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Ge-Force Car Dash Cam 720p Dashboard Camera Pack Reviews

Automatically record video on the move with the Ge-Force in-car dashboard camera. Packed with an impressive 2.5 inch TFT display and 6 IR sensors for night recording, the Ge-Force is sure to keep you covered on your travels.
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 4.2 stars from 59 customers

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SD card not working
Had two now both went back after a while saying no SD card fitted usless
Great bit of kit
Value for money and works well in the car and window for a cctv brilliant buy thanks to all at funmobile
Great value
For £25 this is fantastic. Records video and audio. Can be configured to turn on and off with the cars ignition.
Simple to use. Small and discrete. Long power cable. Recommended.
Good value for money
For the price, this is an excellent dashcam and it manages to record a fairly decent picture. The sound recording is pretty useless although that is not really important to me. Easy to set up and use despite the instruction book! MobileFun, as always, provided an excellent service.
Wouldn't be without it
Simple to use, easy to install and set up, wish I'd had it a week earlier when a pile up happened right in front of me
Pefectly good budget in car camera,
Does what it says, clear picture day and night, value for money, happy with purchase.
Great Budget Car Cam
Getting past the budget feel, this camera does exactly what it says on the tin.

Fitted to my BMW in seconds and up and running with a high capacity SD it is basic but once set up the recording quality is good and the ease of use also good. The flip down screen is a handy idea and once you are use to the camera you can just leave it up. Hides away in front the rear view mirror so as not to be a distraction.

Things to remember though, on Beemers its permanent mains, so take the battery out if you are bypassing the auxiliary socket. Other than that its top camera action for very little money.
Fantastic Dash Cam
Absolutely fantastic Dash cam. Great value for money. The instructions are straight forward, very easy to set up. Use it every day, automatically starts and stops when engine is on or off. Highly recommend! 5 star!
Great for the price
This dash cam does what it says on the tin! For the price it's a bargain, and a great way of giving peace of mind in the event of an accident (or even "crash for cash"!!
It is what it is
Operating instructions could have been printed larger so that you can read them without a magnifying glass. Guidance should have been given as to which SD card was needed. Power lead cord is too short, I had to use the one from my satnav.
I haven't had this item very long but it does seem to do the job to my satisfaction.
Great piece of kit for the price
The casing is plastic and feels a bit low budget, but it does what it says on the tin and you can't beat the price. Operation is not necessarily intuitive and the manual is not the best, but MobileFun offer excellent support and once you get used to it, it works great.
Dash camera, is good for recording accidents that happen
Dash camera, is good for recording accidents that happen, while you are driving for evidence for the police, and also your insurance company, to prove person at fault . Dash cameras are good, because pictures can not lie.
excellent bit of kit, fantastic price and astonishingly quick delivery Five star!
I'm buying another one for my sister. Excellent!!
Great value for the price paid
Does the job well, easy to set up and I am very pleased with the dash cam
Dash Cam
Good little device, no instruction on how to change the date imprint from 2015!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Malcolm

According to the manual, whether under video or capture mode, press the Menu button twice to enter into the Setup interface. There should be an option to change the Data and Time there, which is set by pressing the Red button and up and down
Good for the price
Having used it for a couple of journeys the product seems fine, records well, and the pictures are clear enough when uploaded. Instructions could be improved,they are somewhat unclear for adjusting some of the settings.
Only negative so far is the interference through the radio when charging during the journey, it's so bad I generally have to change from radio to other forms of audio media when charging.
Amazing product
Its a quality product sits in corner of cab nicely and dont really notice its there camera quality is good still trying to work bits out bit yeah a good buy
this is my second one as I dropped and broke the first one.
The dashcam works very well. As with the first one the instructions could be a little better but they are good enough to be able to set it up ok. It's very much worth getting the largest memory card to use in it if you do any longer journeys on a regular basis.
The only downpoint is that the fixing bracket is relatively flimsy and you have to be careful not to break it as I did with mine and had to superglue it back together.
Excellent plug and play product
This is excellent value for money - easy to install - just plug and play
Good camera
Easy to use camera all!! I've only a 4 gb memory card so getting a 32 gb. I've used the camera so far seems easy to use.
It works .. mounting could be better.
Nothing new about these camera's, just hope the two I've bought last longer than earlier purchases. At least the batteries are easily replaced.

