Olixar FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gel Case - Purple Reviews

Custom moulded for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this purple FlexiShield case by Olixar provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.
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Cheap but does the job for a gel case
Cheap price but a good gel case. I wouldn't see it lasting years but you wouldn't expect that for something costing nothing.
Ok not great
Not as thin in real life as in the photos
This cover really sets my samsung 7 edge up, improves the look really well, thanks
It was exactly what I had been looking for
And exactly what I was looking for. It would have been really great just the phone that I ordered to go with it didn't come in they were out of stock. I ended up having to get a different kind so now I'm on the hunt again for the same thing for the phone I have now.
Non slip cover
Cover fits perfectly.. Colour exactly as described.. Very happy with this product..
Great cover
Great cover. The phone is protected and it looks very nice with the cover. Great and reliable service. Thank's MibileFun.
Good quality. Only complaint is the high gloss finish shows every single finger print. other than that, really enjoy the case
see short review
OK, but poor fit
The case itself provides good protection and is slim.
However, the edges and particularly the overlays for the side buttons (volume/power) do not fit/line up properly and impair usability.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Jamie

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this case. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Great case
Superb so great cheap great value and.looks great on my phone too
Good case but minimal protection
Nice case; flexible and doesn't add too much size difference. Not very useful for protecting the actual phone as the sides don't really curve up. Good design.
Great product. Simple yet effective
I bought this phone cover together with the Spigen as a back up. Simple yet affective product.
Happy with the cover. Easy to get on and off. Gives the phone good grip and protects all the corners well. Much easier to hold now without touching the edge of the screen
Galaxy S7 edge and flexiShield are Soul mates.
The case is a perfect snug fit for the s7 edge, providing satisfaction each and everytime you remove and insert with ease. It is not a sticky case but smooth into cloth with a nice grip in your palm. Delivery was premature, i was flattered as it happens with the best of us and I realised the importance of my custom.I will recommend this site and product to many people,hopefully every customer will be provided with a mind blowing service which will have me returning time and time again.
Great fit and lightweight
Very good price. Doesn't impede usage of the phone at all. Lightweight and barely know it's there
Great case
This case is great as I wanted grip because my phone is so slippery and also fits well with the glass screen protectors. It looks great too whilst protecting from scuffs and scratches.
Okay but not great
Incredibly thin
Easy to put on and take off
Decent grip - grips more when hands are hot or sweaty
A simple case to prevent scratches
Not intended to protect against drops
This would be a great case if there was added shock absorption to protect against accidental drops.
Gel case looks grear
Case fits well. Looks great. This is also the only site where i can find these cases. Will shop again
Really great value
I decided to try out this case which was less expensive than others available, somewhat sceptical of the protection it might offer (due to the lower price). However, I've had it for a few weeks now and am pleasantly surprised, the case is aesthetically pleasing, exactly what I'd wanted as it doesn't hide the phone's design. It protected my phone very effectively when it fell on a cobblestone pavement. It also has a type of bumper effect surrounding the corners of the phone which allows you to leave the phone face down while the edge is completely accessible. Would definitely recommend, such a bargain :)
A Super Cover
Bought this for my partner for her new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, as its the first time she has had a phone that she is scared to drop because of the extra glass.
My partner is really fussy, it had to be either blue or purple, it had to look and feel right, did not want anything to big.
And she is so happy with her purple olixar flexishield case, its slim, and it really makes the phone stand out against the shiny black casing, hides it away and it does look just like it looks in the photo. I will always recommend Olixar products.
Great product & great service
The items were exactly what I wanted. Customer service were extremely prompt in getting back to me with my query. Would not hesitate to order anything from your site again
The least obtrusive case for this phone
The S7 Edge looks great, but it's expensive, and a bit on the slippery side, especially if it's wet too (which it might be, since it's waterproof!), so you probably do need some sort of case, and this one is perfect. It is grippy and offers a bit of protection, but barely takes anything away from the look and utility of the phone. There are gaps for all the ports, lenses etc, and it is cut away to allow full use of the curved screen. And the flexible silicone material it's made of means it's easy to remove and replace, if you need to put the phone in a dedicated car holder or whatever.
Perfect product
perfect product ....certainely did'nt expect it to as good..i've always been satisfied with the products and service....nice and easy thats how i like it.....thanks
Thin, inexpensive
This case us quite thin and clear, so it shows off the back of the phone quite nicely. However, because of its thinness, it does not offer as much protection as comparable cases.
Excellent product
Exactly what I was looking for. No complaints. Fast shipping.
This is a great case, brought ready for holiday, covers all edges and buttons. Easy to remove phone, has a great feel in your hand
Looks Great
This is one very slim case and being clear, it looks great! (I can see the silver phone I paid for)

My only problem with the case is where the power/wake button is on the right side of the case, the case seems to slip under the button making it difficult to press.
Not satisfied
The case does not allow premium protection for my galaxy s7 edge. Was very disappointed in it. The color however was great. Purple my favorite color. Due to the Legend Icon Prince. R.I.P.
Outstanding product,
fits well, non slip, works great and wireless charging working great too
Thank you
Good product for the money
Very good phone case especially at such a low price point. The rubber case provides grip and protection for the phone. It doesnt make it too bulky like many other cases. I'd recommend this case and will buy another when i upgrade phones
Very nice looking
This case is great for basic protection against scratches and for scuffs on the corners all while preserving the beauty of your phone. The description says the case is "frosted" but don't be fooled. Its basically totally transparent and shows off the true color of your phone nicely. It really adds the much needed grip that the S7 Edge so desperately needs. It weights next to nothing and its thin as hell. The home and volume buttons are covered nicely and maintain their satisfying "clickyness". I haven't noticed any humidity forming in between the case and phone as some other cases tend to do. It also does not interfere with the screen protector I have on my phone. Some cases can actually peel up the protector near the corners when putting it on. Not this one. Overall its a very good case. I use it on my black S7 Edge and I even tried it on a family member's Titanium colored S7E and I personally think it looks even better on that one. But you won't be disappointed no matter what the color. As long as you're realistic about the amount of protection to expect you'll love it.
Perfect slim case for S7 Edge
I purchased the MobileFun slim, see through case for the S7 Edge and now use it as my daily drive. This phone is so beautiful, and small for it's screen size, and the case being slim and see through keeps it small, and allows me to enjoy the phone's beauty while still protecting my phone. It is made of TPU type rubbery plastic that can get a bit slippery, but that's easily resolved by wiping it down every now and then.
The phone cover doesn't really protect my phone. It sort of hard to protect the Galaxy 7s edge. I was disappointed. Cool purple though.
It was so easy to put on
It was so easy to put on and it is an excellent purchase
I was very happy with my purchase and the time it took to arrive.
I was very happy with my purchase and the time it took to arrive.
Fits perfect
Good case, fits well and was a nice rubbery material which I think would help my phone bounce like the case I had on my old Samsung galaxy s5, I used to throw it and drop it all the time and the case saved it many times. More worried about the face on the edge as it is more exposed but that's it's design no fault of the case.
Good product
Bought as a spare. It fits nicely but feels as cheap as it is. If you want a premium case for your phone then pay a premium price... that being said this does its job well.
Essential Protection
I had one of these on my previous phone, and when I updated, it was a priority to protect the new one as before. The gel case is comfortable and secure to hold, and offers good physical protection without spoiling the appearance or functionality of the device. It allows easy access which a wallet would not. Add a glass screen protector and protection is complete.
Olixar gel case
Fits nice around the phone protecting the back and sides but does get a little flimsy in warm conditions or when the phone gets hot

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