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FlexiShield iPhone 4S / 4 Gel Case - Smoke Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom moulded for the iPhone 4S / 4. This smoke black FlexiShield case from Olixar provides a slim fitting stylish design and durable protection against damage, keeping your iPhone looking great at all times.
  • Mobile Fun ID 25201
$7.95 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 117 customers

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This case arrived swiftly, looks great, good quality, good value and most importantly protects my phone!
Very good quality
Very good quality looks very nice
Topclass product
Product exactly as described. Fits iphone perfectly, no issue using the various buttons when the cover is in place. Would highly recommend it.
Topclass product
Product exactly as described. Fits iphone perfectly, no issue using the various buttons when the cover is in place. Would highly recommend it.
A good case for the price
For a budget case, it is good value, but the case is so thick that using all the keys is a challenge
Not as described
I ordered this product after reading the reviews and viewing the on line video.
On opening the product on arrival I was very disappointed to find that it was not as described on the site.
The product should have been a smoked black crystallised flexi case instead I received a solid black rubber type case which looked very cheap and I could have picked up at half the price at the local market.
Very dissapointed
Still going strong
I bought one of these for my partner and it is still as new nearly two years later.
My original Apple case has now fallen to bits, so I've just purchased another of these for myself.
Saved my phone
Top quailaty phone case I dropped my I phone the case took the impact and it did not brake the screen the only bad point is it does not come with a screen Procter but over all a good quality case 10 out of 10
Cover for IPhone
Ordered the iphonevcover as a present for christmas hoping that I might have it in time. Must say this was excellent service ordered it in the evening and it arrived the following day by courier. Many thanks to all concerned. Would recommend this company highly.
Very disappointing
Some time ago I bought the same product for a Samsung Wave and was very happy with its quality look and feel.
Unfortunately this case comes nowhere near.
Look is tacky and poor quality.
Feel is poor with a sharp edged seam running right around the phone.
The volume buttons and power button require a strongman's grip to operate through the case.
The lip around the screen interferes with and lifts the screen protector leaving unsightly bubbles around the perimeter of the screen.
On the plus side I have already dropped the phone a few times and it still works so an extra star for that but overall I would not recommend to anybody.
9 out of 10
Pretty good, not perfect.

Pros; snug fit, hardwaring, well moulded, all ports accessible; will even 'dock, smart looking.

Cons; volume buttons are a little hard to push, but don't let this put you off.

Buy it??? Yes!!
Great purchase
I bought this for my white iPhone 4s. The purple colour is muted against my phone, but looks lovely. It also has a cutout for the on/off switch which a lot of gel cases don't have.
I would definitely recommend.
Perfect once the correct item sent. Speed of servi
I was initially sent a different model of phone skin, which was clearly used.

The return was free and the correct item was dispatched and received promptly despite Christmas post and is exactly as expected. Husband very happy with present.
Love this case, it's perfect and adds colour to my iphone!
Brought this for my wife very good skin for the iphone 4 and the color the likes alot.
It does what its supposed to do
Great little case. Not to expensive but better than most out there on the market. Downsides - as the case is quite stiff the volume and lock buttons can be difficult to press. Only a minor flaw though. Good buy.
Exactly what I was looking for
Brilliant skin that is more durable than silicon but not has hard as the plastic casings. Colour is lovely and will look a bit lighter than the picture if you have a white iphone. Fit is good although struggled to get the last corner on but at least you know its secure!
Just the job
My old incase cover cracked and rather than spend a fortune on another one I looked around for a cheaper but still solid replacement. This cover is great. Not a snap case but the fit is good and the quality is fine.
Simple and effective
Bought this to replace an Otterbox that was fantastic but a bit overkill for my current use of the iPhone 4. The FlexiShield Skin is very easy to put on and fits snug to the phone. Good sized cut-outs for all buttons/connections. Have dropped the phone twice in the last week and no marks or damage suffered and I would like to think the Skin helped with that.