However, these do have the same issue as every other one I've bought. The windscreen mounting needs to be modified, extended, to push the camera 3 inches further foward towards the windscreen so you can hide it easier behind rear view mirrors and still not bash it everytime you want to adjust the mirror. Honda Jazz's Mk1 and 2 windscreens aren't different to any other compact car.
Hopes for Dash-Cam dashed.
Most of my car journeys are local and short, so the Ge-Force Dash Cam looked like the perfect device for my needs. In addition to the Dash-Cam, I also ordered a 40MB/s SD Card, but Mobile Fun supplied an 80MB/s card, which the Dash Cam wouldn't recognise. Luckily, I had a 30MB/s card, which it did recognise and I did manage to record a video of a short journey, which was satisfactory. However, the Dash Cam froze on playback and corrupted my SD card, making it unusable. I returned the Ge-Force Dash Cam to Mobile Fun and they were quick to refund the cost. So I'm disappointed. I've lost an SD card and I still need a Dash Cam. Sorry but I can't recommend this product. If you do get one, I suggest using a small capacity SD card, until you have 'road tested' the Ge-Force Dash Cam a few times and are confident it is reliable.
Dash Cam
Great piece of kit, works a treat and very good value for money. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to buy a dash cam, something that seems to have become very much needed, with some of there fools on our roads now!
great product
I love this product, it is a good camerar. Could not read the instructions without my glasses though.
First Class Product
Good product let down by instruction leaflet. MobileFun would improve the quality of this product if they were to rewrite instructions for items such as this to enable purchasers set up and use this (and perhaps other products) more easily. For example - the screen show a number of icons (and occasionally other information) mention of which is not to be found anywhere in the enclosed leaflet. Attention to detail would further enhance MobileFun's already excellent reputation!!
A little cost for a peice of mind and a good saving
A simple to use video & audio camera. It has three modes, video with/without audio (depending on your settings), camera (snap shot) and audio (dictaphone type use) I have no use for the latter two personally.

Includes a strong windscreen mount; take other's advice on where mounted, i.e. out of the way of the driver and within the sweep of the windscreen wipers. The camera can hang back off the mount a wee bit so play around until you are happy (Passenger side of the rear view mirror or bottom right corner on the driver's side suited me). There is also a cigar charger (micro USB) that has about 3.5 metres of cable, so you can work it around the dash & windscreen.

The instructions are okay, but a few minutes playing around and you'll work it all out. Simple on/off button and a record/stop button on the back edge. On the LCD panel are Mode switches from video (default at start up) to picture to dictaphone to playback screen. Each mode (less dictaphone) has its own menu / settings (using Menu, Up and Down and record/stop as the "OK"). Like I said, play around to get used to it.

I put a 32GB Class 10 SD card into mine. The class of SD card is important, Class 4 for example is no good for quality video writing, (and this may be where other reviewers have gone wrong - stating they were not satisfied with quality) (I also notice a class 4 is offered by Amazon as part of a bundle!!!!) Class 10 has good read / write speed for video use, so choose your SD card with care.

