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FlexiShield Ultra-Thin Microsoft Lumia 950 Gel Case - 100% Clear Reviews

Custom moulded for the Microsoft Lumia 950, this 100% clear Ultra-Thin FlexiShield case by Olixar provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage while adding next to nothing in size and weight.
  • Mobile Fun ID 55224
$9.28 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 22 customers

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Great Case
This case it great. It looks good, doesn't stick to your pocket as you slide your phone in. Wraps around the screen edge properly. It doesn't make it harder to use the phone. Just looks like it is part of the actual phone.
I haven't dropped the phone to really test it though. Hopefully I never will!
This is the best fitting, best protecting, least obtrusive, mobile phone cover I have ever experienced
This is the best fitting, best protecting, least obtrusive, mobile phone cover I have ever experienced. It is like a crystal clear breathable skin for my Microsoft Lumia 950.
Excellent feel, look, and protection
This is a great case. It's super-grippy in the hand, but not sticky. It makes my Lumia 950 easier and more secure to hold without adding extra bulk. I also like the halo effect created as light refracts from the internal edges of the case, making my phone looks like it's surrounded by a halo of white light. My other case is a $60 Incipio case, and that's a nice case too, but it's not as grippy and adds bulk. This case is really great for the price and I highly recommend it. I recently dropped my phone onto a hard surface, and there was no damage, even though it landed on the screen edge. Very pleased.
Very good service. Product as discribed.
All well.
No problems with the service.
No problems with the service. Very happy.
Good product for price ...
Very similar, if not the same product, is available through retailers but expect to pay between 60 and 100% more, accordingly, at this price it's very good value and looks good on Lumia 950.
so good....
I knew I needed something to stop the phone slipping out of my hand during calls and when getting it out of my pocket in the street. This is super slim, provides a good grip yet does not snag on pockets and shows off my white Lumia 950 in all its glory. The buttons also provide enough resistance so I don't constantly accidently press the camera button!
So good.....
I wanted a clear case for my white 950 to show off its beauty and this is clear. It is also wafer thin and provides a less slippery surface for the phone in my hand (making it easier to hold during calls) whilst not offering resistance getting the phone in and out of pockets - so good. An added bonus for me is that the buttons (power, camera etc.,) are covered and offer enough resistance to stop me constantly pressing the camera button by mistake.
Mobile Fun posted the order the same day, great service.
good Gel case
This is my third order from Mobile Fun. I am so pleased to review them. All items ordered so far including my Lumia 950 gel case is excellent. Everything fit perfectly, including my gel case. The order was received ahead of the schedule date and was even better than advertised.
Very pleased with Mobile Fun, highly recommend to anyone interested and I will continue ordering from them.
Excellent Product
I ordered two new 950 back panels one white and one black. They were even better than advertised. Excellent service and arrived much sooner than I expected. I high recommend Mobile Fun to any one. Again, excellent.
Great service, prompt!
All products arrived as ordered, as planned.
Good purchase
Timely delivery good product
Light weight with a perfect fit
Light weight with a perfect fit. All mic holes and ports are clear and accessible. Volume and power buttons are covered and still work well. Crystal clear so you still can admire the look of the device.
great service
Great product, price and delivery. Will order items again.

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