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FlexiShield Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Case - Frost White Reviews

Custom moulded for the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, this frost white FlexiShield gel case provides excellent protection against damage as well as a slimline fit for added convenience.
  • Mobile Fun ID 54987
$6.52 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 48 customers

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fits well
fits the phone perfectly, nice mix of opaque and see-through to go with the colour. Minor interference connecting an older aux cord to the sound jack
Good, no problems, protects well
Arrived on time, as expected, does the job, no problems
Looks as new, arrived promptly, two days to late, my Z5 flew as a bird but landing like hippopotamus, my new case
is paining for new mate any free Z5 compacts forward it
Shiny and slippery
Shiny and slippery. Cheap and cheerful.
Good Fit
Case fits really well and feels nice on the phone. Probably as slim as you're going to get for a case. Cut-outs are good and the fingerprint reader works 100% everytime.
Good fit, product as described
Good product, like how it also protects the screen and isn't a loose fit. Would recommend
Happy customer
My phone cover purchase I bought as s gift. Good price, arrived in good condition & in good time. Thankyou
very opaque
The cover is ok, but a lot more opaque than it appears online. I have a coral coloured phone and you can see that colour is affecting the appearance.
Not bad
Case is matte on the back, but more glossy on the sides. It will help with small drops in keeping the corners safe, but not big ones probably. It's form fitting and doesn't add bulk. Overall it helps with grip and to not worry about small dings and scratches, which is all I was looking for.
Excellent Product
The case for my Sony Xperia Z5 phone is wonderful. Phone fits snuggle and securely in the case allowing full use of all buttons and the camera.
Good company to deal with.
Highly recommend.
Good product
Pros: Fits my Xperia Z5 Compact perfectly. Still allows access to all buttons and fingerprint scanner. Overall an excellent product for a budget price.

Cons: Took approx 3 weeks to be delivered. A little longer than hoped.
Nice case
This case has a lovely feel and fits the phone very well with good cut outs for the ports ect
Great case
Great case for the Sony. Fantastic service as well!
Definitely not worth it. Does not offer any grip or protection whatsoever
I like it
The phone cover fits my xperia compact really well, it actually makes the volume rocker easier to control.
Exactly what I need
I like my new mobile case - it's attractive, light weight and protects my phone so I don't worry if I happen to drop it
Good fit
The cover fits well leaving all essential ports and the holes for the lanyard tie free and accessible. A small ridge around the front provides a degree or protection for the screen although I suspect it wouldn't be enough if dropped on the front face from a height (buy a screen protector as well). Camera works without any problems. The material is glossy and can feel a little cheap but it is easy to grab even with wet hands.
Snug fit with all the holes in the right places!
This cover works well. All the corners are protected as well as the front edge of the glass. All ports and switches including the lanyard fixing are accessible or usable. The glossy appearance and visible mold lines makes it look a little cheap as does the soft material but it work pretty well on the phone.
Good Quality
A good quality product however a little expensive and took forever to arrive! I wish they had included a couple of screen covers with this as well. The body is now protected however i will have to go buy screen protectors and pay extra for shipping! It only costs a few cents I am sure and would have been a great addition.
It fits perfectly and feels sturdy
received the case quickly,it fits perfectly and feels sturdy enough to protect my phone
Very Ordinary
Pretty disappointed in the product. What is not shown in the item description is that it has a extreme glossy finish so the case looks cheap, plus is shows finger print marks and the smallest specks of dirt.

The case also doesn't fit that great, it hangs off the bottom of the phone where the charging port is. Wouldn't have bought if I new this.
Very good. Nice and compact.
Very good. Nice and compact.
Finger Prints
From the pictures I expected the case to be matte but it's very much not. Shows up fingerprints very easily which is a bit annoying and also isn't as pictured (Olixar is printed on the bottom on the back, not the clean and sleek case I expected). Will still give it a go when the phone arrives, though I'm sure I'd return it if I could be bothered to go through the hassle for all of like 5 quid. Will likely be buying another to replace it.
Pretty happy
Pretty good fit, doesn't look cheap and does the job pretty well. Have used a few of this type of case, and if they sometimes sag and look cheap and nasty. Happy to say this one doesn't
Great phone cover
Phone cover was just what I wanted and nice colour too. Fitted well and has a good grip where I was concerned about the phone slipping from my hand before I put the cover on it.
Essential product
the z5 compact is currently the best small phone on the market, problem is it is slippery to hold and the bezels are so small that it's hard to operate without touch screen interference. while cases like this often make a phone a little more awkward: these covers actually make the sony better to use.

4 stars
Fabulous.Got what I ordered.
Ordered a purple gel case from a different company, and a red leather one turned up. Ordered purple from here,and that's what came!!
Excellent service
Very happy with the products that i received.
No dramas at all.
Sony Xperia z5 compact case...good fit exactly as described, quick delivery, very pleased.
Love the cover
I love my purple new cover for my new Sony phone
Useful cover
Easy to fit and all the buttons still work perfectly. Nice grippy surface makes it more secure in hand. It looks as though it will protect the corners from 'normal' drops, though I haven't actually tested the theory!! Well worth giving it a try.
Very nice !
Over all very good for the price.
One complaint would be that when its been molded and finished it has some of the gel mold edge to it. But otherwise good.
Disappointed with finish.
To be honest a bit disappointed with the cover. It fits fine but the finish is a bit shiny and makes it look cheap and tacky. From the pictures I thought it had more a matt finish. Also the shiny finish makes it more likely to be dropped as when your hands are warm or greasy it seems to make the cover a bit slippy.

I expected a more and felt letdown when I opened the package.

I also got the screen protector which is perfect.
Great case for the money!
This case fits the device very well and still allows full use of the fingerprint sensing power button which was a slight worry of mine before I purchased this case.

It feels like it will protect the device nicely from lightish bumps and is the reason why I got this as very slightly damaged the corner of my device and wanted to prevent any further damage and another plus is, due to the thickness of the material, it protects the camera lens better when placed down on a flat surface.

It doesn't add much to the dimensions of the device either which is good as I bought this phone for its compact dimensions!

You do have to press hard to actuate the volume and camera buttons when the case is on but its just to get "through" the rubbery plastic material and you are not exerting more force on the devices buttons underneath.

Overall I'm very happy with it for the price!
A good little cover, fits well and gives good protection against falls and slipping on the desk.
This is a good little cover, is just as described, and good value. It fits the phone well and gives good protection against being dropped and slipping in my hand and on hard surfaces. I chose standard Royal Mail delivery to Australia, and it took 16 days to arrive.
Top .
Simple and effective
This flexishield is simple but very effective. It`s white (the phone is white), it fits tightly, gives full protection back and sides, and a raised front edge that protects the phone screen should you place it front down. It also gives a better grip. It does exactly what I want it to do!!
Great case get it
Good quality and value

How highly recommend

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