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FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy S7 Gel Case - Clear Reviews

Custom moulded for the Samsung Galaxy S7, this clear FlexiShield case by Olixar provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.
  • Mobile Fun ID 56786
$8.24 inc. VAT
 4.8 stars from 104 customers

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Robust but unobtrusive; it does the job
Robust but unobtrusive; it does the job
Great case
Fits well and doesn't 'wet' to the S7 glass back so it dosen't spoil the look of the phone.
So quick to arrive and better quality for the same price you'd pay on the market
Excellent product
Wanted a slightly grippier case for samsung s 7. This fits well and ticks all.the boxes. Excellent service from company too. Was delivered on time
Nice case
Can not fault it, fits perfectly & if anything enhances the look of the phone. Why have a lovely looking phone only to hide it away in an ugly case. Haven't put it to the test of how well it protects it ie l haven't dropped it yet but from the thickness of the case l am confident it will do the job. Its very reasonably priced but feels good quality. Very pleased. Plus it came very quickly & l used economy delivery,.
Good case
Really good case
5 Stars for this case. Cheap but fits great.
This case fitted my galaxy S7 very well. Excellent service from mobilefun as you'd expect
Good supplier and product
Ordered flexishield gel case for s7 at a great price, good quality product.
Good communication and quick delivery.
Happy days
Great item
This item fully met my expectations and complimented my phone. Great product.
Great quality cover
Bought the FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy S7 Gel Case - Black a couple of months ago and having used it for a while, I am very impressed with the quality. And it was cheap too!
Essential protection for s7. Looks good and good price.
Fits perfectly just what I wanted.
Didn't want anything that was gonna make my phone too bulky as I like the look of the Samsung s7 this is excellent fits perfectly
Sturdy cover. A good price as well
Case looks great and fits well
Love the colour of my case,it fits perfectly and was inexpensive but good quality.
The 4th I have bought over the years, good value
Very happy with product,worth the wait.
Phone cover does and looks like in description,fits well, looks good and inexpensive.
No more butterfingers
I managed to do my new phone a couple of times before I bought this case but now it makes it less slippery & I can see the gold phone just as of it didn't have a case. Easy to attach unlike some other cases and easy to clean. Love it!
A perfect budget option for the Galaxy S7 (non-edge)
This case fits the phone really well and offers excellent protection for the case. It's raised edge adds some screen protection too. The rubber gel case does not spoil the look of the phone and actually helps the grip. Without the case, it's easy for the slim, shiny, smooth phone to slip out of your hands.

Recommended product!
Very cover
Great item i have purchased 3 of them for different members of my family. Super fit and looks good too 100% recommend.
Nice gel case that has nice feel and good grip keeping the design of the smartphone clear
Nice quality soft gel case which feels good and has nice grip when you pick the phone up. First time for me to use gel case as I've always used flip-over cover and this gives me the confidence to hold with the nice feel to it. Gel cases for me from now on. Great price and very impressed with the speed it was delivered. Well worth it.
Great just what I wanted needed
Great just what I wanted needed a soft gel case as hard cases break to easly when dropped.
Defently would recommend and fast delivery on time.
Got it for the wife she loves it. It shows the rose gold color of her phone. So much better than a fold over case and the phone is so classy you need to see it not hide it
An easy snug fit and looks good.
So far so good
So far so good. Really nice and elegant cover. Fits well and already proved it worth protecting my phone when it hit the ground.
Cheap and cheerful
Exactly what I needed good quality and arrived earlier than expected
Great case
Very pleased with this, has raised lip around front edge which protects screen if placed face down and the thickness of the case protects the camera glass on the back. Nice and grippy round the sides. Good sized hole for headphones allows most plugs to fit, not just skinny ones.
Galaxy S7 Great Case - Good Service
Ordered same case twice now from mobile fun. It's an excellent case and only ordered again as other one dirty after nearly a years service.
Ordered other items from mobile fun when i had an LG phone also.
Always good service and keep you well informed.
Great product and great service
Having never purchased a case for a phone before, I opted for a cheaper alternative to start with. The case is brillIant, it gives great grip, doesn't make the size of the phone much bigger and leaves me confident my phone is protected.
So far, so good
Arrived within the advised period (standard delivery). Product looks great, onyx black and shiny, and feels grippy yet smooth in the hand. Fits perfectly to the S7 dimensions. Price is ridiculous value though I haven't dropped the phone yet and not going to try! I recommend this product.
Brilliant produck
Flexi shield gel case
Very good fit. Clear case shows up the lovely gold colour ofq my phone. Provides a little lip around the edge of the phone. Don't know how much protection it gives if phone is dropped but I do think the soft gel case is better than the rigid cases you can get. Would definitely recommend & it is a very good price. Would buy again.
perfect fit exacly what I required in a phone cover.
Ecellent product fits phone perfectly. Phone much easier to hold and reduces the sensitivity of the buttons so I don't press them all the time by accident but they still work perfectly.
Brought a black case for my boyfriend as he had just upgraded his s5 to a s7 and he always drops his phone. Boyfriend is a cab driver and drops his phone without fail every morning whilst getting out of his cab with a handful of electronics (sat nav, taxi PDA, phone). This cover has saved his phone numerous times in the last two weeks. Cover offers great protection, looks good and doesn't make your phone look bulky like other covers do. Highly recommended!!
very good
This case is a very good silicon case. it grabs very good the phone and is clear. you can view the color of your phone.
This gel case I got fits like a glove & gives the phone a better grip
This gel case I got fits like a glove & gives the phone a better grip.
Great fit and price
Fits my phone really well. Good value. Delivery prompt and was well packaged.
Exactly Right
Perfect fit, all the holes in the right place. You hardly know it's on the phone, light and thin but still substantial enough to be useful. Already dropped the phone once - no damage.
Flexshield Case Galaxy S&
Cost effective - easy to fit and remove - does the job - couldn't be better
Totally fit for purpose!
Does it fit? Yes.
Does it work? Yes.
Does it look OK on the phone? Yes.

