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FlexiShield Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Purple Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom moulded for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, this purple Flexishield case provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39570

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 4.5 stars from 62 customers

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Does what it says on the tin
Simple product, not complicated and arrived in very good time from point of order. Well packaged and "does what it says on the tin"! Not black though but fetching bronze colour!
Won't fit.
The phone won't fit into the case properly, it appears fractionally small.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Chris

Please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
new case
spot on fit, now protecting the back of my phone. Try the service very good from them thank you.
Great product. Ideal
Great product. Ideal for the phone.fitted well.
Smart, good quality case
Pleased to get this case as there aren't that many places that supply ones to fit this phone. Easy to fit and feels good quality and that it provides genuine protection. Looks smart and doesn't detract from the phone in anyway. Ports are easy to get to. Power button is slightly more fiddly but once you get used to how hard to press it through the case side it is fine.
Exactly as expected
After 'drowning' my last Samsung I wanted something to protect it from the rain etc and this did the job. Also not being able to get my chosen colour of phone in the shop, I ended up with black mist, i got my frost white after all by buying this case, job done!!
Came next day and would buy again.
Good value practical product.
This is a good product which looks good protecting the phone. The Smokey Black matches the phone. When I saw it described as 'FlexiShield' I expected it to be more of a softer feel ie: silicone but I know it is difficult to describe the 'feel' of a product such as this on the website, however I am satisfied with it. I was looking for a cover which would make the phone less slippery to make it less likely to slip from my hand and drop it. It is quite smooth and less slippery so it works for me. The phone without the cover has a glossy back so could slip from the hand when taking it out of a pocket.
Good value product
It is very difficult to explain online the exact texture and feel of the product but I think that by the name 'FlexiShield Case I guessed it would feel more like a silicone material which is a slightly softer feel. However I am still think it is a good value product.
Worth every penny
Bought a new phone for the wife, but could only get a black one with the deal I managed to get and she wanted a white one, so bought this cover hoping to make it acceptable to her. Well she loves it, looks very good when fitted
Good case
Good quality and value for money. Fits phone perfectly. Prompt delivery.
Excellent product & Service
Ease of ordering process. Great follow up. Excellent product. Fantastic Customer service. You want a great product, at a great price with superb customer service - Use MobileZap. Michele
Great case fits fine
Great case fits fine. Hole for charging phones on case is not too bad but some cables fall out during charging.
Excellent value for monry
Really happy with this case. Protects the edges of the phone well and easy access to buttons. I find this so much easier than the flip over case particularly when texting and phoning. 5 star value for me.
Very nice item and prompt delivery
Inexpensive excellence
I recently upgraded my mobile and was keen to protect it but also didn't want the hassle I have witnessed my wife experiencing with her flip-case; frequently resulting in missed calls. A work colleague of hers very kindly steered me towards MobileFun and the FlexiShield appeared to be just what I was after. It is excellent quality for the price and a 'PERFECT' fit. Although the screen remains exposed it does, in my opinion, still provide a very high level of protection for your mobile. My wife has just upgraded her mobile and is so impressed with my case that she has also bought one of these for hers.
Phone cover
Good protection for phone nice and slim and fits perfectly very prompt service.
Excellent product
Excellent phone case, no slip, neat fit, good quality
Great Backup cover
Great silicon type cover that snaps onto you phone back no need to remove the original backing which I love... I am using this one as a backup to my other purchased wallet style case.
Finally found what I've been looking for
I had a case of this same type (not the same one) for my last phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3. I had a hard time finding the same sort of case for my new Galaxy S4 Mini, but I finally did. The case fits well. The cut outs match up. There are no cuts out for the power and volume buttons. The material is raised a bit where the power and volume buttons are. You have to press kind of hard, but it's alright. The look and grip are great.

Overall a great case.
FlexiShield Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Smoke Black
FlexiShield Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Smoke Black
fits well - nice product
FlexiShield Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Frost White
The case arrived very quickly, fits perfectly and was exactly as advertised.
Cover not a perfect fit but it will do.
Cover is a bit small so doesn't fit perfectly. Not confident that it will last more than a few months. Service was good. Received with a week.
Cover not a perfect fit but it will do.
Cover is a bit small so doesn't fit perfectly. Not confident that it will last more than a few months. Service was good. Received with a week.
Great Protection for my S4 Mini
This product is a perfect fit, and provides great protection for my Samsung S4 Mini without adding a lot of bulk or weight. Even though it covers the volume and power buttons it is thin enough that they still work perfectly! All of the cutouts for ports and the camera lenses are placed in the proper locations too. Great Product!
Good product
Good quality case for the s4 mini with cut outs at precisely the right place. Fits snugly with sides being made out of grippy material. The back is hard plastic so it can be cleaned easily.

My only grip is with pushing the volume control and power button on the sides of the cover. They are not cut out and you need to push quite hard in order for the button to work.
Good product
Good quality case for the s4 mini with cut outs at precisely the right place. Fits snugly with sides being made out of grippy material. The back is hard plastic so it can be cleaned easily.

