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FlexiShield Skin for Sony Xperia Z2 - Purple Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom molded for the Sony Xperia Z2, this purple ultra thin FlexiShield case provides slim fitting, durability and protection against damage.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44484
$7.83 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 46 customers

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Great product
Great product
Perfect Fit
Good value, easy to fit. Great protection for screen. Ordering process was easy and delivered in a timely manner. Well Done.
Given the age of my handset this site was the only place I could find a good value cover for my Sony Xperia Z2. Simple ordering process and delivered in a timely manner. Well Done.
Item as described
Quick shipping.Item as described.
Really good!
I needed to purchase a case after damaging the back glass of my phone. I ordered this case and received it very quickly. It was well packaged and very easy to place onto my phone. The colour is nice and it fits really well on the phone. My phone does feel a lot more protected now due to the case.
Very impressed
I love that this is a stylish yet protective case for my Sony phone. Many protective cases are very bulky and ugly and this is very slim stylish with a beautiful colour. I am very proud showing off my phone now. Thank you for a wonderful product and for sending it to me very quickly.
Excellent cover
I finally ended my long search for the perfect case by discovering the mobile fun website, the case advertised with detailed images and a clear and concise description which convinced me to buy, item arrived promptly, could tell instantly it was a quality product just by the packaging and so it was, very impressed would highly recommend mobilefun if you are looking for genuine quality products that are accurately described ensuring you make the right descision. 5*
Fantastic - beautifully presented and looks great on my phone. Thank you
I'm very pleased with my jelly-like cover for my Sony. It fits perfectly and the purple looks great on my purple phone. I bought the package deal with the 4 covers and they are all lovely. Thank you for the fast delivery and the well presented packaging. I am very impressed.
Great phone case
This is a great phone case fits well and a reasonable price. Quick delivery. Very pleased.
Well designed
The Sony Xperia Z2 Flexishield skin is a good cover for the phone. Well designed, aesthetically appealing and comfortable on your hands. For the price point, it's a great deal.

However as much as the case fits perfectly on the phone, pressing certain button combinations can prove difficult. For example, I enjoy taking screenshots from time to time, so I am prompted to press the power button and the volume down button at once. This phone case makes it difficult for that type of sequence. Sometimes you either turn off the phone screen or turn down the volume. With that being said, it's just a minor grip that doesn't ruin the appeal of the phone case.

Highly recommended.
One I had bought my Sony Xperia the first thing I looked for was a case, after reading reviews this was the best option, and they weren't wrong, amazing case, keeps it slim.
Excellent case protect my phone very well and make my phone look a like new.
Works fine, nothing special
It's a perfectly ordinary case, exactly as you would expect. The button covers are more responsive than some of the other cases I've used. Fiction is improved a little, but nothing special here.

Charge cover is a little hard to open because it keeps getting stuck in the case. SD card slot is completely covered by the case, which is a downside for those who might need to remove the SD card often. All the other things of note have gaps in the case.

Durability is fine for its materials. Pretty much what you'd expect from the pictures.
Very happy
Arrived on time and was what I expected. Many thanks.
Excellent Protection
I used to own one of these protectors on an old LG phone, swapped to a Griffin case with the iPhone and back to one of these with the Sony Xperia as I didn't want anything bulky but something that offered some protection.

Overall the case looks and feels pretty well made. It has all the openings in the right place and is a nice snug fit, it's a little tight getting it on but sooner that than loose.

It does cover the side of the phone where the memory card goes but unless you keep swapping the card every five minutes it shouldn't present a problem.

It doesn't make the phone look or feel bulky and you can still seem the Sony logo through the back.

If I had to fault one thing it would be the cut out on the left side where the sim card and usb port is as it leaves a small strip along the screen that feels a bit flimsy with your fingers round it. It's not a massive problem and could even be down the the fact that I use a glass screen protector so that part sits a little proud but overall it's not a massive problem.

If you plan of getting something like this to protect your phone I would recommend a glass screen protector to go with it to enhance your protection, I use the MFX tempered glass screen protector that can be purchased on this site.
Flexi Shield Skin Sony Xperia Z2
This is a fantastic product. It fits well, it is lightweight and offers a great level of protection for your phone. The openings for access to your ports are easily accessible with this when on as well. It is very good value for money and the from placing my order it was with me within 2 days. Try it, you will love it!!
Excellent protection, not good fit for charger
Good solid fit and protection.