The one thing to note is that this is a case only and does not come with screen guards.
Perfect fit
This item is great and one of the best protective cases I have found. Lightweight and still allows you to be close to your phone. A fantastic buy.
Exactly what i was looking for. Smart, durable and worth buying.
Extremely cheap and also very fast delivery!
Ordered thursday late morning and received on friday!
Good case but colour is odd
The case itself is great - fits well on the iPhone and is nice and slim. My only complaint is the colour - I was expecting a solid black (since that's what's described) but it's actually a semi-translucent greyish sort of colour.
It's not particularly nice looking but it does the job.
Not what I expected!
The cover fits and protects the Iphone 4 well but when I recieved it through the post it was already scratched and a bit dirty! Also there is a sharp seam around the perimeter of the cover which isnt noticable from the pictures as I thought it was smooth all over. This seam is caused during the manufacturing process when the plastic is taken from the mould that creates the shape. My advice is not to buy a cover unless you see the product in person first.
Just what I needed
Excellent product what a finishing superb.
Brilliant service
Ordered the cover for my brand new iphone 4 having looked at nearly every phone cover shop or website possible. Saw this one,liked the price. Cover turned up next day,amazing. It fits like a glove. Great value,great service. Will definitley purchase again for the other phones in our household.
Very happy with this case
This is the second FlexiShield I have bought for my 'phone. The other is the black one, which was in use until I saw this one on the MF website. It has a wonderfully tactile feel to it, that also makes it feel very secure whilst being held. Being transparent it means you can still see the Apple logos on the back, and it adds hardly any weight to the 'phone. The Smoked Black colour is really nice. This is a five-star product at a more than reasonable price. You won't be sorry to have bought it.
Looks fantastic on my white iphone4, fits perfectly and feels tough and durable.
great product
A good product and well made,fits the phone like a glove and makes it easy to hold on to.
Not what I expected
I thought the "skin" would be black as described but it turned out to be grey
Functional cover
This does the job as advertised - and alleviates (but does not completely resolve) the reception problems of the iphone.
good feel
This looks a good protective cover for the iphone 4. Easy to grip and stops the phone from sliding of things. Will now have to look for something to protect the screen, as my screen covers were so hard to put on I bined them within half an hour. Think I should have went for the cover with a flap that protect the I phone face when it is in your pocket,i will probably have to consider this option later.
The ideal case
This case is like a second skin for the phone it slips easily over all the bottons to allow full use. It also aids in improving the signal strength which clearly continues to be an issue with the I Phone 4when your hand covers the bottom left hand side when the case is not in place.
Perfect case
Perfect case for the iphone 4 and coupled with a screen protector underneath gives perfect protection and looks good too.
Disappointed with this
I bought 2 of these one clear and one black.
This one was very disappointing and was not up to the quality of the iPhone.The shiny black plastic was scuffed and did not fit the phone well. My wife was very dissapointed so I purchased an alternative case locally.
The clear and black cases are not of the same type despite carrying the same name. Look closely at the on site images.
Great , very useful for iPhone 4
Very good it protects my iPhone 4 very well
It was the exact colour I was looking for.
Better than the Apple store
I love my iphone 4 for its shape and design. Knowing that a protective case is essential I went to the Apple store but was not prepared to pay £25. I am delighted with the case I got from MobileFun. It is black, shiny, slim, discreet and does not look like a case at all - perfect.
Works for me!
Great product - does exactly what it says on the tin - protects my phone and fits perfectly. Non-slip in my hand but slips in and out of my pocket easily.
Silicone Case iPhone 4 - Black
This case is very good indeed it protects the phone very well.
Does the Job
excellent value for money. Cut outs and press pads align perfectly. Finish and style of the skin look good and not too obtrusive. Only slight complaint top and bottom edges could be a tighter fit but that is minor.
My phone works now!
Quite why no-one told me when I bought the I Phone 4 that I needed a skin for it I will never know. BUt the fact is that the phone hardly worked at all one day, and then the next day when the Flexishield Skin arrived all was well! Very quick to arrive, very easy to fit on, looks good. Very pleased.
Does the job!
I am happy with the shield, it was easy to put on and contrary to the other negative reviews it is very comfortable to hold and is not at all sharp. For the price I paid it's perfect!
it is ok
The quality of silicon is not best, not very smooth. Service is very good, delivered fast.
Great product and my iPhone 4 fits in perfectly !
Excellent product - and superquick delivery
Excellent Product, Wouldn't Have a Phone Without O
Have put Flexishield skins on every touch screen phone I've had and been more than impressed with them. They've always fitted well and given great protection from bumps and scratches. As an added bonus it even kept the water out so well that when I dropped my Omnia 2 down the loo by accident (ok I pulled it out within a few seconds but it was fully submergered)the only thing that got water in it was the speaker and that dried out in a couple of hours.
I'm pleased to say that the iphone 4 skin is just as good as the previous ones. It fits perfectly, adds hardly anything to the dimensions, gives better protection than a bumper and the smoked black is a great colour. Also for those like me that aren't sure about the harsh angular lines of the iPhone 4 it rounds the edges nicely. 5 out of 5 easily, would give it more if I could. Efficient and speedy delivery by MobileFun goes without saying of course.
A reasonably priced discreet cover that seems to provide all the protection that the iphone 4 needs.
Excellent product - exactly as described, a perfect fit for the iPhone and looks good. Arrived next day as promised and well priced. Highly recommended for product and service.
Well worth the money
Does exactly what it says. None of the buttons/controls are impeded by the cover and it saves your iPhone getting scratches on the back. Excellent!!
Does as it says
Great looking cover. Came quickly after placing order as well. Only gripe is wish it also had a screen cover.
Love it ... absolutely love it!
This item is brilliant ... very well made, very high quality casing. Doesn't suffer in the same way other plasticc-y cases do, e.g. catching fluff and showing up dirt. Couldn't recommend it any more as a skin for your new iPhone 4!
iPhone 4 case
Really good- does exactly what it's supposed to!!! excellent service too, arrived the next day just in time for my iPhone :) would defiantly recommend to others!
Does what it says on the tin
Good product, as advertised, fits well, stops the phone from slipping around
Does the job
Does the job I expected fine. Guess it may help a bit if you drop the thing which is all I can say. Price is fine.
Placed order yesrerday at 3. 30pm, arrived this morning in the post!really pleased wit the cover does what it says on the tin :)will buy from this company again, really pleased thanks again.
FlexiShield Skin For The iPhone 4 - Black
Cost effective and a perfect fit. I didn't see the point of over paying to protect the iphone and this does the job well. Order in the afternoon and was with me next day - great service
What the pix don't show is how very shiny this is so it's incredibly prone to finger marks. Fits snugly though and could do without that edged flange which is what people probably mean by feeling sharp.

