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Exogear ExoMount Tablet Car Holder - Black Reviews

The ExoMount Tablet car holder is designed to allow you to position your 9 to 10 inch tablet in either landscape or portrait modes on your dashboard without blocking your view of the road.
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$52.24 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 20 customers

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Great tablet holder
Stumbled on this as I've been looking for something like this for some time. It didn't disappoint. I've used it throughout my holiday travels to York, Liverpool and will be using tomorrow to Manchester. Will definitely be recommending this to friends and family.
I bought this to hold my new iPad pro 10.5". Works perfectly without falling off or vibrating.
Great device
Recieved my ExoMount and it is working very well.
It sits very nicely in front of the radio on the dash board and is virtually as good as an inbuilt navigation system.
i have not tried it on a corrugated road yet but no problem on the bitumen.
Certainly the best device i have found after weeks of searching
Exogear ExoMount Tablet Car Holde
It fitted in perfekt with my iPad Air and in the Alfa Romeo 159.
Decent item but a little confusing for setup
The unit is sizeable and fits my iPad perfectly, the installation was simple but came with some items that didn't get used and made the setup confusing.

Once in, it works fine. Covers up my stereo front because its so huge but a bit of forward thinking as opposed to spotaneous impulsive purchasing would go a long way to prevent that from happening in the future.

If there was a negative, it is that the unit is not easily detached once in place.
Good for me car
Good for me car
Good for me car
Are pleased with this device
What can I say about this product.... After using various windscreen mounted options to hold a tablet & suffering with them either falling off or vibrating too much to really be useful (as well as the amount of visibility they block) I came across the ExoMount Tablet Car Holder.

This holder ensures the device does not block any of your windscreen by sitting comfortably on the dashboard with the mount hanging down against the centre console. This not only stops any vibration but means it is the most stable mount I've seen for an in car device to the point I am able to confidently use the tablet as a Sat Nav along with being able to play my music through it. The lack of vibration also means if I need to operate the device whilst moving I am not struggling due to the amount of vibration you get with other mounts.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a tablet mount as it's not overly expensive... & will not cause you to fail an MOT when it is mounted such like the windscreen mount do!!!
Replaced my samsung 3 in the car
I was struggling to use my Samsung phone in my car as my fingers are stubby and my eye sight is getting short sighted! (old age I'm afraid) and I found the iPad an excellent alternative but couldn't use it in my car until I discovered the Exomount tablet holder. Great product does exactly what it says, almost fits anywhere and makes me a happier older man!
Quality piece of kit...
This is a 'must have' piece of kit, especially for those who struggle with navigation. The product is well built, well designed, easily adjustable, and hold my iPad in a stable manner. It's design allows you to put the holder in any position you want, and can be set at different heights. I have 2 cars, a Fiesta & Clio and the bracket work perfect in both.

I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it anyone to, it has a quality look and feel about it. I will definitely be buying from you guys again!
Exogear Dash Mount
Well made piece of gear, easy to fit in 2010 Pajero (with 3M Pad) and holds my iPad Air securely even in its LifeProof waterproof case.
Highly recommended if you don't want to spend hundreds on a full on dash mount system.
Exactly what I have been looking for.
The fitting instructions were easy to follow and it was in position in 10 minutes. The iPad is held securely and can be adjusted so that the iPad does not obscure your view of the road in any way. A special lead is obtainable for charging from the cigarette lighter socket. An excellent gadget!

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