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FlexiShield Ultra-Thin Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen Gel Case - 100% Clear Reviews

Custom moulded for the Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen, this 100% clear Ultra-Thin FlexiShield case by Olixar provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage while adding next to nothing in size and weight.
  • Mobile Fun ID 54661
$7.95 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 20 customers

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clearly the right case
Really is 100% clear... and I am happy with it. It could be a little tighter, I mean it doesn't slip off but crusty bits get under the edges quite easily. You want the lowdown on the crusty bits? Crumbs, leaves and general fluff. Well, I didn't say "juicy bits".
Good fit good value
These Gel cases are the best. Light, great fit, buttons work perfectly and absorb shock. They make the phone even more comfortable plus they look good and last. I bought for 3 different types of Moto phones and everyone thinks they are great.
Mobile Zap whilst took a couple of days longer to deliver I always feel safe that I will get what I bought. Good job guys.
5-stars for quality, price and packaging
The product is exactly as described. It is as stated custom made for the Moto G3. I should have gone directly to MobileFun rather than wasting my valuable time checking retail outlets, whose selection of cases on display were either unsuitable or inferior or simply non existent. The ordering of my mobile phone case was easy and the price inclusive of postage was more than competitive. My case arrived superbly packaged and was speedily delivered.
I received satisfaction and am happy to recommend this seller
I ordered and received what I believed from the advertisement would suit my needs. The goods arrived within the promised time frame and intact.
The seller honored its obligations in every respect.
Pretty good
Just got it to-day. Fits very snuggley on the phone and definitely not bulky. At this stage a very good buy. Will have to wait and see what time will tell about its durability.
easy to grip.
Spot on
Exactly what I was after. Slim, light, clear, soft with a touch of protect for the face when placed face down. No longer slips.
Gel phone case gives a more secure feel to the phone
Clear case keeps the same look to the phone while improving the grip would recomend
Does it job!
I purchased this case for my Moto G 3rd gen. It works well and is clear so can see the phone. Have had it now for 3 months and is working well. Easy to put on and take off to clean. Just wipe it down and put it back on. No problems with discoloration also. Would buy again.
Doesn't take away the look of the phone
I read the reviews already posted re this product.that really helped .I like this case alot it does exactly what it should do, it gives a better grip of the phone,but you don't really notice it's there.Doesn't take away the look of the phone either x nice producd,would recommend.
First-class product and service
The gel case is an excellent product. It is thin yet protects the phone. It fits snugly yet can be easily removed for cleaning.

The delivery service was first-class and the item arrived within three days.
A smart little case
This is a really smart little case which protects all but the screen from damage and debris. The fact that it is transparent means that you can still show off your flare for colour with the interchangeable phone covers. The cover does not make the phone much bigger, and it still fits into my phone sock to protect the screen. The best thing about this cover, though, is the non-slip aspect. The material it is made from gives good friction to prevent accidentally dropping the phone, especially from tighter pockets! Without this case, I probably would have dropped my phone by now. A good buy and a reasonable price.
Great product
Good fit and finish. Nice and thin but still sufficiently protective. Mobile Zap is a good trustworthy website.
Excellent product
excellent product, fits perfect for my moto g3, super easy to fit onto phone
This case does exactly what we wanted. It is well made, perfectly clear and fits our phone like a glove.

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