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Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone case.
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It's meant for the Nexus one but it fits the Desire fine. Looks and feels nice and absorbs damage from drops well.
Mobile phone protection
Excellent piece of kit, just what I required.
Mobile phone protection
Excellent piece of kit, just what I required.
This is exactly what I wanted. It fits like a glove, and all the cut-outs for the camera, flash, speaker etc. are precisely positioned in the correct places. The phone feels more secure in your hand too. It looks the part too, actually improving the appearance of the phone. Top marks.
Good quality protection
The Skin is a satisfyingly snug fit. The volume-rocker and power-switch are covered, which means you have to relearn how to press them. They require a firmer press but still work fine. If anything I prefer them with Skin on as I found these buttons to be a little loose in their housing, something that niggled. Overall, the phone feels more solid in the hand and diminishes any creakiness. The Skin looks nice, though does obscure the distinctive colour and form of the Desire. Mine had a slight fault: a small lump like a grain of sand under the surface on one edge. I'm sure this is rare and I forget it's there.
Perfect fit!
Exactly how it is described and a good tight fit.
So close...
Fit was tight but once on the phone looked good and fitted around the camera lens and other areas snugly. However, I noticed a blemish in the moulding on the front as though a piece of debris or an air bubble has been trapped in the plastic. If this were a £2.99 product I would live with it but not at £9.99. Will return. (The other 2 products in my order, by the way, were brilliant. 10/10)
Excellent but just a small problem
Really pleased with this skin until I tried to put my phone on my USB cradle (also from Mobile Fun). The skin stops it making full contact with the USB plug, so the skin has to come off. No, it's not the end of the world but it's a nuisance.
Essential purchase
I bought this Skin together with the Martin Field's screen protector. Two great purchases that make an unbeatable combo. The Flexishield skin is super - don't be discouraged by the black colour - it's actually a translucent smokey gray of sorts - still lets you see the two-tone colour of your phone and the logo is still visible through the back. Good quality skin, nice thick silicone, but doesn't add much more bulk to the phone itself. A two-tone textured finish, which makes the phone more substantial in the hand and better to grip I find. Cutouts in all the right places, nothing to obscure use of the phone. Although the power and volume buttons are covered, the skin has recesses in it which make pressing buttons no less easy - in fact, I find the power and volume buttons better to use now - you get a proper report off the volume rocker in particular. Easy to fit - start by inserting the Desire's 'chin' into the bottom, then work the skin around it. Can be a little tight on the corner when fitting, but don't be afraid to ease the skin around the corners. As you probably have noticed, the Desire's camera protrudes slightly from the back. This means when you have it on a table, it rests on the camera housing by default (which I wasn't too keen on). No longer the case with this skin - in fact the camera gets 'recessed' in the skin - so it's better protected when your phone's on a table. A great purchase at at an excellent price.
fits perfectly
Does what it says on tin. Would have 5 stars but the skin covers the power button and it makes it quite stiff to operate.
Good fit
This skin is a good fit and even though there is a shiny front edge this does not detract from the overall look. It is a nice snug fit and you need to look twice to realise there is a cover on. The cons are that the on/off and volume buttons are covered and make them slightly harder to operate - but as far as I am concerned this is a good thing with the volume button as I was always altering it by accident.
Fits perfectly
I initially bought a cheaper skin for my Desire from a market stall. It was a poor fit and the quality of the rubber/plastic was appalling.

The FlexiShield Skin is a perfect fit and the quality of the material is excellent. Delivery was also prompt and hassle free. I recommend it to anyone who has a HTC Desire.
Perfect, well, almost!
It fits HTC Desire perfectly well. Pleasant to the touch. Black-transparent color that goes with overall Desire design.
Would be perfect if material has more anti-sliping property.
Good product
Very good product, fits perfectly my Desire without hindering its use. I think it's a very useful protection and would recommend it.
FlexiShield Skin For The HTC Desire - Great !
Great addition to a great smartphone. Protects it from the day to day bumps, yet leaves all ports clear for use. Fits well and does not any bulk.
Skin fits nicely and all buttons are accessible.
Flexishield Skin for my Desire
Great item - super slim and black.Should protect my Desire from day to day bangs and bruises. Excellent fit with all controls/ports accessible.
Great protection
Perfect fit for the desire in soft plastic for great protection, adding almost no bulk while keeping all ports, speakers and buttons accessable.