Hesitate not, this is money's worth.
Does what it's meant to which is ideal
Ordered two, they fit the phones and look relatively nice (they're clear). They also have a warranty (yay) so if I drop my phone and the screen gets tragically smashed, at least I can replace the case that was meant to give it some protection.
S7 Case
Easy to fit, lightweight and snug. Provides really efficient and cost effective protection for the phone!
Easy to put on and remove. Very durable and 'grippy'. Has a lip that goes around the screen. I just didn't realise that it is transparent.
Nice item
This case is great, fits perfectly and give a good feeling to your hands. Nice product
Great case!
Love this case so far! Allows easy access to all buttons and jacks and material allows for good grip of the phone. Not bulky at all.
Samsung S7 Phone Case
This case fits perfectly. It is a soft plastic so is easy to get on and off. It also stops the phone from slipping out of your hand. I have a black phone and opted for a purple case which gives is a subtle hint of colour. Fantastic value for money and fast delivery too.
Perfect case for S7
Perfect case for S7
Slick and sleek
Really nice gloss black and sleekest slim case I've found. Easy to remove if you feel like changing the case for the different occasion.

Not sure if will take the fall for an urban outdoor but adds no extra weight or bulk which is what I was after! Great item!
It does a pretty good job or protecting the phone and unlike some cases on the market this one does not really let any dirt get inside the phone. But rear of the case will almost always have some air bubbles which makes the phone look a bit cheap :)
Excellent service and products
Quick reliable service, excellent product.
Very nice
Very nice product. Fit the phone perfectly and clean clear showcasing the beauty of my phone.
Just what I wanted. A jelly case that fitted and helped me hold the phone securely.
Nothing more than was already on the advert.
awesome case
Took a while to come in from backorder however, once it was in it shipped very fast from the UK to the US. The case fits perfectly on my Galaxy S7 and I love the color. The fit and finish of this case is excellent . I would not hesitate to order from mobilefun.com any olixar products.
Great Case
The case is excellent. Looks good, fits perfectly and a great price. Postage was slow (2 weeks) to get from Melb to Syd. I would expect 3-4 days max. Otherwise Im very happy with it.
Sturdy & Stylish Galaxy S7 case
Was so pleased when this case arrived. It fits my Galaxy S7 like a glove that you can hardly tell there is a case and therefore it does not spoil the overall look of the phone. It seems to be sturdy enough to protect the phone from bumps and drops as the case is not rigid, but has a bit of flexibility. Being gel, it is also non slip which is an added bonus. Very easy to fit. Cannot recommend highly enough
Lovey quality phone cover fits like a glove
Lovey quality phone cover fits like a glove . Great price too . Very happy :)
Great phone cover fits the S7 very well
Hi great phone cover fits the S7 very well
Great value for money *****
See through cover
This see through cover for my S7 it just what I was looking for. It allows me to see the super slick gold casing of the mobile. Being see through means I can also print off the logo of my favourite team.and slip it into the back of of the casing for all to see. If i change my mind it's easy to print another logo and put it in without any hassles.
All in all a good buy
This item was was delivered quickly, it was easy to fit, and doesnt impied the use of the phone. If you have a coloured phone it doesnt hide the colour.All in all a good buy.
Very nice
Great case, shame it's not a little thinner, like skin tight!
Terrific value case
The flexishield case is clear , gel like material is virtually scratch proof and very grippy. It fits perfectly and is far superior to the Otter box I purchased originally for the s7 . Buy it you won't regret it .
Excellent value
Does exactly what it says on the tin
Simple and effective
Better than the $40 Samsung hard case I had. Minimalist. Sufficient grip that it doesn't slip out of your hand (unlike Samsung shiny plastic case) but I would like it to have a textured back which it doesn't. I haven't dropped it yet but it looks like it offers good protection. Use it with a tempered glass front panel.
Perfect fit
Good quality gel case fits perfectly to the phone, good tight fit. Decent thickness without making the phone feel bigger. Provides good protection. Not as cheap as those on offer elsewhere but far superior. Recommended.
Phone still looks Gorgeous!
The clear case doesn't detract from the gorgeous looks of my S7 and how a phone looks is one of the key reasons for buying it in he first place. I don't know how well it would protect the phone if I dropped it (and I'm not planning on testing that), but it can only help. The case feels good in the hand and not as slippy as the phone without the case.
