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Executive Metal USB Mini Desk Fan Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep cool with a soft refreshing breeze with this executive metal mini desk fan for your home or office... powered by USB.
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 4.6 stars from 106 customers

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Buy it and you'll be blown away!
I bought 2 of these. One for son and one for my desk. Very light but not flimsy. Quiet and discreet. Powered by USB so uses literally no power at all and keep me cool in my conservatory office. My son uses his while in bed at night and it makes no noise so he is able to sleep easily. Great product. Buy it and you'll be blown away!
neat fan
great fan plus buy one get one free
Great Fan ideal when you dont want the Air con on full
Excellent neat fan
Cooler !
This was or is a great offer! Works well and uses very little power. Keeps me cool and the power adaptor for my laptop! Could be ever so slightly quieter but the advantages totally outweigh anything else.A great fan get it while you can, 2for1 can't last forever! Can it?
Summer Essential for a (small) room
I bought two on the deal last year (2015), and then the weather broke so they were not much used. Now that Summer is returned, they are delighting us!

Quiet, surprisingly powerful. Not absolutely whisper quiet, but the fan wouldn't keep you awake on a hot, sticky night.

One sits in my small kitchen, where I use it with Masterplug SRGAUSBPW Surge Protected Mains USB Charger. The cool breeze is very welcome whether doing prep, cooking or washing up. Another lives in our home office where it is plugged into PC. It is excellent to counteract the heat belting out from PC and printer.
Summer Essential for Desk and Dressing Table
I first got one of these to add to my work travel case, so that I could stay cool in Hotel Rooms with inadequate air conditioning. cool enough to do my makeup!
I bought two more when they were on a twin pack offer, so I have one in the office, one on my dressing table and still one in the case. I have to keep an eye on the one in the office, because it mysteriously appears on other desks¬
USB Fan - Fantastic, does the job
I bought the fan for work, when the office got a little stuffy.
It works a treat.
High Velocity Metal USB Desk Fan
If you're thinking of getting one of these for an office that you share with other people all you'll end up doing is irritating everyone else in the room with it. I know people will look at this and think "well you get what you pay for" and yes this USB fan is VERY cheap however regardless of the price something should always at least function as specified and the "ultra-quiet design" was the main reason I went for this one. On the positive side it does blow enough air toward you for you to feel a difference providing you are sat within two feet of the fan but if you're looking for something even remotely quiet this isn't much good unless you're deaf or wear headphones all the time.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Nazim

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. We have tested the fan ourselves and found the sound levels to be very low compared to other fans we have tested of this power and size.

You may have a faulty item, so would be a good idea to
Excellent Product
I bought one desk fan and got the other one free for my office. They plug straight into our computers and are well made. Worth every penny even if both were charged for. Let alone getting one of them for nothing. Delivery was only a couple of days after my ordering them. Very satisfied.
Great value
This fan is small but powerful and I got 2 for the price on a special offer. I like the design is nice and works well.
Excellent Fan
Ideal on bedside table to keep you cool at night also easily transportable for use away from home eg: in hotel. Also small enough to keep your pet cool. An excellent product.
Not worth it
I have a smaller USB fan bought over two years ago. This old one is much quieter but weaker. However, this new one, so called high velocity metal desk fan, gave out a irritating high pitch whining noise. And the air, though reaches further but no power, even close up. I have another USB fan bought oversea. It comes with LED torch function and is smaller. But by god, it is powerful. At the lowest setting, I placed it about 6 feet away. The air was so cool. Ok, it is a little bit noisy but no a high pitch whining noise so I can live with that. This one here, I am sorry. I won't recommend it.
Brilliant for holidays
I purchased two of these to take on holiday. They are fantastic for the same purpose as me, or for keeping a constant stream of cooling air in any room at home.
Highly recommended.
Another great use is to leve it pointing towards you dog when your dog is asleep!
Fantastic little fans
These fans really do work well, take up minimal space on my desk and provide sufficient cooling from USB power alone without making a lot of noise like a traditional 240V fan would.

