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FlexiShield Skin for HTC Sensation / Sensation XE - Purple Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone case for the HTC Sensation / Sensation XE in purple.
  • Mobile Fun ID 29802

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 3.9 stars from 34 customers

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Great case with a good look too.
We bought the above case for our daughters HTC Sensation. It arrived today so quick after ordering. It was described as 'purple' but has a lovely pink effect. Very sturdy and even looks like a hardback case, though flexible..

Vey happy with the product, delivery and the service from MobileFun is amazing! Will definitely use again.
Great phone case/cover. Love the colour - easy to put on - it covers the corners and sides well -the phone feels very protected and it has a great non-slip feel to it. Highly recommend!
Poor coverage of bottom edge of screen
The skin barely reached the lower edge of the screen. To be effective against drop from any angle, and to protect the screen when phone placed screen down on a flat surface, skin must stand proud of the screen all the way round. So I'm sending it back, glad of mobile fun's no quibble return policy (but carriage charges are significant against such inexpensive items).
So good I bought one for my daughter as well
I bought one last year - dropped the phone several times and it did its job perfectly. Because its soft it absorbs the impact and stays intact itself whist others break. I bought one each for my children who had broken their hard plastic shields - so far no damaged phones, and 'flexisheilds' not damaged either.
Great protection with minimal weight
Installed and removed easily, snug fit and great protection with minimal weight
Flexishield skin cover for HTC Sensation XE - clear
Well made and strong, excellent protection. However, because of thickness of material over the on/off button (top edge) it's been hard to operate without pressing very hard. Have had to cut a small sliver of silicone out to enable easier operation. MIC hole could be a little larger/better positioned but it does work fine.
Great Flexishield for Senstion (xe)
Good fitting case, protecting the phone completely bar the screen of course! Cool diamond effect on inner surface and a smoke black colour means the Flexishield doesn't look too bad either.

Volume & on/off buttons operate though the shield whilst there are cut outs for the ports and camera.

A case like this is a must to keep your phone in good condition and this is a really good one.
Amazing Case!
I bought this case for my phone about 3 days after I got it. I've had it for 6+ months now and is so worth the money. Back then I only paid £3.99 though from Amazon. 6+ months and no scratches, marks. Great Value for money and amazing protection for your handset.
Very good value
This is the 4th skin I've bought. the previous 3 were for the HTC Desire, the Desire HD & the Galaxy XS. I am pleased with this one although I don't feel it's quite as tight fitting as the rest, it still does a good job of protecting my handset.
Give your phone the protection it deserves!
Your mobile is a powerful tool, and deserves looking after!
An ideal protector for your HTC Sensation.
Bit pinker than I'd expected!
Item arrived very quickly. Fits perfectly - all of the apertures are in exactly the right places.

The volume rocker and the on/off switch are covered, but with thinner, more flexible material so it doesn't affect operation.

Only quibble is that the colour is nothing like the picture on the website - it's a pinky lilac colour. The colour's okay, and has enough purple in it not to be PINK-pink, but I'd have preferred the colour shown on the site. (Not enough of an issue to return it, though.)
Poor quality very dissapointed
I purchased one of these for my HTC Hero a few years ago and it has been excellent so I didn't hesitate to buy one for my Sensation. However the product is useless. Its a very poor fit. The lip only hooks around the front of the phone at the top and not at the bottom. In the event of the phone being dropped, the case pops off. This makes the case useless. I've since purchased another Flexishield from a local shop after trying it. I'm dissapointed mobilefun isn't checking the quality of the products its selling.
I needed this case for a new phone in a hurry as I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it, thus protection was essential if I was to meet the 14 day return rule. Having decided the case price was competitive, speed of delivery was impressive. Certainly the case meets its claims, easy to apply, light weight. However, it's also a lesson in the difference between screen shots and real life. It's not quite as clear as I expected and rather thicker than I imagined. Aesthetics apart, it did the job, had a nice feel and when I dropped the phone on concrete, protection was superb. The slots for the switches are well placed though dust and fluff does tend to find it's way needing a periodic clear out. I got used to it adding a little bulk to the point when it's off, my pristine phone feels vulnerable. On balance, a little extra bulk for a lot more confidence worked for me.
Poor case/Not the one advertised
I'm quite disappointed with this case due to it being warped around the charging port and the fact that it slips on and off far to easy, not a good fit at all.

