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FlexiLoop iPhone 6S Plus Gel Case with Finger Holder - Blue Fade Reviews

Custom moulded for the iPhone 6S Plus, this blue fade FlexiLoop gel case from Olixar provides excellent protection and a handy finger loop to keep your phone in your hand, whether from accidental drops or attempted theft.
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 4.4 stars from 8 customers

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Saves the day!
Can't tell you how many saves I've had from this purchase! No more iphone drops in the toilet, no more phone drops while walking the dog, and my favorite is I can now drive comfortably while talking with my phone looped to my finger or looking at my GPS. Best purchase I've made in years! Love the fact I can hide the loop when it's not needed and I can fit it perfectly in my pocket. Just need to remember it's there when I drop my pants!
I love it!
The phone case with a finger loop on the back is just what I've always needed! It fits the phone perfectly, it looks nice and it makes a great kickstand. No improvement needed!
Love the finger loop on the back of the case.
The case works well with the finger loop acting as an additional method to hold a rather big phone (IP 6Plus). Not sure the case would protect the screen if dropped though. I have a protective shield cover on my phone and have dropped it while in the new case. Not sure if the case or the shield protected the screen.
Not enough protection
I was really hoping that this case would work out because I really like the finger loop feature. However, there is no raised lip around the screen area. Therefore if you dropped it screen down, it would be sure to crack. I currently use a Speck candy shell which is much more protective. I guess you get what you pay for. If you would rather a really thin design without screen protection, then this would work for you .

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