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FlexiShield ZTE Blade S6 Case - Light Blue Reviews

Custom moulded for the ZTE Blade S6. This blue Olixar FlexiShield case provides a slim fitting stylish design and durable protection against damage, keeping your phone looking great at all times.
  • Mobile Fun ID 53121
$6.63 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 42 customers

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Very nice
Liker it very Much. Not expensive and quickly recieved
So happy with the product
hi, i'm happy with this case, its really good!
very happy with products
very happy with both covers & speed they showed up in . happy to say a top fit to the phone & a well made product
very good product ....nice protection
Great Product ...........Excellent shipping ..........Sadly once Australia Post became involved it slowed to snail pace !
Sooo Happy we are not a third world country ........
Not really "tough"
It is nice looking case but not as tough and protective as I had hoped from the description.
all good, strong case,
The case has worked fine and been through a few drops and bumps so far and seems stronger than average.

The colours and designs were not ones I liked but it serves the purpose. Happy to recommend it.
not bad
when order finally came.
I can say happy with the pink and aqua case covers thus far. would recommend. the phone nestles in nicely and doesn't lie flat in line with the glass screen which i personally think is good it has that slight millimetre of lip in the event you accidentally drop your phone. gives added security to your screen cracking.
The case is good, I can now hold the phone without worrying slipping off my hand
phone case
very good just what I wanted
Exactly what I wanted, exactly what I ordered! And prompt too!

One well known store who sells the Blade S6's told me that they only stock covers for 'high end phones', and were quite rude about it when saying so! What they mean by that is Apple & Samsung of course. 'High end'? - that's a matter of opinion - they're overpriced and made in the same country as mine anyway
I need another cover, this time for a Sony for my wife. Same issue, the store sells the phones but no covers. Will now be looking to MobileZap of course!
Excellent service
Excellent service from Mobile Zap

Phone cover looks nice enough. Hopefully never have to test it out.
Great product
Very happy with the product, would recommend and great price. Shipping did take longer than expected however for the price you can overlook that :)
Very happy
Product was just right. Fitted the ZTE phone perfectly. Loved the colour. The price was very reasonable and the shipping price was super, I don't think could find the case for the ZTE in a shop.
Expectations met
Just received the product and the delivery tested the patience slightly. However, I can say with certainty that the product itself is what I had expected. So then, overall I am satisfied with what I had bought.
Better grip
Ordering from Mobile Fun is easy and the product arrived the next day.Fitting the Flexi shield was easy and there was no need to use a hairdryer as previously mentioned by a user.The grip was significantly improved and the risk of the phone slipping out of your pocket reduced.The shield did not get a better rating due to the fact that it is not possible to reach the simcard and the micro sd slots without taking the shield off the phone.
The case was easy to fit and definitely improved the grip you have on the phone
Ordering and next day delivery were excellent.The case was easy to fit and definitely improved the grip you have on the phone.If you,however,wish to change sim card or install micro SD card you have to remove the case as there are no openings on that side of the case
Cushioned protection
snugly fitted case seems robust I have dropped my phone a few times and as yet everything seems to be OK very happy with the protection the case provides
Very good
Very good
Love it
I love the phone case it came right in time and would love it if u make more colors n other designs
The cover for my ZTE blade s6 arrived fast, its the perfect fit, and i got 2 tempered glass protectors. Great experience.
I will be buying with mobilezap again for sure.

Tjanks a lot
Not Bad for the price
Not Bad for the price. It is just a silicon cover, with no screen protection. Had to mold the silicon under a hair dryer to shape it correctly to the Blade. It worked :-)
Blade S6 Case
Good case. Fits the ZTE Blade S6 perfectly without significantly increasing either the thickness or making it more bulky.
phone cover
Order arrived and was exactly as orded. Took a little longer than had thought it would but it still arrived.
ZTE Phone Cover S6
Fits well. Looks good. EXCELLENT Customer Service
Tip Top
It fits like a glove. I was reluctant to buy a case online as they are normally hit and miss. This case looks and feels like any you buy from a store... The side are have slight flex in them and not rigid. The 4 star is only because I haven't dropped phone....yet and Im not sure if it protects from shock...
This cover fullfills its purpose
This cover is as stated in the advert and does its job well
A great case for a Blade ZTE S6
I've had some very good cases for phones and some very poor ones. I would rate this case up there with the best, especially considering the price. The case fits the phone perfectly and is most certainly not too loose which I have experienced before. All the cut-outs are in the right place and the case looks stylish - as much as any of them do. All in all a good case.
ZTE blade s6 case - does exactly what it says
Delivery took awhile but that was to be expected for a newly released phone.

The flexishield is a must for the phone, which afterall is a budget phone with what to some may feel is a flimsy feel.

The case finishes the phone off perfectly and gives it a more robust feel without losing the overall appearance of the phone itself.

Definately recommended!
FlexiShield ZTE Blade S6 Case - Frost White
This fits the ZTE BLADE S6 perfectly, easy to put on the phone and no movement what so ever. Seems sturdy and like it has a decent of protection whilst offering minimum restriction to phone use. Definitely a good buy and I'm very happy with my purchase :)
Thanks Alex Gallagher
best quality
I recommend all costumers good product full fit and quick serviced many thanks

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