The cut outs for the Mic,speaker & other holes are not cut accurately at all and are out by about 4-5mm out.

when I take a picture with the case on it distorts the image with a white haze. Which is pointless as the case shouldn't impair the phone but in this case it does.

I dont use the case at all as its of poor quality and build and I even paid for next day delivery.

I've had flexishield cases from here before on HTC Desire which were spot on and good value, i even ordered my partner a pink version for the HTC sensation and that was spot on perfect fit and was the one advertised.

the one advertised on the web site inst the one I received so I feel like I've been sold up the river without a paddle. Returns policy inst working in my favour neither and not worth the time of day to return.

A great shame because I love the Flexishield range, but i'm now looking at getting something else as i dont use it.
This is my second Flexishield skin, (HTC Desire and now the Sensation). Superb material choice as it provides a skin tight fit protecting the phone without adding extra bulk. Another pro is that it doesn't stretch and slip off like other silicone cases on the market. When dropped from some height, e.g. dropped it when getting out the car the other day onto concrete. The case was totally undamaged as was the phone.

The only downside (maybe an upside?) is that compared to my old Desire case is that the front face around the edge of the phone doesn't stick out as far as my Desire's Flexishield did. If the phone was placed faced down the screen may get scratched as it's not raised off the ground. Having said that HTC have designed a very slight inwards-sloping screen so it's less likely get damaged. Only other downside is some holes cut for the mic, back holes and camera are slightly off. Could be a manufacturing fault, but probably down to the case's design.
Not a bad cover
The fit isn't precise enough, may only be a few millimeters out but i expect a perfect fit. Not quite as good a fit as i would have liked, but it's doing a good job keeping the Sensation scratch fee
A good, hard case... but
This is a nice, barely there hard case. It fits well, and the side button and on/off button is easily accessable. The only problem is that the case somehow interferes with the camera flash, although it doesn't cover the leds. Flash photos come out with a smokey haze to them.
If you don't use the camera, this is a 5 star product.
waste of money
Brought this protective case and once I'd put it on spent the next 2 days wondering why my signal was so rubbish...the case totally blocks the signal and so is totally pointless, dont buy it! Now I'm stuck with a case that's pointless and i can't use because there's no signal!
Nice case
A nice, protective case. Does the job, but I find that the on/off button is awkward to operate.
This case is sturdy, fits well and is thin so doesnt make the phone bulky. Value for money is good and why pay morew for the same quality.
Could be better
Nice feeling case with anti-slip properties but not a good fit for the phone. Case is loose enough that it came off as my phone bounced down the stairs. Luckily no damage done but this shows the case didn't do what it was designed for - protect my phone.
Almost perfect
Easy to fit, sturdy, protective but the cutouts for the camera lens, speaker and flash are about 1mm too high. The case doesn't obstruct anything, it's just annoying to me!.
Great value
I brought this case as i'd previously brought one from ebay that lasted about five minutes, I guess that's why it was so cheap. I've had this case a few weeks now and its fab, good quality and it covers the whole phone rather than just the back, it is also a really nice colour, very girly. I'd recommend this case to everyone who wants decent protection for there phone :-).
Fits well
Does the job. Haven't tested by dropping the phone yet but with the htc screen protector also fitted will hopefully almost "bullet proof" damage.
Does the Job
Does the Job, Rubber Jelly type skin that not only protects but has anti-slip properties as well. Ideal for car dashboards!

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