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Gear4 WorldTour Dual USB Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Ideal for use worldwide, the Gear4 WorldTour Dual Charger includes 4 interchangeable mains adapters that support sockets for UK, US, Europe, ANZ and Asia. It also features a 2.1A and 1A USB port for recharging of any mobile device.
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 4.1 stars from 12 customers

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excellent product!
I travel to Singapore and Australia quite often and this plug/usb double is ideal for charging up my devices. Saves having to carry several leads and risk leaving one behind which I have done on occasion!
Very Nice
The Gear 4 charger I purchased works great.
Good item
This is a reasonably priced item which enables you to use your kindle, phone, or tablet world wide. Also the dual aspect is good for packing.
The perfect travel charger
4 different plug heads and 2 USB charging ports, of 1.0 and 2.1 Amps, make this travel plug the ultimate charging device for travellers.
Great the charger that I was looking for and with his adapters I can go abroad with out worrys
Seems good
Good idea slightly flawed
the Gear4 dual charger is basically a very good, well made item save for one failing. That is that it takes me 15 minutes plus of fiddling with the latch to change the plug head. Perhaps with prolonged use it will ease but this problem really frustrates me when using the charger.
Handy product for travel / home
I used it for Travel and it is handy to carry and charge my ipad and android in one go. I used it in Europe and happy with its functioning. My one worry is though if you change the pins (the European or UK ones etc. ) often then there is quite a potential charge that the two plastic pin like locks in them can get damaged easily. It has not happened to me yet.. but I am wary of it though.
Travel the world with fewer chargers.
The USB mains charger provides a means of charging two devices at once with a good output that will satisfy high demand devices. The adaptor is solidly made and the only criticism is that removing the mains pins to change to a different set is tricky. Inserting the new one is easy.
Excellent value for money
There are many chargers with 2 USB ports and world wide plugs but this one is robust, solid and well made.
Has got two different power USB connectors (2.1 & 1A)
Excellent value for money!
Not as simple as it sounds!
Nice piece of kit, does what it says except how easy it is to replace the new head/s. I wrestled with it for about 15 mins before I managed to get the original BS one off to replace it with a different one. I guess it will get easier with time...I hope so!!

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