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FlexiShield Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 - Solid White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom moulded for the Samsung Galaxy S4, this white Flexishield case provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.
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 4.4 stars from 53 customers

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Great case....
Love this case for Galaxy s4,really does protect and not slippery like some,also delivery was very rapid,thanks.
Great value
Protects the phone perfectly without having an annoying screen cover. Cut outs are great and adds good grip.

Yes it took two weeks to arrive from the UK, but the price of the unit and postage so cheap (a lot less than local companies!) you cannot go wrong.

Thanks guys, I’m ordering a tablet cover!
Ok not great
The case is ok but the photo made it look like there were cut outs for the buttons, when really there are those rubber button things that push down on the button when pressed. I find those annoying to use and won't be using this case
This is a well made product.
Nothing to say really, except that it fitted well and was what was advertised. No mystery or disappointment.
exactly what it says on the tin
Brilliant little rubber like (gel) case for the s4. Fits really well and feels good when its on. raised slightly round the screen so offers a little more protection there. basic but very good
Excellent value
Impressed with the quality of the case despite the very cheap price. Would recommend.
great stuff
great cover for the prices. thanks !
Excellent product.
This product is sturdy with a little bit of give, it fits perfectly to the phone and being clear still shows the phones original colour back cover.
Really good fit and not bulky
After having dropped my phone which had a flip cover (phone fell on one corner and still managed to break the screen) I decided to change the cover. I bought the Flexishield Samsung Galaxy S4 case and combined it with a tempered glass protector. The case is not bulky, fits really well with all the buttons easily accessible. Good quality soft rubber which hopefully will absorb some of the impact if I drop the phone again.
High Quality product
The Flexishield case is a good fit for the Galaxy S4 with all cutouts neat and well placed. The flexible material is warm and comfortable to hold and allows the mobile to be held safely without slipping. The cover I bought is unpolished on the back, shiny on the sides and completely enhances the look of the handset.
Definitely recommended.
Great cover!
This cover is sturdy stylish and exactly what I was looking for. Would recommend
Flexisheild Cases
What a bargain at such a low cost. A perfect fit far better than anything else on the market.
Good rigid protective material
Case has a good feel and fits well. At the top and bottom of the phone the case is a little bit slack on the edges but overall a good fit.
Great product!
Great product and low prices!
Review of Flexishield Cover
Suoer cover, great protection, very thin so hardly noticeable while in use.

Super product
very good
I got this case ,3 days ago ..very good ..feet perfect ..
This phone can was exactly what I needed. cannot fault it at all. Its light, its not chunky, easy to clean material, have dropped my phone a few times since having the case and...its still perfect! Clearly does its job well. It has good grip down the sides to help hold the phone better, and also brilliant value for money!

All in all..im 100% satisfied and will be purchasing more from this website as the delivery was earlier than expected too :). I received exactly what I thought I was buying...AMAZING!
fast delivery
I was very surprised when I put my order in but even more impressed when the post man docked on my door the next morning with the item which I bought was very impressed and will be telling family and friends where to shop.
Imported to South Africa
Very exited when I received my parcel from the UK,but the cover fits poorly, have to look for a better product.
I can't believe it, got it out the package and the first thought that came to mind was 'this thing is made out of the same substance they make plastic trousers out of'. It feels horrid, and looks cheap. It also does not fit properly. In to the bin with it.
A nice case
It's a nice case. It fits well and worth the money.
Cheap and Nasty
I recently took delivery of a Flexishield case for my Nexus 4. It was excellent quality and fit. Well designed and manufactured.

On the strength of my experience I then ordered a case for my Galaxy S4. What a difference. It is cheap and nasty. Flimsy and had manufacturing defects such as a prominent raised seam along one side left by the moulding process. Very disappointing especially considering my experience with the Nexus 4 case. Hard to believe they were both FlexiShield.

Returned immediately for refund. Returns process was flawless.
Does what it says on the tin
The flexishield case is a soft plyable rubber like case. It is a very good fit for the S4 and gives you added grip of the handset. My only gripe was due to the fact there is a cover over the volume and power buttons, I felt I had to press quite hard to operate them. Apart from that good value for money.
Great case
Nice case, fits perfect protects all the edges.

Has a slight texture down the sides which makes it great to hold, no more slipping out your hands like you get when you use the case on its own.
Perfect way to protect your smartphone
There are lots of cases on the market. The most of them are "carry cases", often of leather or fabrics. They are good when carring your mobile, but when sliding in or out you might drop your mobile.

This FlexiShield case is of soft gel like material and keeps your mobile steady in your hand. This case does protect your mobile from getting damage if you drop it on the floor, which mostly happens when it's connected to your computer. When you hold it in your hand it, you don't drop it. Samsung Galaxy S4 is a big mobile, so a protective case is a must.

I have two years of experience of this brand, since my former mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and I must say I really recommend this case. For a reasonable price you get a perfect case for your mobile.
S4 cover
if you need a cover that fits perfectly, has a nice grippy feel and yet is as shiny as the original cover whilst giving good protection then this is the cover for you.one of the best I have found
The product is cheap and very good quality for money. The cover is hard and offers super protection, yet it is still valuable. It fits the phone perfectly and it resembles the phone's original look, making it look like it's not even there. International shipping was very quick.

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