Fast international delivery in a small package. Mobilefun always have first class service.
This case is a perfect fit for the HTC Desire. Doesn't make the phone bulky or continually pick up pocket lint like some cheaper ones. The only tiny draw back is the hole for the 3.5mm jack... it could be a tiny bit bigger as some sets of headphones don't quite fit. Overall a very small issue for an otherwise excellent case.
flexishield htc
item looks good on the phone and easy to fit, if you have a screen gaurd take care not to push edges up on fitting case over phone as it is a nice fit.
FlexiShield Skin For The HTC Desire - Black
Item arrived promptly. Noticed that it's not actually black - front half is clear and back section is grey. Easy to put on, makes the phone easier to hold and the power & volume buttons easier to use. All cut-outs (for 3.5mm jack, camera, etc.) align perfectly. Brilliant!
1st class item
This Flexishield Skin is excelent and far better than a silicone cover. Protects the phone and highly recomended.
Nice case
After losing a rubber case I bought from Hong Kong I replaced it with this one. This is MUCH better. Not so sticky to touch so it drops in my pocket easily but still protects the phone. Fits and looks great. Highly recommended!
FlexiShield Skin For The HTC Desire - Black
I like very much this product, but this product is not really black! Never the less I'm very satisfied with the product.
Good product
Not too thick, easy to use, quite pleasant in the hand. The most important : I think/hope that the phone will not fall from my hand a second time... ;-)
It is more "clear" than black and it is good!
HTC Desire Flexishield
A great product that fits perfectly to my HTC Desire and provides the protection I wanted without the bulk of a leather case.
Does what it should
Simply put it does what it should. When I first put it on I thought it felt a bit cheap and plasticky, but since fitting it I've not had reason to think that again. Fits my Desire comfortably, has prevented damage in 3-4 foot drops and does a good job of preventing accidental key taps on the volume keys. Adds some bulk but not so much the phone becomes cumbersome.

Very happy customer.
Doesn't match the quality of the handset
While this cover has been designed to be a perfect fit for the HTC Desire, unfortunately the quality of the materials is very poor. The HTC Desire is a premium handset and this cover is manufactured from cheap plastic tat. While I accept it will protect the phone very well, every time I pick the phone up or touch it I cringe. It's awful. It needs to feel luxurious in your hands. This does not.
skin for HTC Desire - Black
Very nice shame colour supplied was not BLACK
An excellent cover,although as some people say it does not appear black as advertised
Great Case
Does exactly what I wanted! Covers my phone across sides, top and bottom without adding any real bulk to the it. Add a screen protector and you're pretty much covered!
A quality product
This skin fitted very well and is just what I wanted.

Delivery was very prompt.

A great service.
HTC Desire skin
Overall a pretty good skin that doesn't add too much weight or bulk to the phone. Would somebody please produce a desktop charger that would take the Desire with its skin on!
good case
Doesn't add a massive amount to the size. Looks good, and actually improves use of the power and volume buttons. Nothing to complain about really.... could be a little cheaper. Very recommended.
Great product
This Flexishield skin is great. Its a perfect fit and it great to hold. It feels more secure when I hold the phone with the skin on (less slippery). Protects the phone from (very) minor bumps and scratches (will not protect phone if you drop it). All buttons are accessible. I have not had to remove the skin since I put it on. I would recommend this product to anyone. My friends have bought this skin after seeing mine.
FlexiShield Skin For The HTC Desire - Black.
Fits like a glove, and provides the protection you need for the HTC in case it's dropped or scraped
Very snug
I wasn't sure about this to start with as the description did not really tell you how it feels. However it applied perfectly and I have to say it makes the whole phone feel well protected. Obviously it reduces the range of mounts that you can use but it's worth it for the peace of mind. It actually feels nice too.
Excellent Product.., Service ok :/
Extremely impressed with the quality of the FlexiShield Skin. This is far better than the previous hard shell casing I had for the phone.

