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FlexiShield Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Clear Frosted Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in clear frosted.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41302

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 4.6 stars from 34 customers

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This is the perfect minimalist case for the Galaxy Note 3. Thin, light, no extraneous decoration, a perfect fit, and all the right holes in all the right places. Protects the corners and edges nicely and a slightly raised edge around the front opening acts as a bumper for the screen surface. Easy to install and to remove. Perfect.
This is a tough, one-piece, gel cover
Although I found all the information I needed, here it is again for anyone else. This is a tough, one-piece, gel cover with cut-outs in all the right places. The raised edge around the screen allows you to place your phone screen-down without damage. It is a clear cover. This one was for my Note 3 (which will be out of contract in three months) so it should last me out. I bought a similar cover for my previous phone (an iPhone 4) and not only did it last through its entire contract period of 2 years, but it's still going strong since the 21 months I've had this phone.
Absolutely love the case!
The case fits my phone perfectly and the the case protects my back camera very well. When hold the phone in my hand the feel is just nice. Very worth the buy!
very solid case
be aware that the back of the case is not clear. i was under the impression it was, but it has a white sandy texture and appearance. it's doesn't look bad in any way, just be aware of it.

other than that, this case is pretty much perfect. it fits perfectly. the plastic itself feels almost sticky, so you feel like you have so much grip when holding the phone. it just feels great in the hand and feels very solid so you know it will protect the phone if you drop it.

all in all, if you are looking for a clear plastic case for cheap, this is a great case.
Good fitting case
This is a good fitting case that fits the note 3 like a glove. Every hole is in the right place. It also feels good in the hand, doesn't add any weight that's noticeable. It isn't big and chunky, in fact, it's perfect. Buy it. For the price you won't find anything better!
galaxey 3 note cover
Good fit and holes are just where they need to be. low profile and sung fit. Thumbs up!!
Value for money!
This case is an excellent fit and makes holding the device much easier but adds very little bulk. Provides a small lip around the display and the camera lens, so used together with a screen protector, should help guard against minor scuffs and scratches. Delivery was swift.
Ideal case for just the job!
Case fits really well around phone,cut out for buttons are just right,back of case has a matt feel to it for grip a slim case & feels really good in the hand whilst holding, can't go being for the money!
Cheap & cheerful but it does the job
Bought this case for my Note 3 as I'm not interested in a flip open style case, and I'm not paying ridiculous money for an official Samsung one. It didn't fit perfectly first go but if you take the back off the phone it fits perfectly. And taking the back off the phone isn't a problem because the case feels pretty sturdy on the back so any drop shouldn't cause a problem.

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