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Freedom Micro USB Portable Power Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A portable pocket sized powerhouse charger that can juice up your smartphone with extra talktime when you need it most. The Freedom Micro USB Portable Power Charger is a must-have accessory for those constantly on the move.
  • Mobile Fun ID 47862

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 4.5 stars from 14 customers

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Not much power :(
Bit disappointed with this TBH
As it was a free gift I can`t really object but it only put about 5% power tops into the phone
Enough for a few calls but that would be all
An Emergency powerbank to be sure
I think it's very good all I wanted to know was how long it took to charge, that has been answered, I'm very pleased with this product it's so tiny many thanks
Not what I expected!
Whilst this back-up is small and cheap it also not very user friendly. It uses LEDS when it is charging to show progress but the LEDS do not display when it is not charging and therefore it is not possible to check when it needs recharging itself or even how much charge is left. My disappointment may stem from my lack of understanding of what I was buying or from a very low specification! Not worth returning! Buyer beware! Disappointing.
What a little lifesaver. Just remember to charge it before first use. I wont be without mine.
peace and quiet
You can guarantee when your at the point you have wanted to get too,that message appears NEEDS RECHARGING, NOW I'VE GOT THE ANSWER,not yet,you can wait.
excellent 10 out of 10
Would be lost without it.
This charger works well, is really handy because it is so tiny and light, and I got it for an incredibly low price on a special offer. However, I have only given 4 stars because it came with no written instructions, and because it is very difficult to get the cap off. I was only able to fathom out how to make it work at all by going back onto Mobile Fun's website and looking closely at the photos on the product "Overview and Description" page. With the cap, to get it off you need to slide it left to right with the Freedom symbol facing you, but the cap fits on so tightly that it is a real struggle, and continues to be, even though I have now been using it for a few weeks, and I am still worried each time that I am going to break it. The charger itself takes about 20 minutes to fully charge using a micro usb cable with a power plug. I bought it to use with my only Android device, an old Galaxy S Wi Fi 5 - YP-G70. As a guide, if the battery symbol on the Galaxy shows as half full before I attach it to the Freedom charger, by the time the Freedom charger has discharged (about half an hour later), the battery symbol on the Galaxy shows at three-quarters full.
Micro Charger
As our Mibile batteirs seem to have a shorter life recently, I thought this was a 'Must Have' as back up. Cheaper than Batteries, I bought 2, to keep in each car. Very handy bit of kit
So useful!
An excellent product - light, compact,smaller than a box of matches - but able to get one out of tricky situations, such as a dying battery and urgent access needed A real 'life-saver'!
really small
Bought this for my partner as she is always complaining her s3 battery is low. So bought this so she could keep it in her handbag but the charger is so small it really can be kept on your key ring.
Excellent buy and delivered the day after ordering.
"I don't believe it" !
When it came it's smaller than my Pickup Trucks Key Fob!!
I love my Samsung phone and the battery last very well with heavy use but if I cant get to my car or home after 6 to 7 hours use things start shutting down.
So I put this Micro Power Pack to the test and I could not believe what happend. With the battery at 25% I conected it and it just kept on going all the way to 78%.
My 'freedom portable micro USB portable charger' does just the job. Small and concise and clips onto my car key ring and ready to attach to my mobile phone in an instant should the need arise - and yes, - I have already tried it out. Just perfect! I feel like a detective, with a special gadget for catching out-of-power mobile phone users,and running to the rescue with the perfect answer, amid stunned users - ah yes! " Here you are" says me, "use this micro charger, and then you will want to buy one". Easy to attach the little lead to your phone, easy to charge up, in fact it's easy, easy, easy all the time! And so inexpensive too- just peanuts for such a valuable little gadget. Thanks!
Dinky doo
What a wee Dinky charger it's brilliant, I can hang it on my set of keys so it's always at hand brilliant, everyone should have one.

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