I have mine set to 1280x720 [HD], which provides 6.5 hours of continuous video with audio recording on a 32GB card. On play back, both on the inbuilt LCD and home PC, I was pleased with the quality offered by this camera (for the price that I paid for it).
Very Good Value
Very good value for money. easily fitted and functions well.
Cheap & Nasty
Thought I would try this dash cam - wish I hadn't. Unit is cheap plastic and feels very fragile. Battery cover won't fit when battery installed. Loses the date/time settings every time it is switched off. Instructions are very poor.
Surprisingly good cam
For the price this is a good Dashcam.Not too bulky,pictures are good quality in daylight and in well lit areas at night. Sound quality isn't great but for what you pay pretty good. I use it in my works van and comparing it to HP Dash cam in my wife's car.
A True Statement of Fact
I purchased this item on recommendation and I am not disappointed. Being a professional driver I learnt my lesson recently when involved in an accident. Had I had this item installed at the time it would of instantly saved so much time and grief defending myself. This is such an invaluable tool in this day and age. It is efficient, easy to use and fantastic value for money.
I am so happy with my purchase
Brought as a prezzy
Brought as a Christmas prezzy so not been tried yet. But looks a good item, delivery was quick therefore I'm happy so far.
As described and more.
This item is all what it is described as in the ad.plus more,delivery was quick,and I mean quick,highly recommended,would definitely use Mobilefun again.Thank you.
3rd lot
This fantastic little camera is so good I bought another two as Christmas presents one for a new driver and one for an experienced driver fantastic little device
Don't miss this superb dash cam.
I wanted a dash cam that would record with LOOP recording, and would also continue for a period of time
In the event of an accident,
Well this camera does exactly what I wanted, with a crystal clear picture,and a 70 deg field of vision, it automatically turns ON a few seconds after you start your car & it automatically turns OFF a few seconds after you turn your engine off.
Amazing at such a remarkable cheap price,
Summary =. Very pleased.
I Wanted a Camera,That Was Easy To Use,Cheap To Buy,Easy To Fit,With Good Definition,Bingo I Need To Look No Further.Very Good Value For Your Money.
Don't miss this superb dash cam.
I wanted a dash cam that would record with LOOP recording, and would also continue for a period of time
In the event of an accident,
Well this camera does exactly what I wanted, with a crystal clear picture,and a 70 deg field of vision, it automatically turns ON a few seconds after you start your car & it automatically turns OFF a few seconds after you turn your engine off.
Amazing at such a remarkable cheap price,
Summary =. Very pleased.
the item functions as expected and gives a real time view of daily driving, in the event of an accident (frontal) would photograph it. In the event of a rear end collision would be able to record the impact (time etc) so all in all very pleased with my purchase
Great little camera
Great little camera,happy with all the products in your store great service and support
happy customer
The iteam came very quickly,its a Christmas present so havn't used it properly yet but pluged it in to computer and had a little play, I think boyfriend will be very happy exams morning.
Great for the price
Bought this some time ago and have had no problem with it working - however, the mounting broke very early on at the "wheel" which connects to the camera and superglue wouldn't fix it! Had to buy a phone grip to continue to use it which is not ideal but at least I can still use it.
A 32Gb SD card gives over 18 hours of video - enough for any day!
Excellent piece of equipment
Excellent piece of equipment, crystal clear, even at night, I use " LOOP RECORDING" well worth every penny, and am extremely pleased with it, looks impressive as well.
I am a little baffled why (as I've said before) the price of the Dashcam wasn't priced accordingly to INCLUDE AN SD CARD, I was aware it never did, but that's a bit like buying a car without the wheels,
Just my opinion , ( not an Adverse comment).
great comfort to have video back-up if anything would happen
nearly had an accident the other day and other fella said all was well and left - few hours later he called my office ranting and raving - showed my manager the video feed and I was not disciplined.
How inadequate & utterly confusing the so called "Instruction Manual" turned out to be.
The only product ever bought from MobileFun that has thoroughly disappointed me. I would NOT recommend this to anyone.
Excellent cheap product
Excellent cheap product that does the job I wanted it to do
Car Cam-Cordero
Somewhat flimsy but for the money I'm considering purchasing a second one for the back window. The video produced is excellent. All in all, great value.
Good and Bad
This dash cam is easy to set up and use. I however more often than not get a rainbow effect picture which is useless.
When working it's good but cannot be relied on
MobileFun Reply
Sorry to hear you are having problems with this device, please contact our Customer Services team and we will do our best to assist.
My Husband was thrilled to have an extra opinion if needed in any collision dispute. Thankyou !
How reliable the Dash cam would be!
Is the cam reliable and sufficient filming of good quality if needed for any problems.
Neat package and size , not to big to obscure the drivers vision.
Ge force dashcam
Great value. Simple to set up and does exactly what you want from a dashcam!
good value
Quick delivery a doddle to fit as always good service from mobile fun
Good value
Good job I ordered this item before the reviews I have since seen! The item worked well and continues to do so. Perhaps years of following flat pack instructions translated from Chinese by an Albanian whose only exposure to English was Norman Wisdom films has prepared me for the cryptic instructions. The secret is the fact that the "enter" button is next to the power button.Then scroll with up and down buttons on menus and enter to turn on options. VGA mode is smoothest and don't forget to format the SD card. Motion sensor works well. Cheap but good entry value item once you get over the "instructions".
Ge-Force Dash Cam pack.
Great little tool, fantastic value. Simple to install and use. Runs itself off the 12v power socket. Once the preferences are set and an SD card is installed, you never need to touch anything else. Gives peace of mind driving to and from work. One of these devices recently saved a work colleague a lengthy argument with an insurance company over the blame for a collision. Paid for itself in 30 seconds.
Car Dash-Cam
I was very impressed by the speed of delivery and the exciting design of the unit. It was certainly easy to mount in the car and immediately powered up in operational mode.
However, I was unable to read the small instruction sheet and had to copy and blow it up on my PC. The text in the leaflet was disjointed and confusing because of the none-English source of the information.
Overall it was very good value for the price and will likely save me on my Insurance premiums,
Don't try to stick it on the car dash.
I don't stick things on my windscreen. Not really good for safe driving.
I stuck the cam onto my dash as the instructions said I could do.

Result? The 4 mode buttons with their wording on the flip-up camera screen were upside down.
No amount of fiddling with the cam unit to get the screen the right way up was possible unless the unit was stuck to the windscreen.
Does the job very well clear picture nice and clear
Don't buy this dashcam!!!
I mounted the camera and went for a short drive to test the quality of the results. It recorded nothing of the journey! All it did was put some strange files on the SD card which I am unable to delete. Result - one useless £10 SD card! I know it is cheap for a dash cam but I just wanted to try one out before I invested in a better one so that I knew what to look for. But this one is complete rubbish.
The instruction leaflet is also useless and I can't even set the day and date which means that any pictures I might have been able to get are worthless without the time of any incident.
I had to put one star in the rating in order to send the review, but it deserves a minus rating.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Tim

Sorry to hear you are having problems with this item. Can you please contact us and provide exact details of the problem so we can help? For example, what are the file extensions that have been written to the SD card that are causing the problem
horrendous noise in sound recording
I have received the item and try it out indoor with virtually nothing making a sound, and all you can hear it the video is endless loud noise. The video is not clear either but acceptable for the price, but the noise in the sound makes that part of function 100% useless
MobileFun Reply
Hi Raymond

Sorry to hear you are having problems, can you please contact us so we can figure out why you are hearing so much noise in your recordings and we will see what we can do to help.
Economical with the truth.
The product allows for fixing to the windscreen and/or dashboard.
As I consider fixing anything to the windscreen a safety problem and never do it I bought the product as it allowed for fixing to the dash board.

Oops. When fixing to the dash the LCD screen can only flip one way and its command buttons are revealed upside down. Try reading upside down characters when concentrating on driving.

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