pin to lightening connector it meant I had to take my case off to fit it in car and its fit was fiddly. I've looked for a lead for ages but didn't want to risk a non genuine lead on a £700 phone. I trust Mobile Fun and the lead is excellent. It connects like a charging cable and the iPhone plays tunes straightaway. I can keep my case on and the lead means that movement doesn't cause a disconnect. The only tiny drawback is that whilst it does charge it's at such a slow rate it doesn't really count!
I already have an order for another from husband and it's worth paying a premium for a guaranteed Apple product, there are too many super cheap 'genuine Apple' products out there which is an oxymoron.
This Item is expensive for what it is, but it's the best I've found to convert all my 30 pin connections from my old i-phone 4 (car, music speakers, power packs etc). Many other smaller converters don't take account of people who keep there phones in cases or covers but this works every time.
Perfect for the job!
I needed a cable to connect my i phone 6 plus to my home stereo system.
The individual I spoke to at Mobile Fun was very helpful and friendly.Within a minute or so she had identified the appropriate item.Delivery was within a couple of days.
First class service!
Dose what it supposed to do
Great little product, works really well, worth the money as I can now use my original docking station to listen to my music.
Exactly what I needed, but...
Nothing much to say really other than a quality product, however be aware that the lightning plug has a thicker plastic surround which is too big if you have a Draco Aluminium Bumper fitted.

God only knows why Apple made it different from the standard lightning connector cable which comes with the iPhone.
Great accessory for lightning connector devices
Bought this a just got an iPhone 5S. Didn't like the idea of mounting my iPhone on my Sony docking station with the one piece adaptor, could see the iPhone port breaking ! Although not as tidy due to the cable, works great and does the job of audio, charge and syncing. Highly recommended even though it is expensive.
Excellent bit of kit
I got this hoping to use it in my Mini with the converter so I can control the music through my stereo. Works perfectly. Even better that now my phone charges as well (my 3GS wouldn't!)

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