Just know that it is not infact black and more of a gray colour as shown in some of the product photos.
Quality Case
Bought this case after reading reviews and seemed the best option for my new HTC Desire.
Have now been using case for about 10 days and am extremely pleased with the purchase.
The case fits extremely well and certainly gives a feeling of security and protection for the phone.
I have used the case on the phone with a number of accessories and have not needed to remove the phone from the case to use them.
The on/off volume button is a little tricky to use at first, however, this is only because of the thickness & quality of the case itself.
All in all a great purchase and as always a fantastically quick service from Mobile Fun !!
Does as intended
As a phone protector, this product is very good although I have also purchased a leather "book case" cover as well.
If you don't need a phone holder with a face cover or a belt attachment, then this is in my opinion a very good investment in something that will protect all of the phone casing (screen excluded obviously)
Just what I was after
I was looking for a flexible case that would cover the back and sides of my HTC desire, while also protecting it from impacts and shocks. This case fits the bill perfectly, looks good, was great value and also has a nice non-slip texture so it won't slip out of your pocket
Better than expected
I wasn't sure what to expect when I purchased this. I thought it might be cheap looking or maybe not have good finishing, etc. But I was wrong. When I opened the package and was looking at it, I realized the pictures and video on the mobile fun website does not do it justice. On top of that, the product is strong and has a very good feel to it. I have been using it for two weeks now and I am very happy I bought it.
job done
Great buy, easy to put on, fits like a glove, holes in all the right places, nice texture on the back, get yourself a screen protector. Job done.
Very pleased with product.
Good quality product, exactly as described, fast delivery and great service. Fits like a glove. Love it ! Thanks !
Great Product!
I wasn't sure at first about ordering this as it seemed too expensive but I'm glad I did now as it is a very nice skin for my HTC. It fits very snug and tight, protects the phone well and looks good. After a couple of days I didn't notice it was there anymore and now it just feels like a part of the handset. The front half is a shiny type plastic and the back half is a textured Matt finish so it blends with the phone very well and feels nice in the hand and is "grippy". It has embossed markings over the power and volume buttons which is a nice touch and because its translucent the Chrome HTC logo on the back of the handset shows through with a cool effect. Because its nice and tight and the back of the phone is textured it doesn't get dust and shit down inside the back and scratch the plastic as is common with the iPhone.
Phone protector
Fits like a glove, protects the phone perfectly, slips easily in and out of the pocket combined with a screen protector perfect for keeping the phone looking new would recommend this 100%
FlexiShield Skin For The HTC Desire - Black.
Excellent,tight fit also sits in my leather belt wallet.
Said black on order but I would say it is closer to a light charcoal
Does exactly what it says on the tin
Bought this skin as the two I bought from the local market kept breaking. This came in no time at all fitted perfectly and still good as new. The skin is tough and protects the phone from scratches. Well worth the buy.
"FlexiShield Skin For The HTC Desire - Black"
Great product& really good solid fit plus nice feel (not black) colour is smoky grey. Super fast delivery will always shop here for my mobile parts. Many thanks mobile fun.
Good Practical Product
This is the product I've been looking for to protect my phone. I tried the invisible shield but wasn't totally satisfied. I've dropped my phone twice now and am sure without it my brand new phone would've been damaged. It looks okay too. Better than I expected.
FlexiShield Skin For The HTC Desire - Black.
It does 90% of what it says on the tin! It's a flexible shield that fits the HTC Desire very well. Easy to get on, and off to get to your memory card. The volume and the on off buttons work well through the casing. The cut outs for the micro USB connection, camera/flash area, microphone, earphone connection and speaker are in the correct place. So if you're after a case that covers the edges, fits well, and easy to get on and off then this is it - which is why I bought it. It's just not black. It's a translucent grey. You can read the HTC logo on the back of the phone. Shame.
Excellent - Fits perfectly, looks good, good grip.
fits like a......skin
Excellent fit, with good access to all functions. And it appears to be very robust, though only light drop-testing so far. Colour is more like grey than black but it tones in well. Definitely recommended.
Exactly what I wanted
I was hoping for a case that would provide some grip, impact protection, and surface coverage to my beautiful phone. This case has done exactly that, especially after I ordered a hard case from mobilefun that I was unhappy with. They were good enough to provide this as a complementary replacement, and I was impressed
Great service.
Bought two of these, extremely quick delivery, very pleased with product, extremely pleased with the service, great all round.
Excellent product and service. Was delivered the next day once the order was placed. Initially I was a bit sceptical on reading the cover was not black but grey. But in fact when the cover was put on, the phone looked much better and looked more appealing. I got the same compliment from some of my friends as well. Pretty sturdy and easy to out on. 5 stars.
Super-fast delivery of quality product
Does exactly what you want it to do. Snug fit and grippy protection. Definitely not black, as others have said though smoky grey has its good points and I'm glad I bought one. Outstanding service re delivery too!
Perfect Solution
I really don't have a bad thing to say about this skin. Its my first smart phone so thought I would do the sensible thing and try and protect it. This slips straight on but doesn't slip off, is robust, a nice feel to it, and doesn't get in the way of any of the buttons and in fact improves on the HTC design of power and volume buttons which were in my mind way to sensitive.
Well worth the money
It's not black, like most everyone has commented on. It's a little translucent which is great as the HTC badge is still visible through it. Went on like a dream and is nice and snug on the phone, no slipping around. Excellent delivery as always.
FlexiShield Skin
It's not black. More of a charcoal/dark grey colour.

