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FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy S6 Gel Case - 100% Clear Reviews

Custom moulded for the Samsung Galaxy S6, this 100% clear FlexiShield case by Olixar provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.
  • Mobile Fun ID 52335

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 4.7 stars from 135 customers

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brilliant value
the cover is great and makes my phone look very good
Great case
Simple, effective, fits well, looks great.
This cover is very thin and light weight, it feels like a have a new phone cover.

It looks great and has enough grip to hold onto surfaces when needed. It's highly recommended.
This cover is very thin and light weight, it feels like a have a new phone cover.

It looks great and has enough grip to hold onto surfaces when needed. It's highly recommended.
Seems fine.
Goes on easily, fits well.
No screen protector.
Good fit, seems to protect the phone well
phone cover
good value as described.
First class
As described. Soft and durable.
Gel case
Usual gel case which does provide good security for my phone on the back and sides.
Great product
I really like this cover, fits the phone snuggly and looks well.
Quick delivery as always.
Great product!!
Hands down good value for money
Great product!!
Hands down good value for money
Very protective Samsung case
Very reasonably priced, this case fitted properly and easily.
Great product.
Extremely happy with product. Amazing price
Great product.
Extremely happy with product. Amazing price
This is an excellent product
This is an excellent product as it is clear and shows the colour of the phone but keeps it safe! I love it!
Fits great, looks great! However spilt some water on my phone and it's broken!! Bit does protect against scratches etc, definitely would buy again
Just what I wanted
Fits perfect,not sure how durable it'll be as it's very plastic but fits snug and not as slippy as without!
Happy with product
What I was looking for
Happy with product
What I was looking for
Very happy with my purchase
Very happy with my purchase
Very happy with my purchase
Very happy with my purchase
Brilliant blue case .
Went on to this website for phone case. This case stood out and I like the colour blue
Speedy delivery and kept in touch when it was going to arrive . Good grip on the case . Fits the case perfectly well and lightweight.
Great product, good value for money
I bought the Olixar clear case, which gives my phone the protection needed without making it clunky to hold.
Perfection in blue
Just bought the light blue FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy S6 case. First of all, fits like a glove. The S6 is already sleek, the case just accentuates those curves. The light blue is a really cute color that looks nice with the gold of the phone. Dims down the shine but still steals the show. Can easily press all the buttons, covered all the corners and made of gel to protect from drops, everything I wanted!
Excellent value
This product does exactly what it says in the description,perfect. I love it. I would definitely recommend this product.
Delighted with this cover
Delighted with this cover and the service was fantastic. Would highly recommend the cover and the company. Many Thanks
Like fast delivery
Lovely all round phone case
lovely all round phone case,nice fit lucks ok as well.
Excellent product
Excellent product, does what it should
Good purchase
Exactly what I wanted. A clear gel case that had a soft grippy feel. The s6 felt a bit fragile and slippery but this case has given it a more sturdy feel.
The Flexishield does the job but: The back of my phone is black. The Flexishield is transparent. When fitting the product and in spite of thoroughly cleaning the contact surfaces the Flexishield produces oil slick type random patterns on the back of the phone case.
Affordable & good looking.
My Wife upgraded to an S6 but needed a new protective case and wanted something aesthetically pleasing but not over the top nor super expensive. The clear Flexishield suited her to a tee and at a very competitive price and she is very happy with this product.
Beautiful case for my phone!
5 stars it's not enough
In my opinion this gel cover is really good. My phone has protection and looks very nice.
Excellent product fits very well
excellent product fits very well. Excellent service and delivery from mobile fun
As described
Item was as described and arrived in plenty of time
Great gel case
Mobile fun once again great, Flexishield excellent definitely recommend
Good product
Simple phone case that does not bulk up the phone and allows the original phone design to show through.
Good product
Simple phone case that does not bulk up the phone and allows the original phone design to show through.
good product
Exactly what I needed... protect the phone well.
Good but not great
The case fits perfectly and its pretty slim, the only complaint I have is that the back is smooth and that coupled with a glass back causes sticking making it look like it's wet. If the back of the case had a little bit of a rough surface it would prevent this from happening and make the product perfect.
great product great price
Perfect fit. Great item. Will protect your phone from scratches and falls as it bounces!
Exactly what I needed
I was looking for a clear case to show the phone rather than hide it ( as lots of cases do). This gel case does exactly what I needed - protects the phone but allows me to see the phone finish rather than the case. Ideal
Almost perfect...
Chose a clear case so as not to detract from the look of the phone. Good fit and gives a nice tactile finish - much easier to hold than the phone.
My only gripe is the fact that because the case isn't stuck to the back of the phone, it gives the appearance of air bubbles on the back which looks a bit naff. Would go for a solid colour next time!
very good x
fits perfect
Good feel
Good feel to Gel case, however it was going onto a Black S6 and the back of the gel case sticks to the phone in places, appearing to make a bubbling effect which doesnt look great, I suspect on a white phone you wouldnt notice this? Other than thats its a good buy at a good price
A fantastic case both in texture and colour.
Absolutely brilliant
The Olixar Flexi Shield Gel Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile in BLUE is absolutely brilliant. Having just purchased the BLUE mobile, the case really enhances the colour.
its amazing
i really really like this case it fits the phone perfect no issues with it perfectly made and good for the price
Exactly what I wanted!
I went for the cheapest postage option and it still arrived within a couple of days. So save your money and don't go for the more expensive options unless you "need" it sooner. This case is a snug fit at first, which is perfect. No one likes a baggy case!
It looks great, the button protection feels strong and should not get damage anytime like I have experienced with other branded cases.
The one small issue I have is that the case sticks to the back of the phone so you get what looks like a bubble effect similar to that of a screen protector.
It is a small issue for me and hence I have still given it 5 stars...
Great cover - great price
You cant really go wrong with this one - it is a good quality clear cover which is easy to put on and remove if needed. It isn't bulky like some cases. Great price too.
Great value product
Great value product, very fast delivery and delighted the phone charges wirelessly on the charging pad with the gel case on.
Excellent product
Cheap but fits perfectly.
Clear so you can still see the phone
Works with wireless charging
Clearly the best yet
I found previous reviewers comments, as well as the price (not too much to lose), very helpful & informative in deciding on this one. Having tried numerous different cases for a range of Galaxy phones over the years, including the semi rigid official Samsung versions for the S2 which all disappointed by simply snapping off at the corners. This gel case will probably stretch with each refit around the phone, but as I don't intend to swap sim cards frequently & there's no possibility of swapping of batteries or SD cards on the S6 as they're all in a non removable back (I got the 128Gb to give me more space inside), that shouldn't pose a serious problem.

