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Flexishield Case for Moto G - Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone case for the Moto G in red.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42589

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 4.5 stars from 47 customers

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Perfect fit, everything lines up when fitted, nice grip when holding the phone. what more can you want.
Side button covers too sensitive
The case was more translucent than I expected, so the color wasn't as vivid as I was hoping. The case covers the sleep/wake and volume buttons on the side and make it very easy to accidentally hit these buttons. WIthin the first days of having the case I kept accidentally changing the volume on my phone and putting it to sleep when I was using it -- it drove me crazy! I just ordered a different case because I can't get used to this one. Disappointed :(
Great product
Bought this cover for my Motorola 4G. Decided on the smoke black which is actually opaque so you can see the phone backplane and insignia. Delivery was superb and arrived within 2 days The flexi shield is an excellent fit for the phone and having a slightly "tacky" feel the phone is very secure in your hand. May well buy another different colour for a change
The perfect case for the Moto G
I thought at first that i might fall for one of those cheap plastic cases which don't really fit or protect the phone well...

I was happy to find that this case is the perfect match for my Moto G!
It fits exactly on the phone, the buttons on the case are very easy to press and are as responsive as the phone's buttons.
It offers all around protection and is made of a very good material.
Well, at least it feels firm and well made as i'm not an expert on materials.

Highly recomended!
Can't ask for more from this type of case, you get the real thing and good value for money.
perfect fit
this is the second flexishield I have bought from you. ifound the black one is slighty thicker than the red one ,but they are both very good .a tight fit and give the phone a better appearance.delivery was ast thank you.
Better than black.
Had a black one of these, it seemed to feel "sticky" and not a nice feel to it. This is far better and has the bonus of being slightly transparent, you can see the logo through it. All in all, very pleased.
Good Product, be careful about the colour
This case fits welland offers good protection. I like the fact that the cover is slightly proud of the front of the screen so you can place it face down without any fear of scratching.

It feels nice in the hand.

My only concern, and this is purely aesthetic is that the yellow ends up looking a bit 'grey' as the black of the phone shows through. Now i don't know about you but i like my yellow vibrant and bright and this isn't quite there. Having said that it does look different and makes it easy to identify in a crowd.
Bought this along with the Orzly Glass Screen Protector. Fits perfectly and protects everything that the screen protector doesn't. Controls are all still accessible and easy to use. Less bulky and fiddly than a case would be.
Excellent for the price paid!
Fast shipping, recieved the case 2 days after purchase which was extremely handy as I had just purchased the phone. It matches the phone, you cannot feel that there is a case on there which is great in my eyes and it also protects the phone at the same time. Thank you, superb service and I will definitely shop here again.
Moto G Cover
Hard to get item in shops. MobileZap had the item and it looks and feels good
These covers are great. I liked it so much I ordered two more. Quick delivery and great web site. Price also was a big factor and for such a small price they are great
Great case.
Fits snugly ,no bulk,and accommodates Orzly glass screen protector as well.
Great value for money
I think it's an excellent product to protect and personalise your Moto G. It's also a lot cheaper than the official coloured cases. Which serve no additional purpose. The only down side I can think of, is that with prolonged usage the material feels a bit sweaty in your hands.
Basic gel shell, no frills
*The shell fits properly, and the holes around the camera and ports are well-cut (The camera+flash hole and speaker hole are flush around them, the USB and microphone ports have generous spacing around them to fit dongles with excess plastic).. at an eyeball... 2mm clearance on either side?
*The gel shell is nontrivial to remove, but not difficult enough to be problematic should you want to remove it.

*The gel shell is not grippy, which I was hoping.
*The power and volume buttons on the side were built flush, so are hard to find and identify if you're feeling for them in the dark. I may try cutting them out with a stanley knife, see if having them exposed helps.
*After a day in my pocket lint is already accumulating at the rim of the shell on the front. I suspect that'll require regular cleaning.
Good Item
Simple to fit/remove,offers good protection to edges, can also protect screen when put face down. The only minor downside is the shiny finish,it shows finger marks very easily. All in all a good item at a reasonable price.
Case for Moto G Phone
Satisfied with product and price.
Phone cover / Protection
Smart and very easy to fit.

Functional design, but unfortunately the on off button on the phone remained all so easy to press still.
good product
good product overall , although i would have preferred it to also include a screen protector
Fit for purpose
My only problem with the MOTO G was how slippery it was in my hand and this cured it, with the added advantage of protecting the screen when face down. Fits like a glove and seems like it will last.
Perfect Case for the Motorola Moto G
I needed a protective case for the above phone. It was perfect in every way; well made,fitted snugly and with a lip on the edges gave adequate protection to the front screen.
Quick delivery and excellent service as usual from Mobile Fun.
Nice Looking, Good Fitting Cover
This rubberised cover fits very well to the Moto G. It's a stylishly understated way to add a little extra bounce protection and a noticable grip improvement when handling the phone.

The only real adjustment to using this cover is that the on/off and volume buttons are covered over, so tactile sensitivity is reduced and takes a little getting used to.
Fantastic product does everything i wanted.
This product is great it is ccol and very good in everything i needed it to do. I think it makes my moto g phone look better aswell as being protected well against drops and scraches.As me being a mechanic my phone takes lots of punishment.
Take it from me i know this as proved iit self as being great for rough treatment.Thanks it is such a good product.

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