Could be slightly better construction but can't really fault for the price
Reviewing, High Velocity Metal Desk Fan.
I am definitely a fan of these. Compact, but powerful enough to blow you away.
Have used MobileFun for many years and have always been satisfied. Highly recommended. What more can I say, but, keep up the good work.
A great relief
I have put this on bedside difference and have had a more restful and cool sleep
This fan is slightly bigger than the USB fan I already have. However, although this one is slightly more powerful, i.e. fan can push air a bit further, it has an annoyingly high pitch noise. It is low in volume but high enough to get really annoying. So, instead of putting away my existing smaller USB fan, I actually store this one away. You may argue that powerful fan will give more noise. Well, in that case, I would have gone for a 16 inches fan. At least, it gives more air. So, the choice is yours.
I was pleased with my purchase because, although small, it is a powerful fan. It arrived on time and was well worth the money that I paid for it.
Sturdy and effective - just as it says on the box!
I was in the process of buying a cheaper version of this from another source and glad I received one of your regular e mails promoting this product. Even better that it is powered through USB and came as a pack of 2 so was able to surprise my partner with a useful gift.
As good as a dyson bladeless!
These USB desk fans are a big hit in the office, I ordered 2 with the bogof deal yesterday and they came at 9:30am this morning! (thanks Mobilefun) Everyone that's seen them wants one! (or two). They are stylish, they're not that noisy and the best thing about them is they actually keep you cool! (unlike many other desk fans that just push hot air around) Grab yourself a bargain while you can!
The product is just what was needed
I googled mini fans with a USB and this product came up immediately. The purpose for which it was purchased is for a friend who will will be moving overseas and the place where she is going will have limited access to power, so this product is ideal as it can be hooked up to some equipment that can be recharged by solar power.
Too noisy
Just got my new USB driven mini desk fan together with a few other colleagues. Sadly it is not 'whisper' quiet as we had hoped and definitely louder than the one I had before (had to get rid of that one as staff only allowed USB driven fans at our desk now). To be fair the website doesn't promise a 'whisper' quiet fan...just a 'quiet' fan. But if you expect / need a whisper quiet fan this is not the one for you. Otherwise a great little fan!
my small fan
Everyone who see my fan at work asks where I got it as it is surprisingly efficient and quiet just like me!
More solid than most USB gadgets
It's a nice enough fan: it blows a fair amount of air and the case seems solid enough, but it's only single speed.
I had been looking for a USB fan in Lincoln shops, since moving to a new office where we are not allowed electric fans. I was really pleased to see something offered on line that fitted my needs. It was easy to order and arrived very quickly. I was impressed that it was as seen on the website and was substantial and is now imported to the office, to keep my cool and me cool!! thank you
USB Desk Fan
Excellent product for what I need. It's portable and goes every where with me. Light to carry and not too bulky. Powerful enough for cooling me down in a stuffy room. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to have air circulating in a non airconditioned room. Very happy.
Phew it's warm in the office
Great deal on two of these desktop fans, just whay we needed in the office this summer.
Simple, quiet, effective
Great little fans that run from usb power. Very quiet and lightweight but don't feel cheap.
One speed setting, might be a negative, but also means there's less to go wrong.
Perfect for use during this warm/hot weather
When I unpacked this item & tried it in the kitchen, I thought this is rubbish - I'm going to return it..... However now it is placed on my study desk about 12" from my face it silently whirs away & keeps me cool - Brilliant. I don't need to use both together - one does the job!!
Keep your cool
I bought the USB Desk Fans as it is very hot in my office. They are fantastic. Very quiet with a lovely cool breeze you can position at an angle to suit you. Don't get hot under the collar, buy these cannot recommend them enough.
Brilliant I wouldn't be without it
I wasn't sure whether this would be useful or useless but it it is a great little fan. It's effective, quiet, light and small. I use one with my laptop and the other on my bedside table to help keep me cool in this hot weather. I travel a great deal and the fan has proved very useful in non air conditioned hotels. I thoroughly recommend the product it's a fabulous little fan
USB fan twinpack
Great value. Perfect for a hot office in July.
Executive USB Desk Fan - Twin Pack.
These fans are powerful and bigger than you would think. Their speed and power is more than ample for cooling down and are high quality.

