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Flexishield Case for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom moulded for the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, this white Flexishield case provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage
  • Mobile Fun ID 43453

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 4.4 stars from 42 customers

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Pretty good
I expected less opacity as the picture shows and the top left corner doesn't sit perfectly straight as there are a lot of cut outs around there. Nonetheless still a great product and I recommend it to others.
What I needed
The Z1 flexi shield case is exactly what I have been looking for, after having to use the leather case with the bulky size. I have l ready accidently dropped the phone with the protective flexi shield and it was fine. I think it is better than my original plastic case.
Flexishield is a winner
For me the most important part of a phone cover is that it fits well. The Flexishield fits like a glove. It's feels good to hold, ie, not slippery and seems like it will last a long time.
Premium material and feel
Very tight fitting, could be tricky for some. Access to all the ports I need, including the dock charger. Premium material and feel. Would buy again.
A1 cover for the Z1 Compact. Tried a cheaper one, £5.00, but it just broke in the top corner. This one is excellent.
cheap protection
These are cheaply made, soft plastic cases. Affordable protection, just what I needed. They are a little tight to get on, but that's better than having them slip off.
Phone Cover- Smokey Black Flexshield
The Smokey Black Flexshield phone cover for my Experia Z1 Compact fits beautifully and feels good to hold with excellent grip. The only thing I am disappointed about is that the cover isn't blacker. Petty claim but I thought it would be judging by the picture on the website.
Good case
Ordered the Flexishield Case for my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. It seems to be a sturdy gel case which fits quite well around my phone. The case sits about 2mm proud of the front face of the phone which offers some protection when the phone is placed face down. Overall, I'm very pleased with the case.
Xperia Z1 Compact Cover
Just bought the flexishield case for Xperia Z1 compact, it fits well, does what i need it to do. Would Recommend.
Review Sony Cover
Very disappointed with the quality of this product - no where near as good as we thought it would be....definitely would not recommend this.

I am very happy with the phone cover I purchased.
I am very pleased with my new phone cover.
very pleased
I'm very happy with my purchase.
Flexishield Case for Sony Xperia Compact Z1 Compact - Blue
Great fit, love the colour, very happy.
Flexishield Case for Sony Xperia Compact Z1 Compact - Blue
Great fit, love the colour, very happy.
Does the Job!
Definitely does the job of protecting my phone, particularly as I am so clumsy!
However I would have preferred it to be less translucent so the colour was brighter. It does make the phone feel bigger but so would any other case. Overall pretty happy for the price I paid :) Arrived super fast too!
Flexi shield case for Sony xperia z1 compact
First off the delivery was fine, arrived as stated when purchasing. If you want a cover like I purchased it is perfect for the protection of the phone (providing you put a screen protector on your screen). Would recommend it strongly
Best of the rubberized cases... with a caveat.
I initially bought this case after reading the previous reviews on this site. Especially the one from the user who planned to upgrade to a "better" case later on.

This case is well fitting, while remaining very springy/flexible which makes removal easier than on the CruzerLite Bugdroid case I've also reviewed on this site.

The only downsides with this case are that there is no cut-out for the lanyard holes on the phone, and that unlike the primary photo used by Mobilefun, the power button does NOT have a cut-out like shown in the picture.

The rear of the case, while a matt-effect finish, does not possess the same rubberised material as on the CruserLite, so will not stick to smooth surfaces quite so well, but it fits well overall, and doesn't add significant weight or bulk to the phone.

Aside from the issue with the power/volume buttons being somewhat harder to press down with this case on (I use my thumbnail), it offers excellent protection from pocket objects, and feels like it would survive a drop with no ill effects to the phone itself.

Also, the front lip around the screen meshes perfectly with the Muvit Tempered glass screen protector for total protection of you device.

I bought this, then the CruzerLite bugdroid case, but now have gone back to this case for every day use. It's just a better all-round product IMHO.
Exactly what I was hoping for
I'm very pleased with this case. It is slim, fits snugly, and has cutouts for the speaker, headphone, usb port, and magnetic charging port. The power, shutter, and volume buttons are a bit more difficult to depress, but it's not an issue. This is a great buy for a simple, no-fuss Z1 compact case.
Good case
Fits well, seems to be quite protective even though it is slim. Certainly better than the silly glass back on the phone.
Buttons are not as easy to find by feel but still quite usable once you get used to it.
Well worth it.
Does the job well but overpriced
I have had the case now for 2 weeks and feel it is perfectly functional case.
Cutouts for the microusb cover.
Has all round bumper - unlike some cases which do not cover the top and bottom. This one covers the bottom as well, but exposes enough of the speaker to allow decent level of sound out.
Easy to remove from phone.
Reasonably slim - not to to chunky
Back is matt finish - improves grip
Slight lip on the front means you can turn it over without risking damage to the screen.
Buttons work well through the bumper - does not require too much extra effort to depress the buttons.

A bit expensive for what it is - a gel cover.
Makes the phone look a bit cheap.
Good but not perfect
I've bought it as a temporary case but sort of stick to it. Its look really nice and feels good as well. Fit xperia quite good. Unfortunatelly left side of the case where all cuts out are is a bit loose. With a gentle push its coming off the phone. That side also moving a bit when you holding your phone in one hand and pressing volume keys which i found bit annoying. Camera button is really hard to press. Its press easy to focus but to take an actual picture you need use some force which makes your hand shake so for stedy shot you need to use on-screen button. If you not bothered about those imperfections then its really worth of byuing. Im gonna stick to it for a bit longer but probably change it in the near future.
Yes, just what I needed
Suit with xperia Z1 compact, cover all edges,
good case for good money
Case is ok.I thought that the unlocinkg button is not covered because your photos make me in mistake but even with this case fits very good.
I purchased this case as a temporary measure, no need! It is an excellent product, fits the phone very well and adds no extra weight or bulk to it. Furthermore, it was delivered extremely quickly. Great value for money and thoroughly recommended.
Just perfect
Great shield for my new Z1 Compact. Good value for money!
Good fit and value
Purchased this to protect my Xperia Z1 Compact. It is a very snug fit, so won't come off in your pocket. The back of the case is matte, so offers some grip as the side are smooth.

Downside is that even though the case is thin, it won't fit inside the Sony Magnetic Charger even with the wider insert. Poor show Sony.
Does the job well
bought this case initially as a temporary measure as it was one of the first available for this device. Thought I'd replace it when more became available but no need as it fits well and does the job perfectly. Very good for the price and quick delivery as usual from Mobile Fun.
good fit
The case fits the phone well which is the usual with flexishield cases. only gripes are its not 100 percent clear and with the case on will not fit into the magnetic sony charger.

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