Unfortunately whilst has opening for docking charger, the case is too thick to fit the Sony charging unit.
Great Phone Case
I received my phone case within the stipulated time and the case is just lovely
Works well, but...
I bought a Deff magnetic charger to use with the cover, but either the adapter or the cover is too thick on the charging port, so I can't get a connection without pressing it forcefully in, and even then it comes right back out. I'm a little disappointed, but it's understandable because there's no real standard dimension for such adapters.

The cover itself offers good protection for the phone. No corner remains unprotected, which is important for me. Really, this case is the best case you're going to get if you want decent protection, don't want a flip case and need to use the charging port.

As mentioned, my only gripe is that maybe the gel on the side of the magnetic port can be made thinner a little so adapters like the Deff (and most probably the Magnector) which don't work with the case properly, can.
Great fit
Does exactly what you'd expect it to do. Flexible cover leaves the phone well protected. Nice slim fit, not too bulky.
Does what is says, but overpriced.
This case does the job and the magnetic charging port is accessible without removing the case. All the corners and sides of the phone are protected against impact damage. The case does not feel nice in the hand, it feels greasy... However the case is not worth the price, it is similar to the cheap cases to be got on auction sites, but at the same time, it's very hard to get one on these sites that has the magnetic charging port exposed... In summary, it does the job, but is way overpriced.
like a glove
I bought this phone cover because I have major issues with scratching my previous phones!this cover is fantastic as it's comfortable, easy to fit and not bulky like some!it's fashionable too and it fits like Jim Carey famous quotes "like a glove". I love it! Reasonably priced and super fast delivery too, thank you!
perfect fit
Great cover for the money. Particularly as I find folio cases awkward to use. This case has a nice slim profile and fits well and easy to apply even with a screen protector.
Not compatible with the magnetic charging dock
Delivery was good and the product does provide good protection, it feels pretty tacky but for the price that's to be expected. My only gripe is that I bought this to use with the Sony magnetic dock as it's one of the only cases with a hole for the dock connector. Pointless having it there though as it does not fit the dock!. You might as well buy one without the dock connector hole and have the extra protection it offers.
I absolutely love my cover for my new phone and feel safer knowing that I have cover on...delivery and service was first class...thanks
I absolutely love my cover for my new phone and feel safer knowing that I have cover on...delivery and service was first class...thanks
a stylish cover, good protection
Happy with the service as well as the product itself. I have only used it for couple of days but so far I am happy with it.
Update on previous review
I stated this cover works with magnetic charger. To clarify, I meant Magnetic USB Cable, I have an unofficial magnetic stand/dock which won't make a connection with pins on phone, with or without the insert provided. Please note, this is NOT SONY stand, therfore cannot comment on compatibility with official model. Hope this helps!
great product
Nice and sleek design. Fits perfectly and would take a fall. For the price, well worth every penny.
Snug Fit
This cover fits well and feels good in the hand. Could do with some more colors though.
Absolutely does the job! :)
upgraded to the experia Z2 and wanted just a plain and simple well fitting case to offer some reasonable protection. This case absolutely does that, and fits like a glove so you barley notice its even on the handset. It gives access to the all input slot which you will use day to day. It does cover the Micro SD card slot so you need to be remove the case to access this but as this will likely just stay in my phone this is not a negative for me. All in all and great case for this handset, definitely would recommend it. :)
Great cove
I bought as spare one, having lighter colour then on photos
Good protection , poor compatability.
This case has excellent protection qualities,the case is lightweight & it's made from a very durable gel which can protect against knocks & drops, it also has a raised lip above the screen so when placing the Z2 on a flat surface the screen is protected from scratches.
The fit is tight & it feels safe in the hand as the material is grippy, however I purchased this case because other cases that were of similar design did NOT have the port cut outs to facilitate the magnetic charging port on the Sony Z2, but after fitting the case to my phone & then trying to attach it to the magnetic charger I found that the cutout provided was misaligned and poorly positioned meaning it rendered the case useless for the purpose of magnetic charging without removal of the case so I can only give a rating od 3/5 for that reason.
Excellent Protection
Used with NILLKIN Amazing H+ screen protector my device feels 100% protected. Works with magnetic charger and all openings available,buttons too.

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