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Genuine Apple Lightning to 30 Pin Converter Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Use your new iPhone 5 with existing cradles and chargers with the genuine Apple Lightning Connector.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36240

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 4.2 stars from 13 customers

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Lightning adapter
Well, apart from waring you that your wallet will be a lot lighter for a tiny piece of hardware, this does pretty much what you'd expect - ie. it works when you plug it in, unlike the chinese copies.

Buy one if you need one, just take a deep breath first...
Brilliant Piece of kit
I brought this item as i have the old style connection for the 4s and have just upgraded. this item is brilliant its compact and really does the job on the tin, i now its expensive but really works on people who have a traditional old style connection but have a iphone 5 and want to connect it to there docking system.
Great money saver!
I have recently upgraded to the lightening cables for my Iphone 5 and Apad Air, so this little beauty saves me having to replace my docking station/loudspeakers, which has the older type connection. A bit expensive, but it is the real Apple adapter not a cheap imitation so worth the outlay.
Simply a must have item
Having just upgraded to an i phone 5 I really didn't want to have to buy a load of new equipment. This adaptor is a simple solution, it's so good I have bought two, one for at home and one for at work and on the go.
It fits into all of the old i phone 4 sockets/connectors which all work perfectly well, and has made no difference to me using anything. Its a win, win, better phone and just carry on as usual.
Genuine Apple connector
Having purchased one before from Mobile Fun a few months ago rather than swapping it each time from house to car, as I have already got a I phone 4 connector or charger in my cars it is so easy to leave one in the car and one in the house.
Very very poor
I have 3 genuine 30 pin cables from Apple all supplied by Vodafone.

One out of three worked with this adaptor.
I gave MF the opportunity to try out all the cables - they refused to get involved.

They will probably ban this truthful article, if they allow it.
Then well done Mobile Fun for allowing freedom of speech.
I understand they were just too busy to do tests.

I have sent the adaptor back and awaiting a refund
MobileFun Reply
Hi, Susan, we apologise that the product does not meet your expectations. We would not have the time to investigate this problem with your cables but we will be in contact with you shortly to arrange a replacement / refund. We hope that this does not dete
great little buy
This is a must have gadget if your an owner of the iphone 5. Sick and tired of taking my iphone 5 charger everywhere and leaving it behind, I bought this adapter. So incrdeibly handy, as my girlfriend has the normal charger and I can attach it onto that or when at work where there are so many normal iphone chargers. I can now leave my charger at home and not be worried of running out of juice.
It is a shame I didn't know this was compatible with the Otter Case cover that I bought at the same time as you have to physically remove the cover to be able to use the lightning as the aperture in the case is too small. Not the fault of this item but a disappointment nontheless
iP4 to Ip5 charger converter
Handy thing thing. Only prob is that you need to take the bumper case of the phone to use it.

Would have helped if that was on the item description.

Anyway. As that was the case and didn't want to carry on taking the case off my phone, I thought I would give it to the wife.

I only went and lost it on the first day bringing it back from work. Well gutted.

So going to have to wait for ifussuon to be launched for the 1p5
it does the job but...
Apples latest venture to increase the sales of new peripherals for their iphone series enters a new phase with the 5 as nothing from my years of ipods, iphones, ipads will now work with my ip5! This adaptor is designed to plug in to any dock/cable etc so I can continue to use my other gadgets. This it does successfully. I have not found anything it wont work with. I do have to carry it around (so I can use my in car charging cable, dock at the office, dock in the sitting room and alarm radio dock thing in the bedroom) as at the price of this, I'm not buying one for each dock etc.
ll was good until I changed my case to a more protective unit (cygnett workmate) Now it wont fit in the docks any more as the case surround doesn't allow the adaptor to fully plug in.
So a mixed bad really. Unfortunately if like me, you have much apple gadgetry and want t keep using it with an ip5 as well as your existing kit, then this is the thing you need. I think there is a cable converter due out, may well have to get one of those too.
2 months+
No issues with product as its made by apple so is perfect but over 2 months for delivery and every time I checked this website stated stock due in 3-4 days even there emails they sent to my complaints said the same if you can get it elsewhere I would to save the hassle

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