I keep my phone in my breast pocket from which previous phones have dropped out too many times, so for now I also keep the S7 in an oversized slip case when not in use. I wish I could find a case which secured the phone in my pocket (as my slip case does) but which didn't detract from the phone's 'beauty' as is the case for the FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy S7 Gel Case.
Great value for the price
Lovely to hold
So there i was... 9am on a friday morning, when all of a sudden something twigged inside. "I'm due an upgrade!" I exclaimed, startling the pup. Well i thought, fraptuous day. I must try the s7 now, iphones have done me well these past few years, so why not a change. Well after some boring details, the phone came. Beatiful in everyway! Except when it slid out my hand three a half minutes after opening it... "TO MOBILE FUN!" I shouted, pointing a finger to the air. A couple minutes later id picked out this little number. Sutbly styled with a simple, clean look. Almost as lovely to hold as the missus, but this is nor the time nor place...
Great item as described
Great item as described. Arrived quickly and well packaged
Great case
Good fit, slim, grippy, very shiny which I wasn't expecting but it works (not sure how well it will wear though), hopefully the protection it affords matches the initial impressions.
Excellent Product
The Phone case I've just purchased is perfect. I find the S7 a very stylish looking phone, I like the looks, but is too slippery to hold safely and securely. So this invisible case helps me hold the phone and also stops it falling out of my shirt pocket. Would I buy another? You bet. I just bought one for my daughter!
I read about this case on the web. They raved about it and rightly so. It is gorgeous, has the just right texture for gripping, is thick enough to protect and thin enough to hold comfortably. Five stars, please.
All good
All good
After buying different phone cases that were completley different to the image, I knew Mobilefun would be reliable after reading other 5 star reviews. I wasn't wrong, the phone case arrived within a few days without delay and the case is exactly like what it says in the description. It fits perfectly around the phone and the gel texture to it prevents any scratches or chippings to the phone. Love & highly recommend Mobilefun.
Quick and quality. Very satisfied.
I ordered a clear case and instead I received a frosted white case
I ordered a clear case and instead I received a frosted white case. I'm disappointed.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Alexandra

Sorry to hear you are not happy with your item. It is a clear case, however there are small dots on the rear to help prevent moisture from building up behind the phone, which can give a more frost white appearance.
Very Practical!
Great value for money and a nice colour too! The product is exactly as described on the website. It's a perfect fit for my phone and makes holding the phone feel safer as without the gel cover I was worried about it slipping from my hands especially on warm days. I would highly recommend this product and the website!
Fits well, stylish, all cutouts are accurate and all buttons correctly covered and usable.
Great Case
Case has been great so far and I HATE CASES!!
Great quality
Fits nice and snug. Covers screen edges
Great value for money case
After buying my new phone I didn't really want to put a case on it, but I really struggled to find a decent protector to make the phone a bit grippier to hold. So I plumped for this and it's actually great because it doesn't add much bulk to the phone and just raises it off any surface enough to protect it.
Great Case
So far so good. I HATE cases but I think this one may stay on my phone for a long time!
Perfect Fit!
I hate those big bulky cases. This case fits like a a glove, its exactly what i was looking for. Thank you!
Exactly what I wanted
This is exactly what I was looking for, protection for my new phone and it has done just that. Very light weight, you can't even notice I have a cover on my phone. I've had it 3 weeks now with no problems. Delivery was fast, again no problems.
Good product
Looks like a solid / good product but unfortunately for me I needed the S7 Edge & was sent the S7.
Perfectly fit
Perfectly fit,reasonable price for the quality.thanks.
Does what it says
I bought this as it was a great price and wanted it delivered at the same time as my S7. It arrived quickly and fits like the proverbial glove. Very happy with it. Feels secure and does not add bulk to the phone.
Fits perfectly on my galaxy s7
The phone case fits perfectly on my galaxy s7.
Has a slight edge to protect the screen. Non slippery back. Happy days.
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