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FlexiShield Motorola Moto X Play Gel Case - Frost White Reviews

Custom moulded for the Moto X Play, the FlexiShield case in frost white provides slim fitting, stylish design and protection against damage, keeping your device looking great at all times.
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 4.7 stars from 18 customers

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Gel gives phone character?
I have the Moto X Play which looks too formal and wanted to protect it somehow. Well it looks less formal buying this gel case, but not sure if it would absolutely protect it if I dropped it, yet it protects the phone from other scuffs. Not as vibrant as photographed, it's dull coloured and I am taking into consideration the back of the phone it covers. But it fits perfectly. Not too slippery:unless you have wet hands. Don't go by the look from the photos for colour but is a good flexi case for the phone.
This is a pretty good phone case considering the price of it. I originally ordered the purple phone case for my X Play, and since I liked that one so much I thought to go ahead and order another case as well. This case is very sturdy despite the fact that it's a flexible phone case, my dog got his paws on it and was really chewing on my phone for about two minutes before I noticed - I only found one tiny little split at the top of the phone case and my actual phone is entirely intact. This case is really fantastic. I don't know how well it would protect the phone from say a 100ft drop, but I'm sure it would protect it from day to day use.
Brillant case
I bought this transparent so I could this the tangerine color of my phone, I love it! It's smoky transparent and protect my phone very well. I also bought a screen protector easy to put on. Now I'm all set to use my phone without any fear. Plus delivery was nice and easy! Two days! Amazing! It's a 5!
its ok
everything is ok
Really nice.
Sturdy case despite it being gel. It does however have a bit of a tendency to slip off slightly around the sides of the phone, but that's really not an issue as it doesn't happen very often. It extends just slightly around the front of the phone so if you drop your phone the screen most likely won't crack as there's a little barrier there, would still recommend grabbing a screensaver however.
Slim fit
I think the advantage of this slim fit grip case is it provides some protection to the camera due to the camera not lying flush to surface or pocket it is on or in. The colour is less boring than black. Obviously a thin case such as this is not as good as a thicker case if it were to drop in the corner. The lip provides some protection to the screen if it were placed screen side down. I like the case.
fantastic service
Fantastic service and product
Great case! it fits perfectly to my phone.
really good and not expesive
really good and not expesive,fitted 100%,colour is amazing, feel very durable
Great product
Nice gel cover.good fit and great colour
Smooth case!
It fits perfectly, great color, good case considering the price.
Nice Case!
Nice colour, good fit, very slim. Looks great!

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