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FlexiShield Case for HTC One M7 - Smoke Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Custom moulded for the HTC One M7, this smoke black Flexishield case provides slim fitting and durable protection against damage.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38228

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 4.1 stars from 31 customers

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Flexishield case
Having bought about 6 different cases from different sources for my HTC One phone, I finally ordered and received the black flexishield case. It's by far the best, it's the best fit, best feel and best looking (bar maybe the HTC red grey case)
Would not hesitate to recommend it.
Love it
I love the product especially for the price. I ordered the phone cover expecting it to be cheap looking. It does not. It is very sturdy and and pretty purple. I guess it true good deals still exist. Thank mobile phone ;-)
HTC Flexi Cover Purple
Just received my flexible purple phone cover. Love it!
First thank you to Mobilefun.com - I'm based in Cape Town, SA... I received this cover today... I'm so happy, I have no regrets whatsoever, its the perfect cover for my HTC One! Again thank you... I give it 5 stars, cheap and flexible!
htc flexicover
absolutely satisfied.Its just what i wanted.Thanx sooo much
love my purple cover
Just received my flexible purple phone cover. I am so happy, after 3 weeks of being told it will be in next week I came to MobileZap's website. Ordered and delivered in 10 business days ( as was promised). I would no doubt still be waiting if I went to my retail store
FlexiShield Case for HTC One - Black
Not black more like grey, fits well just lips over to top edge.
The button's are abit tricky to use, on/off & volume.
It's thin not very flexable and not very soft for shock absorbing.
Good but not perfect
Case itself is fine but the covers for the on/off button and volume buttons are quite tough so you have to press quite firm to get the button to respond - there aren't any little teeth to help press the buttons down, which would have been helpful
Good quality
For the price and the level of protection this case offers, you can't go past it. It gives decent shock protection and the lip protects the front edge of the phone quite well. Fitment is perfect and adds very little addition bulk to the phone.
the case took awhile for me to receive it but it was well with it. Very nice case and doesn't add bulk to it
Power and volume buttons are almost impossible to press! Used it for a day and then threw it away!
Great fit
Looks great, protects all the vital areas (corners) well placed for access to buttons and access
Worth the Wait
i had to wait 2 weeks for this to be in stock and im glad i waited. You can not tell the cover is on the phone its that good. Im going to order another one for a spare.
Good for the price
For the price the case is good. It fits the phone well and the cut outs line up well. If there is a problem it's that the case makes the power button hard to push and while its in the case the IR blaster is obviously blocked. I bought the black version, but I wouldn't call it black, more light grey.
Good Case but not RED!!!
For the price this case does what it says, but beware this case is not red, its bloody Cerise pink! It needs a better description!!

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