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FlexiShield Skin For Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36482

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 4.3 stars from 28 customers

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Very nice case
I bought this after the official Samsung note 2 case split. The Flexisheld looks great in glossy black, fits the phone perfectly, and provides good protection (there is a nice lip around the screen, so the phone is protected when placed face down.

My only gripe is that the side buttons (power and volume) are flush to the case, and even though they're textured, are harder to locate than on the Samsung case, where they protruded slightly.
soft vinyl back case
well made and fit, only down side was the power and volume key slits was nit cut ready..i had to use craft knife to remove these plugs which isnt easy, i thought the manufacturer would have made these cases with correct cut outs for the keys.
Does what it says on the tin
Not the 'sexiest' thing to write a review about but as the title suggests, it does do what it says on the tin, i.e. protect the phone from bumps etc.. You couldn't call the cover a 'fashion statement' or anything like that but it does protect - and that's what it's meant to do. If you want something to 'bling' up your phone, then this isn't it!

As ever, service from MF superb.
Perfect for the job
Very quick delivery. Even though the item was initially out of stock. Came well packaged. Item has proven to be just what I wanted. Strong, perfectly shaped and shows off my phone a treat. I am very happy, thanks.
Great case...but..
I like that it is transparent, and it shows the chrome edged finish of the Note 2, however, this case tends to yellow over time. It has a brownish tinge after awhile and it is not as clear as it was on day one.
I tried cleaning it with several types of cleansers to restore that clear and clean look. My last resort was even using bleach! No luck. This problem wouldn't matter as much if you have the titanium gray Note, but on the white Note, the discoloration is obvious.
Otherwise a great case that doesn't add too much bulk.
Simple to source
Actually ordered cover on thursday lunch and was posted to me the next day...how did you manage that. Thanks
Good with limitation
I bought the case and used it a few days. It has transparent look, which is a plus, because I want to show that the phone is Galaxy Note 2. The case is also sturdy and fits well to the phone.

The only grip I don't like is that its hard to find the power button and the volume rocker. Not only that, I must press hard in order to make it work.

At the moment I use another case, which is only the half of the price, but fulfils my expectation. It doesn't mean I would throw this case away. I may use it for change in the future.
Indian buyers Beware!!!!
Dear Indian buyers, Please be carefull before placing a order through mobile fun because they say it will take 10 working days but they don't do that. I have placed a order on 27th Dec' 2012 but till date i didn't receive it and they don't even bother to update the status.
Great protection but...
This case adds noticable weight and bulk to this sleek, slender, light-weight device. Recommended for protection but only if you dont mind the addition to size and a slightly heavier device.
FlexiShield Skin For Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Great product. Just what l was looking for. It fits nicely and covers it all around with a little added hight around the screen to give some additional protection for that as well. All the while leaving the necessary spaces free for Pen, camera, headphone port etc. and it does not make the phone feel any larger.
Maybe the only thing that some mind find to fault (mainly for those that like the sleek white or graphite look) it does give it the inevitable plasticy look/feel. Ps. good speedy delivery.
Best case for note 2!!!
Fits perfect, feels great in your hand, very thin while still giving good protection, and looks great too. Shipping took about 7 business days to the states, which was pretty quick.. there is no case in the usa that even compares to this... I have looked and tried almost everything here.. by far the best..
Nice product...
... the only thing that lets is down is having to struggle to find the volume rocker/lock buttons on the side. Would get 5 stars easy otherwise.
FlexiShield Skin For Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Black
Overall excellent value and quality

1) This is a shiny rubery case
2) Fits very snugly
3) Full protection around the phone, including a lip so you can place the phone face down without scratching the screen
4) Provides very good grip, much more than the phone by itself
5) Cut outs for speaker, ubs, mic, camera, flash, stylus, headphone jack all line up perfectly
6) Decent quality, does not seem cheap by the look or feel
7) Delivery did take a while, they said 4 to 8 business days but it took 12 business days

Overall excellent value and quality, would buy again.
Awesome case, a must buy!
I needed a case for my brand new Note 2 and I was looking for something that would cover the entire phone besides the screen. Most of the cases out there do have protection, but they don't cover the edges or the top and bottom. I found this case and immediately bought it because it was what I was looking for. It's not like one of those silicon cases. It's a snug fit and it covers the buttons as well. This is the first case I bought for my phone and don't think I ever need another case again. Thanks MobileFun for an awesome phone case.
... great tight fit, all of the cut outs in the right place, feels good in the hand, barely noticeable once fitted. Only negative is that I sometimes find it less obvious to feel where the power and volume buttons are without looking. Minor negative, overall a good product.
Great Case... HORRIBLE shipping.
I love the case it was just what i ordered. A smooth feeling case that will protect your note from drops. Its also not very thick and adds a lot of grip so the note 2 is not as slippery as when its naked. Also, it sticks out a bit in the front so when putting your phone down screen first you can slide it around without the screen touching the surface. The cutouts are very accurate.

The one thing that makes this review 3 stars is the shipping its horrible. Mobilefuns service is good though they respond within a business day. But the shipping took way too long. It took 14 business days to ship to my house. I ordered it on October 30th and received it on November 16th.

Overall, I am happy with the case. The problem is horrible shipping service to the US for $6 with no tracking.
I would like to say I love it
but my phone is now naked
it was shipped very quick
but DHL. is absent
I hope it arrives.some day
before the end of this year
because that service is worst
that the.elections count in Florida
Most practical and Neat Soft Case
This isnt my first flexishield and certainly won't be the last one either. It is a high quality soft case. Therefore it is the most practical decent looking case in the market for the note 2. It has neat cut outs for the port and s-pen. As transparent as it can be while maintaining its quality. Will not just protect the device against minor scratches but also against bumps and drops which the other hard cases won't. It is reasonably slim which is useful considering the size of the device. This case will keep your note 2 new and protected for as long as you use it be it even after a year or two.
It fits perfectly and the texture enablers me to hold the phone firmly.
A perfect fit
This is a perfect fit. It protects the back from scratches and the lip protects the screen if placed face down. Also this gives a much better grip for what is a large phone. Highly recommend.
Fast Delivery
I got the case I ordered, very quickly, as in next day, and that's excellent considering they ship from the UK and I am in the US.
The case is just fine, all cut outs are in the right places, and I even attached a lanyard to an opening, and so far it seems plenty strong enough to support the weight. Not much avilable for the Note 2 yet, so when the more protective cases come, I will be ordering from you again !

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