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FlexiShield Case for Motorola Moto X - 100% Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone case for the Moto X. This case is 100% clear, preserving all the great style of your Moto X.
  • Mobile Fun ID 44013

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 4.4 stars from 12 customers

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I loved it!
I have been looking for a clear gel case for my Moto X 1st Gen for a while now...I could not find one until I found MobileFun so I placed the order received it right away and I loved it! I will order from MobileFun again and again why mess with perfection...
Perfect transparrent cover
Excellent kit. Perfect fit. The Moto X has a mike on the top, back and front
for speech & also ambient noise cancellation. This cover has holes for these
and they are perfectly aligned. Also the same applies to moulded dimples for
accessing the Power & Volume controls.
The cover is very nice to the touch and far grippier than the phone itself.
You loose the lovely curve shape of the rear of the phone. But this is acceptable
as a trade-off against reduced risk of dropping.
The Moto X has a dimple in the middle of the back which aids positioning/hold.
The cover has a central cut out to access this dimple.
Basically a well designed cover.
Flexishield case clear for Moto x
The quality of the product is excellent. It is soft and fits perfectly to the phone. The cover over the button is soft and can be easily operated. Would surely recommend this product. In fact thinking of ordering one more as not sure how long will the stock will last, as the new version of Moto X phone has come.
A good choice
The case is completely see-through and lets your phones customization shine through very nicely, it's well made and seems durable. When I ordered it, I was worried about the buttons being too hard to press, but to my surprise they feel great. The cutout for the dimple on the back gives it a great feel. The case is grippy and protects the phone very well overall. My only worry is that I've noticed that the phone's temperature is a little bit higher when playing games with the case on.

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