Could do with producing a matt version.
Excellent product
Fits the phone like a glove. Feels really nice in the hand. I don't get one or two of the comments on here re "sharp edges" - I think they are fine. Like everyone else on here, the delivery was superfast and the price is excellent. The best thing I can say about this cover though, is that it almost doesn't look like you've got a cover at all - it is sleek and black and fits like a glove. However, it gives you great feeling of protection when using the phone. And I even think it improves the reception of the phone! Really, you can't go wrong with this product.
Pretty Good
Black rubbery case. Perfect fit. Good grip. Doesn't block the ports or speakers. Will keep me going until my free Apple case arrives. Nothing fancy, but does exactly what it says on the tin
Does what it says on the box . . .
Good quality and fit, slick matt black finish; shame about the slightly sharp upper edge, but great value for money nonetheless. Does just what it says on the box. Happy 4/5
Great stuff
So much cheaper than what Apple are offering and seems like a great, robust product.
Great service from MobileFun also.
At this price at service, it beats waiting for Apple to sort their lives out!
Great case, solves massive iPhone 4 deisgn flaw.
Although I already chose the black bumper as the free placatory gift from Apple I decided to buy another case in the meantime (3-5 weeks from Apple pah!). Anyway this case is rather nice and solves the antenna design flaw on this phone. It's nicely flexible, fits well and the moulding is pretty good for a budget case. The back is flat and smooth. The only gripe I have with this case would I'm sure apply to any case of this style and that is the dust that accumulates where the case overlaps the phone at the front. Easily cleaned out I suppose. Finally delivery was, as usual, very swift and secure packaged. Go for it.
Very good
It's a decent case for just over 10 quid. It fits well. Decent quality material. I've used mine in conjunction with an InvisibleShield screen protector, so that the phone and screen are protected. The flexiShield just about fits over phone with the screen protector fitted - its THAT good a fit.