Other than that, it fits like a glove!! Have not yet taken it off since fitting it.
FlexiShield Skin For The HTC Desire
An invaluable piece of kit if you wish to protect your HTC desire. Fits perfectly and protects the whole phone. Excellent.
Great protection at a great price
This skin has been brilliant throughout the the past few weeks of use. It gives me the confidence to use my phone without worrying that I'm going to drop it and break it.
Firstly the skin improves the ability to grip the phone as it increases the size slightly and has a grippier coating than that on the phone. The skin also feels tough so if you were to drop it I expect the phone would survive with barely a scratch.
It's also a brilliant price when compared to some other cases.
good product
Products great, came on time and fits perfectly.
Great little phone cover
This is a great phone cover, fits perfectly and makes it much easier to hold the phone.
The case is great all these reviews saying it doesnt fit the desire are complete rubbish. It fits perfectly, also the comments about how its not black, it really doesnt matter it still looks great on the desire. Dont listen to these people. They dunno what they are talking about ;)
The case is great all these reviews saying it doesnt fit the desire are complete rubbish. It fits perfectly, also the comments about how its not black, it really doesnt matter it still looks great on the desire. Dont listen to these people. They dunno what they are talking about ;)
This is a really good product, fits like a glove! It don't get greasy or dirty and I don't think it will break in 100 years...
FlexiShield Skin fits like a glove
This skin is just that. It makes pressing the ON button slightly less easy, which is good for me. The texture is not too sticky so the phone will still slip in and out of the pocket easily. Impressed.
Nice One!
Nice bit of kit & seems to do the job well. Perfect fit for Desire. Not sure why colour defined as 'black' - it is grey/translucent (see pics provided by mobile fun) but looks good. Delivery quick & efficient.
Great Case
Great case for the Desire, would recommend to anyone and would buy again. Other comments about it not being black but translusant are true but I think it looks far better in the smokey/clear finish. Definatly no sticker on the back and definatly worth the money.
Great but...
This is really the best cover of this type you can buy for the desire. It fits it like a glove and offers it great basic protection.

Cracking case!
spot on!!!
very pleased with this. i got the martins screen protector too. fits perfectly actually think better with case on as the back is now level with the lens which i think will help protect it...think the slighty raised lense would of snagged in my pocket after time. all in all great service great product ....am now looking at dock and car holder as this puppy drains quickly.
Does what it says on the tin but not black
Brilliant. Perfect fit. Exactly what I wanted except it's not actually black which I would have preferred but the smokey gray is actually very nice!
About flexishield
this article is perfect for the htc desire!!
Great product
This skin fits really well the HTC Desire and the price is good too. Highly recommended.
Good case
A good rubberised case which doesn't add much extra space onto the phone, coupled with "Martin Fields Screen Protector - HTC Desire" gives a good all round protection.
good but shop around for half price
Great case, had it for 2 week now. It grey not black, fits well and shopping around you can found one done for the Desire not for the Nexus and for half that price (£4.90) so why pay twice more for a make do, when you can get the real thing for less?
The FlexiShield skin for the HTC Desire is superb! Fits wonderfully, allows access to all the buttons and protects without being cumbersome.

I'd recommend it to anyone!
Good, but not black!
First of all, I love the fit and feel and construction of this case. The reason it's getting 3 starts instead of 5 is because it's just not black.

I wasn't expecting pitch black from the pictures, but I've got a black HTC Desire and this case isn't even dark grey, it's clearly quite a pale translucent grey. Doesn't look good at all. I'm annoyed but not annoyed enough to send it back.

So anyway, expect pale translucent grey and you will love this case, but if you expect black you'll be disappointed.
Great product
Don't be fooled by other comments - this is made for Desire, no Nexus One label to be found anywhere! Skin is definitely not black, more a dark grey colour. Has a smooth back which feels nice to touch but might not offer improved grip levels over HTC Desire on it's own. Fits phone perfectly, recommend a purchase if you don't want to break the bank but still demand an excellent product.
FlexiShield Skin
Well worth the money,snug fit feels and looks good no nexus 1 logo on it (which others had moaned about).Bought with the Martin Fields Screen Protector, ordered on the Sunday arrived together first post Tuesday great service.
Perfect fit with my HTC Desire
This skin is perfect for my HTC Desire.
Back side is rugged. Sides are sleek.
On/Off and +/- buttons access is easy even though it is covered (protected) by this skin.
Flexishield for Desire
Superb, fits like a glove. At first I though having no cutout for the power and volume button might be a problem, but actually its a bonus