I usually doctor the back of my phone's appearance with a couple of strips of self-adhesive velcro (loop, not hook tape so it doesn't catch on anything including my clothes) for attaching it to a strip of the hook side of velcro on my car dashboard - this is by far the quickest & least fiddly option I ever found for in-car use. I also attach my name & address sticker (covered with a clear label to help prolong it's life) to help it's chances of finding it's way back to me should I leave it somewhere. Now I can easily attach these to the clear case so the phone stays in pristine condition if I ever want it out for a clean look on a prestigious occasion.

The case itself is a perfect fit & doesn't noticeably intrude on any functionality, including the side buttons, the excellent speakers or use of the screen - except slightly when moving icons from one screen to another, but I can live with that as having taken the time to set up the screens as desired that's an infrequent occurrence. The protection of a soft but cushioned case should help the fully enclosed metallised plastic edging on the phone survive much longer than before, as this was usually the main casualty apart from scratches on the screen which I learned the hard way to protect with a Martin Fields screen protector. Thankfully the case itself also raises the phone's edge profile so the screen is more protected if left face down.

All in all, a very satisfying purchase, quickly & efficiently delivered. Thank you.
S6 gel cover
I am really pleased with my product, looks great on the phone and gives me better grip on the phone
S6 gel cover
I am really pleased with my product, looks great on the phone and gives me better grip on the phone
This item does what it says it will do, and is very good. I am delighted with my purchase.
good around case. could be better though.
The case fits the handset really well, offers all round protection even if you lie the phone face down but the fit isn't quite snug enough. I work on building sites and find myself taking the case off and wiping dust away regularly as it can be seen through the clear case. But if I didnt work in a dusty environment then case would have been spot on.
happy customer
Very happy with the product and it was about half the price of similar cases on other websites. Will definitely be back.
happy customer
Very happy with the product and it was about half the price of similar cases on other websites. Will definitely be back.
Good study case as described.
I love the clear case exactly what I want very sturdy but not stiff as it's gel. Can still use all the side buttons without removing the case too. Only issue I have is that you can see air bubbles in the back which makes it look like condensation which is disappointing.
great protection
Bought the case as I wanted to be able to still see the phone but make sure it was protected.
Fits great and thin but not too thin so that the phone doesn't get marked
One down side is it causes a bubble effect on the back and looks like the phone has marks on but can live with it
a nice case
A lovely flexible case for the phone, easy to get on and off and a lovely colour. Fits slim to the phone.
Good cover
A good cover which provides great added protection for a reasonable price.
gel case
Fitted well didnt add bulk recieved veryy quick after ordering
Get what you pay for
Does the job but if you have a scratch proof shield on the back of your phone then the gel case will stick, plastic on plastic causing the shield to bubble. I had to get my shield replaced due to this and would have been better off getting a more expensive non gel case. The front shield also bubbled a bit as the gel case comes up quite high around the edge of the phone, unlike other gel covers will don't quite cover all the phone sides. Then again it was not a lot of money and would work well if you just had the phone with no shield protection. It was non slip as well in my hand as it's quite a thick gel case.
Does the job
Case fits well around the inputs. Clear case creates air bubbles on the back which is not aesthetically pleasing. Oversight on my part. Would get one with color next time so that I didn't have to see it. Lip grabs around the edges which makes it difficult for me to pull from the left or right side without pushing the case. Might just be my big thumbs.
Fantastic cover at a fantastic price
Great service from Mobilefun. Item purchased online and duly arrived a couple of days later. This is my preferred type of case in that it is a simple, silicon based, clear, light, and offers the protection that I need for my S6. This cover does not hide the form the S6 and shows it off. This is important to me. All this at a fantastically low price. Could not be happier.
Perfect fit
The case fits the phone perfectly. It gives an added grip and stops the casing getting scratched. You can put the phone face down on a surface and the screen won't touch it. As it's clear you can still see the colour and detailing of your phone so you don't lose any of the design. No need to ever remove the case as fits all functionality.
excellent as shown on sale site good fit does exactly what what I want to protect my phone .
Excellent well pleased with protective cover .

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