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Fuel: The World's Smallest Smartphone Charger - Micro USB - Green Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A keyring sized charger that can power up your smartphone with extra talktime when you need it most in this amazingly compact and pleasing novelty design - in green.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44782
$27.80 inc. VAT
 4.2 stars from 9 customers

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Great Little Charger
Genuinely small and great to attach to your keyring. Comes with a keyring lanyard. No instructions included but you can download the manual from Devotec's website. The switch is a little fragile (broke off on the first charger I had) so needs careful handling.

This charger has a tiny battery, so don't expect it to charge your phone fully. It is designed to provide just enough power in an emergency and does this just fine. I get about 6% power within 20 minutes on my Nexus 5 from this charger. Great little product!
Appaling gadget - 3% battery charge
Save your money - Had a Veho battery supply and it was great - this one is so weak it is unreal. Save your money
MobileFun Reply
Hi Steve

Sorry to hear you aren't happy with the Fuel...

The Fuel is the world's smallest charger and is intended for a quick boost in an emergency rather than when compared to much larger chargers we have available that will provide a lot more powe
Small in size, big in performance
Bought this for Father's Day and it immediately appealed to the male sense of humour. No instructions or anything with it but he found these on the internet. Better than the usual pair of socks and gives peace of mind that he can always use his phone if his phone battery dies.
VERY USEFUL IITEM - but missing something !
My 'Petrol Can' Charger arrived, and I was keen to get it charged up but it lacked any directions - I just didn't know what to do. I have no doubt younger people would have known what to do, but I didn't. Surely a small Instruction Sheet would have been helpful - - I have found this to be the case with other items I have bought from Mobile Fun.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ken. Apologies that you did not receive instructions with this product. You basically have to charge your fuel can via USB to Micro USB cable (via a mains charger or PC). Once it is fully charged you can connect it to your smartphone via Micro USB to U
All lit up
Looks good, but what do the lights actually indicate. One blue on left comes on at present. No instructions included and the online video just mentions their existence, not what they indicate.
It does what is says on the can
On the mobile and the charge is getting lower and lower. Needed to be available to take a call. No power socket available for the charger. With confidence I opened the fuel can and topped up the phone. The call came 10 minutes later and all was well. Job done!
Reminds me of Aladdin’s genie
Huge great cosmic power.... in an itybitty little space.

Looks great but nothing pops out even if you do polish it... shame.... but it does what it says tried it on one phone and the power meter went from 4 to 10%

The instruction on the web site are clear and concise.

If only it came with 3 wishes!!!
very nice
this micro usb charger is very nice and very faswt to charging.. :-)

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