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Forever True Wireless Earbuds TW100 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Go fully wireless and leave the annoying cables behind with the Forever True Wireless headphones. Simply pair the earphones up with a Bluetooth 4.2 enabled device and enjoy your music with amazing sound quality or take phone calls with the integrated mic.

RRP £24.99 - you save 40%

£14.99 inc. VAT
 3 stars from 18 customers

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Not Worth Buying
Didn't even last a week.
One of the pair stopped working completely after 2 days. Wouldn't even turn on when charging. Not much to say since I did not even get to use it before it became useless. Will not purchase this product again.
Good fit
This product fits Ito the ear well and is comfortable to wear unfortunately I can’t get them to pair with each other although they will work individually which is very disappointing
Good stuff
Good price, comfortable to wear. Good value
I can’t get both EarPods to connect at same time ,one connects then the other disconnects,I have returned the EarPods and was sent the same ones back so I’m still having the same problem.
Could be better
Looked good on paper, standby time, price and sound quality etc but found it a bit disappointing battery life is just over an hour sound quality a bit tinny and buzzing between tracks suppose you get what you pay for.
First item I've been truly disappointed with from Mobile Fun normally very happy
Not bad product
Nothing really to talk about haven't used much as red lights does not seem to work
Poor quality
Whilst I realise that they are very cheap the quality of sound is terrible, there is a constant buzzing in the background, and battery life is less than an hour. Good as a gimmick but not serious earbuds. The Groov-e Bullets I bought previously are far superior in all respects and the same price.
Very poor product
Had 2 sets sent to me .
First pair - only one bud would charge & that ran out of charge after 1 hour .
Presume bud was fully charged ( left to charge all night on one occasion) but still no blue fully charged light .

Second Pair - both buds worked but they couldn’t be paired when charged, so could only use one at a time. Same issues with charging lights , one bud stayed red & the other one light went off but didn’t go blue .
Very poor
The ear buds are very compact and that is the best thing that can be said for them. the instruction say that charging is indicated by a red LED and full charge is indicated by a blue LED and it will take approximately two hours. After one hour the red LED goes out after two and a half hours still no blue LED. The instructions state the buds should last about three hours but no the most I got was 40 minutes. The instructions regarding pairing the buds are also incorrect . they state they are ready to pair when the LED flash red and blue. No flashing LED. I did get the buds to pair with an iPad (not sure how they just started working) but not with a mac book.
overall these are not worth the money , I was not expecting high quality but I did expect that they would charge and pair with other products, obviously I was mistaken.
Another poor product
I bought two sets of these as gifts, but decided to try them out after the lat time I bought something from here (smartwatch - it was dreadful). They felt cheap and flimsy out of the box, and the 'function switch on the first set refused to work unless pressed really hard. Pairing them according to the instructions failed (what red and blue flashing LED?), so tried the second pair. After 10 mins of button pushing they eventually paired with each other, and then another 5 minutes to try and get them to connect to phone - success! Only to find that f I turned my head one of the buds went quiet intermittently. And as for the sound quality - two tin cans and a bit of string might be better!
So all in all, poor quality, rubbish instructions, and very average sound (if they work at all).On the plus side - nice display box.
Good quality
Good…but not great!
Difficulty with pairing both earbuds. I'm hoping it's me but repeated failed attempts to pair 2nd bud is very frustrating in what should be a straightforward operation. Disappointing as the price is very good
Didn't live up to my expectations
We ordered 2 sets of these ear buds one set worked ok but they got very hot when in use the other set crackeld and the sound broke down making them useles. I contacted customer service and they helped resolve the issue. Customer service very good ear buds not so good.
Fit really nice
I bought these Forever True Wireless Earbuds purely on the fact that I have very small ears and a lot of earphones do not fit. I do not like over the ear headphones so I was attratced to these 'buds' by their size and the fact that they have different sizes of the rubber ends. I haven't tried the handsfree calling but I guess that as the sound of my music is good, that will be good also. I have had some makes of wired earphones before so this is a new thing for me and I am a little worries I may lose one of them as they are so small and lightweight, but that is teh good thing as they do not feel uncomfortably heavy in my earholes.
My new best bud
Small, no tangly wires, awesome sound and easy to connect. Simples - these are one of the best investments I have ever made.
Not good
Bought this item ... faulty charging lead, so i was sent another one, free of charge ... also had a faulty charging lead. suspect it's a design full with this package. if you buy, expect to buy a different charging lead at some point.

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