A must have to protect your expensive desire and at ten pound you cant go wrong
Fits my HTC desire perfectly
feels good, fits well and reduces changes of it falling out of your hand! :)
The Flexishield Skin is a perfect fit for the HTC Desire. Feels and looks great. If your looking for a skin for your new phone then this is the one you should buy.
Specifically designed for the htc desire (not the nexus one, like a few of the others)
Fantastic fit, allows use of all the buttons, next day delivery, e-mail updates regarding stage of order, general all round fantastic service. Many thanks
Excatly what I was looking for!
I was looking exactly for that. A crystal case is too bulky and take dust, and silicon cases are too slack.
This case, specially designed for the Desire, fits perfectly the phone, is thin enough to not be bulky, and allow easy access to everything.

Really good.
Perfect Skin!
Just to echo the more recent comments (wayne kesterton)...

It's perfect. Made for the Desire. No Nexus label. All holes for speaker/ charger/ mic/ headphones/ camera, etc PERFECTLY aligned. All buttons accessible.

Don't be put off. If you want this kind of case, then this is perfect.
Good Product
It fits perfectly, hardly adds any bulk onto the phone. All the ports are easy to get to and the buttons remain responsive. Also the back cover look pretty good with it on.
not for me
I didn't find it any more grippy than the phone itself. For me I think a silicone skin will be better but I guess it's horses for courses as most people seem to like it.
A great, brilliantly fitting product.
This item is great. I was a bit worried about buying it with the other comments on here about it not fitting, but I'm glad I ignored them. The skin fits really well, the phone feels and looks well protected. All buttons are accessible, the speaker IS NOT COVERED as stated in other comments. There was no nexus one sticker on the back of the one I recieved unlike earlier comments. It is a smoky dark grey, whitch is semi translucent, not black. I think the grey is better anyway. Delivery was brilliant, I received it the day after ordering it. Pricing was not that bad and mobilefun are a good company to shop with and have excellent returns policy if your not 100% happy with your products.
FlexiShield Skin For The HTC Desire
This a perfectly fitting gel case designed specifically for th HTC Desire, with all the cut outs in the correct places. I can't recommend this case enough.
Great case!
Just what I needed to protect my shiny new Desire fits perfectly looks great get one !!
Love it
I love this skin. I wanted something really durable yet not too ugly or impeding to use, and this is ideal. it fits absolutely perfectly, tightly adhering to the edges (including the chin) with no problem at all. The holes all correlate correctly and I have found it easy to use the power and volume buttons with it on. Mine also did not have a Nexus One logo, so I assume this is a specific Desire version. The casing improves grip in the hands so I now feel a lot happier whipping it out of my pocket. It looks stylish yet functional and I would recommend it to everyone.
Now purpose made for Desire!
I got mine today, to my surprise I also got the new purpose made version for the Desire. This black version fits the brown Desire perfect. Has a nice feeling to it, not like the "silicon" ones. Perfect looks and good value.
Perfect Fit
Great protection for the HTC Desire! Glad I bought it.
Perfect case for HTC Desire
This new purposely designed HTC Desire case fits perfectly and does not have the Nexus logo as. Holes are just were they should be. Perfect!
Fits perfectly
Fits perfectly on the HTC desire. The only way to see that this wasn't originally made for the Desire but the Nexus One is one tiny hole (o 1mm) on the back. Al the other openings and spaces fit perfectly. No problems connecting headphones or USB cable.
Only the feel is a little cheap... Probably because of the "Gel-like-material". But I can definately recommend this product (and the services of this web-shop!!)
Well worth a tenner!
I ordered this item to help protect against bumps rather than scratches, and it definitely feels like it'll help protect the Desire. It also makes the phone easier to grip, reducing the likelihood of a fumble.

A couple of closing observations:
1. It doesn't come with Nexus One branding as others observed, it's plain.

2. I ordered it with, among other items, the HTC Desire Car Pack - but should point out that it won't fit the Car Pack with the skin on, so will need to be removed to use with this product. If that sounds like a chore - I'd suggest trying a different or universal car kit.

Overall, well worth a tenner.
Fits Perfectly!
Great product!
Fits in seconds and within 2 minutes pulled I had of the Nexus logo (Glue beneath comes off easily with a soapy cotton bud).
I heard people having trouble with the headphone jack but my Denon earphones fix fine.
The lip at the bottom does not constrict the use for the buttons which I was worrying about. Not back but neutral which complements my brown phone.
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