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Gear4 G4IC506G iPhone 5S / 5 Rubber Bumper Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect the side of your iPhone 5S / 5 from scratches and minor damage with this durable black rubber bumper by Gear4.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36429
$20.61 inc. VAT
 2.7 stars from 7 customers

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Great product but does not last
When i had an iPhone 4 i used a gear4 bumper case it was amazing. lasted until i upgraded without any issues (over a year).

I now have an iPhone 5 and am on my second Gear4 bumper case (why second you ask, i do not know) within 1 year. Out the box it is the best case but after a few months it begins to fall apart.

I am writing this now as I search for an alternative product.
I bought this as it was one of the first bumpers available for the iPhone 5. This is not a nice product. Not a particularly good fit for the phone. The volume buttons became quite hard to press after fitting. The bottom of the bumper has one long cut out for the charger port/headphone socket which makes the bottom of the bumper very 'flappy' and loose. Finally the product is made of a hard plastic which makes it feel cheap and nasty. Avoid.
Great subtle protection
Just like all forms of great protection, this bumper case is subtle but highly effective. Doesn't detract from the feel of my device nor does is dampen performance. Just slip it on and away you go! Feels great in your hand and slips in and out of my trousers with ease... Mobile fun? It sure is.
Disappointing - I wish Apple made their own
I used an Apple rubber bumper on my iPhone 4/4s and it worked well - making the phone easier to grip and protecting it from knocks - so I assumed they would produce one for the iPhone 5.

Apparently not and this is the third one I have tried, they've all been disappointing. The quality is simply not good enough. This one grips the corners of the phone but not the sides strongly enough and the bottom edge is little more than two slivers of rubber front and back. The rubber is rough to the touch, the transition from the rubber to plastic insert especially so. Then there are the nastly black buttons which are difficult to press and do not look as good as the alloy ones on the Apple bumper.

I hope Apple come to their senses and produce their own. Leaving this to the after-market boys cheapens the product.
Let down by the Quality
Fitted well and overall appearance is good but let down by an obvious blemish of almost 1cm on the front. Looks like someone spilled some varnish on it.
Bulky and Loose
As there is no Apple bumper for the 5 thought this would be just as good but I was wrong. It is quite bulky adding to the thickness and also is loose on the long edge as if it is a bit too big. I will wait until I can find a better model with a better fit

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