My only grip is with pushing the volume control and power button on the sides of the cover. They are not cut out and you need to push quite hard in order for the button to work.
Solid and tight fit but more pink than purple.
Solid and tight fit but more pink than purple.
Fits perfect
Great cover, nice colour. Fits perfect. Fast delivery
First class service
Product was as I expected but was impressed by the fact that I had originally ordered the wrong product but it was easy to return the credit was back on my card immediately and the substitute item was delivered speedily.
No quibble no hassle.
Excellent Thank you
Seems good for the price
I bought this as my more expensive first choice was not in stock. It fits well & hardly increases the size of the phone but I don't really want to test it's effectiveness at protecting against drops. It is slightly less grippy than I expected but otherwise seems good for the price.
Great case and was very surprised
Bought this for my dad as he required a case. When arrived it's not much too look at and thought " what a waste". I was so wrong,case fits the phone so well,gives the phone a nice finish and the material is sturdy enough. Highly recommend.
As close to perfect as you'll get
Nice, simple piece of kit that does exactly what you'd expect with the benefits of making the phone a little easier to grip and less prone to sliding around on a smooth surface.
The only minor mark against it being that it makes the power button a little difficult to depress, even though it's moulded slightly thinner over this and the volume button.
On the plus side, all the cutouts for the mic, speaker, camera lens, etc are spot on.
Icing on the cake? I bought it with 40% off ... result!
Excellent product
Looks good, feels good saves your phone from all the knocks & scrapes that a busy modern life throws at it. I've had one on my Galaxy S2 for 3 years and it still looks & works like new after all the drops & knocks. It doesn't bulk up your phone too much but makes it a lot easier to handle. I don't think that I would ever use a phone without one.
good product
it dose what its meant to do,i would
recommend this to others
I like it my new case.
Solid Product
the case is quite nice. Very gelly and manoeuvrable. It looks great on my white Samsung Galaxy S4-Mini. The cutouts fit perfectly, unlike many other phone cases. I like that it's see through too. It's a nice touch.
Snug as a bug
I bought 3 of these cases one of each color. The case fits very snuggly on the phone. If you have a screen protector make sure its center or the case will push the edge up. It adds just enough thickness to make the phone less fragile but doesn't bulk it up. There are some places were there are burs that weren't shaven off but that can be filed down. there are no cutouts for the side buttons but the are still easy to hit and use. The cutouts for camera and headphone lines up well. However on one of my other ones it isn't perfect. It doesn't hinder the use of the camera or headphone.
very cute!
I was looking for something simple to protect my new mini. This serves quite well. It was easy to pop on and the cutouts line up properly if you take a minute to wiggle them in place. If you don't the charging cord will fall out.

It wraps around the corners and comes up just enough to cover the silver edge of the phone (which would have prevented my first ding on the phone if I'd bought it sooner). I can now leave the phone face down on my night stand safely and not be bothered by the light when it 'wakes up" at night.

The only negative is they didn't cut out openings for the power and volume buttons. The surface is just thinner over them. It's a bit awkward but you can still use them, I guess the idea is to prevent accidentally pushing them. I generally have the phone in the front pocket of my jeans so it kind of makes sense.

I got the purple one and it looks great on my white phone. I would buy it again.
Flexishield - not quite your best but worth it.
Have owned a Flexishield before which protected my S2 for years with no trouble. This one is similar, minor manufacturing defects present I.e. unfinished trimming of edges (easy to do yourself) and some black bits embedded in the material (hidden as it's on the back). Snug fit, comfy in hand, all port positions spot on. Downsides: no raised lip for extra camera protection, not quite as grippy as previous model, buttons not quite as raised as I'd like (harder to find). For the price though... buy it.
FlexiShield for galaxy S4 mini SMOKE BLACK
This FlexiShield for the S4 mini fits like a glove.It also is the right colour that blends in with the phone back colour .
But the main reason was to get a back cover that not only fits but also holds a grip so when you put it down in the car on your lap or the sofa it does not slip.!
Above all it also looks smart on the phone and is comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand.
Price wise yes if it fits take it and wear it on the fone.
A good price for what you want!
Does what I wanted
It fits the phone perfectly to provide some protection, and gives the phone a slightly better grip when using. Will be used alongside a phone pouch to store phone in my bag.
Fantastic for the price
When I saw the price I was slightly worried about what the quality would be like, but was pleasantly surprised.

The case is very well designed, all buttons, ports are sensors are easily accessible and the case looks great.

The protection is good, I wouldn't want to throw it at a wall (like I know you can with the D3O cases) however when I accidentally dropped my phone, the case absorbed the impact and the phone was absolutely fine.

The case gets four stars as despite it being great, there are better (although more expensive) cases on the market.
Does what it says. A sane purchase and great value for money.
This silicon case fits firmly and securely on your Galaxy S4 mini. There are cutouts for mics, USB charger, IR blaster, headphones and also for the speaker grill (hence no sound degradation). There are also cutouts on the back for the camera lens and LED flash, so you won't have to remove the case in order to take a picture or video. The case is transparent enough so the "Samsung" logo on the back is still visible.

This case doesn't add much bulk or weight to the phone and you can freely put the device on any surface without worrying to scratch it, You can even put the device face down as the case's rim leaves about 2mm of space between the display and the resting surface.

The only shortcoming is that this case doesn't have cutouts for the volume and power/lock buttons. Even so, you can easily handle these buttons as the case itself has special material treatment on these specific areas.

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