The only downside, NOT with this product, is that once any case is fitted the phone just looks like any other smart-phone, and no longer looks like the glossy new iPhone4.
Astonishingly good service
Cover fits very snugly and well. It does all it is promoted to do - simple but effective. Received my order amazingly quickly! Thanks!
Good product. Does exactly what it states.
Cute cover that does the job
Lovely bright pink, well made bumper. Easy to fit. The thickness of the silicone does interfere with use of the text keypad around the edges at first but you get used to it quickly enough. Good value for money and eye-catching if you like pink!
Does the job
No frills, simple case which fits the iphone 4 perfectly. Flexible and soft it's survived a few drops already. Can't fault it basically.
I'll make it short. I've had this item for over a week now and I think it's fab, it doesn't even look like I got a case only phone yet it's protecting it beautifully. Highly recommend!
Superb, cannot fault it!
This case is great and is fantastic value for money. I have previously always bought iFrogz cases for my iPods and iPhones but this case is as good if not better and cost half the price of the iFrogz cases. You can access all ports and buttons without removing the case, excellent.
Great product
I bought the flexishield for my iphone4,and was surprised how well it fit to the phone.I had a rubbery type care before for the iphone4 and found this to be far superior,well worth the money,great product
nice and simple
A good functional case, not as overpriced as most others - does the job, enough said.
FlexiShield Skin for iPhone 4
Excellent product and fits the new iPhone like a glove. Service from Mobile Fun was excellent also. Pity the proximity sensor in the phone doesn't work too well but that's Apple's fault and I long for the software upgrade!!!!!
Excellent Value For Money
This case provides protection for the back and sides of the iPhone.

It doesn't provide any protection for the screen albeit the raised surround is sufficient to prevent the screen touching a flat surface if the phone is placed on it with the screen facing down.

The case is quite plain but has a good solid feel to it. The edges aren't as curved as they might be but that doesn't cause me a problem.

All in all the case is excellent value for money and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

I much prefer it to Apple's bumper, which doesn't cover the back of the phone at all.

I give it 4 stars only because I think there's room for improvement in everything! :-)
FlexiShield Skin for iPhone 4
Impressed. The skin provides very good protection for the phone. It fits well and doesn't detract in any way from the design. It allows clear access to the controls and camera lenses.
I chose this skin primarily because it has a matte finish - I dislike the rubbery feel of gel skins.
I phone 4
Excellent product which fits very nicely on the phone. Still allows full use of all facilities on phone. Acts as good protection as I found when I dropped my phone and no damage seen. Incredible speed if delivery also ordered in afternoon and following morning I had the order and able to use. Only down side is after I ordered I saw mobile fun were issuing free covers to help with the I phone death grip but it just means I now have a spare. Great product at great price
Works well
Just before Apple announced the freebie bumper/skin, I bought this! It works well at protecting the iPhone as well as solving the reception issues.

However, also bought a screen protector which was awful. Can't get the bubbles out of it despite having fitted loads in the past. Also, the skin seems to make the bubbles worse.

Anyway the FlexiShield is a good product at a reasonable enough price.
iphone 4
items were as described, quick delivery and a good buy
Excellent product & service
Excellent price and fits perfectly. Have had my iPhone 4 and case now for nearly 2 weeks & delighted with both. Certainly no signal issues (maybe helped by case) and phone looks & feels great

Should also mention Mobilefun service - excellent. Ordered case Friday lunchtime and it arrived Saturday morning.
iPhone 4 case
Very good case very quick delivery very good price
i-phone 4 case
I was amazed how quickly after launch of the i-phone 4, such a skin was available. Does exactly what its meant to do. Feels good, gives protection, doesnt make the phone bulky and not that noticable. Appears to even stop any signal issues. Great product and cheap!.
smart and simple. for someone who isn't prepared to pay £25 for a bumper (before they were free)
Flexishield skin for Iphone 4
Recieved the cover next day after ordering, it works a treat,it fits very well and does not increase the size of the phone. Does exactly what is should and protects from scratches/dents etc. I recommend it.
Does the job perfectly
Always sceptical buying covers without seeing them. However this one does the job perfectly. Subtle and simple, easy to fit, holds the phone securely, easy access to the buttons and will provide some protection if dropped. You'll need a screen protector as this doesn't come with one.
Camera Blur
The cover is great except for the fact that when you take a photo somewhere where there's bright lights (a night club for instance) as you get a purple/white circular blur around the edge of your photos!
Black Case.
Completely covers iPhone including volume and on/off buttons. You can connect head phones and charger without removing the skin. The skin could be a little tighter fitting as mine is loose on the right side and makes the phone look out of shape. Solves signal issues.
A good, simple case. No objections.
Flexisihield for iPhone4
Very good - fits well and looks neat.
Cheap and cheerful, but good with it.
I took a bit of a gamble and ordered this without having seen one in use as I was desperate for a case for my iPhone 4. It arrived the next day and I have to say I'm very happy with it. It's not the best case I've ever seen but I think it's a bargain for the price. Snug fit & stops the phone being slippy.
FlexiShield Skin For iPhone 4 - Blue
A simple yet effective case for the iPhone 4. It covers the entire back and the raised sides protect the front when placed on a flat surface face down. It certainly doesn't detract from the aesthetics of the iPhone and it feels very comfortable in the hand.

Definitely recommended as it is better than many cases costing more.
Great fit, does not take the cool look away from the phone or make it bulky. I see the point of a previous comment mentioning the sharp/ish edge, it’s not that bad, and it will wear in a day or so. Great service, next day delivery. Look forward to buying more accessories from these guys.
Simple but affective
A simple phone skin but works a treat
Great cover
Looks great on, perfect fit for iphone 4
Excellent service
iPhone 4 case fits well. Ordered 4pm and received the next day. Brillient service.
Fits like a glove
Very Good value for money,quality cover. Fits like a glove, plain and discreet does the job perfectly. Miles cheaper than high street ones. One improvement could be made ...a cut out on the back to show the apple logo.
Highly recommend this flexishield. My husband liked mine so much he oredered another for his new iphone4. Good quality product at an excellent price.
flexishield skin iphone 4 black
found the best price on line the skin itself .
so far been using the case since had my iphone4 ,overall very good item , just one i wolud like to see if the logo of the apple can be seen from the back of the case just to give it mr style.
Silicone Case iPhone 4
A sleek soft case that fits the iphone 4 perfectly at a reasonable price.
FlexiShield Skin for iPhone 4
Provides good protection for the phone without taking anything away from the look. I prefer the smooth matt texture of the skin rather than the rubbery gel covers that have flooded store shelves. The cover fits the phone like a glove. Great value for money too. It does much the same as the higher priced bumper bar for the iPhone 4 but also protects the back of the phone.
I must congratulate Mobile Fun for the great service they offer. I ordered the skin cover in the afternoon and it was waiting for me at the office the next morning. Well done, Guys. Keep it up.
Comfort says it all
I can hold my new iphone comfortably with this as you can grip it easily without your phone slipping out of your hand.
Easy to wash or just wipe down when some dust or grit gets on it. Easy to remove and replace like a hand on a glove.
Love it and shall be buying another one in a different colour!
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