I highly recommend these.
Cool...its just great!!!
These fans are great for work or home, glad I ordered 2. Its been great in the office and at home. I've even used it in the bedroom as its virtually silent, just blows a nice breeze over you on these humid nights, yet quite enough to let you sleep.
Its cools me
Great USB fans got the pair cheaply they are great for cooling down with.
Perfect for a cool down
Although there are cheaper products available these two desk fans are perfect for work. Just a nice cool breeze which doesnt blow the paperwork off my desk. They also look good. Very happy with this purchase.
Making the office cool
During this period where we are experiencing higher temperatures in the UK, it was great to find something that could plug into my desktop computer to cool me down.. It's small, light and did the job. Bought the twin pack and gave one to a friend in the office..everybody is asking where we bought them from....
Just right
My wife doesn't like fans at night, I do. I use one of these on my bedside table and its gentle, tightly controlled air flow cools me while not disturbing her. Excellent.
What I needed
Saw these advertised and liked the idea. Ordered two one for the the office.they arrived quickly and do the job very well.
Just what I needed
Very useful on these muggy humid days we have been getting.
I'm a Fan!
I am so glad that I took advantage of this offer and bought the twin pack of these fans. The fan is very effective, looks good, and is almost silent. It seems to use little power when plugged into my laptop, but here's a useful tip - I have one plugged into a spare mobile phone charger clipped to the base of it. This makes the fan portable and it runs for hours like this.
To be recommended.
Exec desk USB Fan
This is a great little fan for the desk. It's quiet (very important) and produces a nice airflow without being annoying. Throughly recommend it. I had to wait a little while (postage to Perth), but my fault for selecting the cheap postage rate.
Perfect for what I needed
Best thing I have bought, bought one for my friend as well, as ladies of a certain age this is brilliant, I have one at work and also at home.
My number one fan
This fan is absolutely excellent at both cooling you down on a warm day, and also improving the air flow around you. I ended up buying one for every member of my team at work as it kept us all cool, calm & collected!!
Does the Job...
I was slightly disappointed with the fan it did feel a bit cheap - but it was so that's probably why! It is quiet which is good in an open-plan office, but it does move around on my desk unless you put it on a book or something non-slip. Not very powerful.
xbox360 over heats
this is my second fan same kind same make brilliant product silent running I have 1 on xbox360 and 1 at the back of my smart television the slim televisions generate a lot of heat and the fan keeps it cool and moves heat around room the fan is powerfull for its size and it does tend to move so I put blue tack to stop it moving
USB fan
This is a great little fan for the price! Very quiet, with a pretty decent air flow. You don't notice when it's on that much, but when you turn it off you realise what a great job it's doing of cooling you off!! Only minor point is that on the wrong surface it may creep across the desk a bit, but that's pretty easy to solve.
exactly what I needed
Absolutely fantastic, brilliant, exactly what I wanted, would recommend to anyone who need one of these .
Quiet and effective
I bought these fans to use on my boat using the 12 volt sockets with a USB adaptor. They are quiet and efficient keeping the air moving on still days and represent excellent value for money.

As usual delivery was extremely prompt. Would heartily recommend Mobile Fun.
Cheap and plastic
Cheap plastic product. First one did not work, but returned and quickly replaced by MobileFun. Second model works but has little power and produces only a weak breeze. Plugs into computer USB port but useful only when you are really desperate for some air circulation. Not a serious replacement for a good old fashioned fan!
feeling cooler
a great fan and so welcome in this heat
cooling option for this weather
Very quiet running and cheap
Well, blow me down
This is a great little gadget. Looking at it initially it seems unlikely that such a tiny fan could generate such cool air. But believe me, this little puppy is punching way above it's size and weight. Connecting to a computer via a USB plug it directs a steady flow of cool air wherever you want it to go. Your choice! Amazingly effective for something which take up so little space. Love it to bits.
Cool device
Bought the 2-pack as I wanted one for my desk and one for home. Am using the one at home to cool my Media centre which has been getting quite hot due to the recent heatwave. They are so quiet you can have them on during programs without affecting your listening pleasure. The only downside is that on smooth surfaces like a table top or a wooden floor, they tend to move around a bit, this is easily remedied by placing them on a non-slip mat available for purchase from this very site.
Great for the heat wave
2 very good little fans. Use one at work and took one to the office. Quiet enough not to disturb anyone and they keep me cool without blowing papers around. Just what I needed lately.
sssh... so quiet
This fan is so tiny and so very cooling. We've put one next to each of our 2 computers at home.

It took about 10 seconds to 'set up' and switch on. Superb!
So very quiet and cooling
I saw the mobilefun video and the fan looked really good. I really expected it to make a LOT MORE NOISE!!! But No, not at all. And it really does work well. Ideal for this hot Summer we're having.
Thanks Guys.
Absolutely Brilliant!
It's summer! It's hot - but it's also unbearably humid! In the office, most larger fans tend, because of their size, to be too far away to really cool you down. This little beauty can be plugged into a USB port on your desk computer and can be positioned so close to you that you can feel it powering through the hairs on your arm! It's tiny, but it's REALLY effective! Brilliant for the price!
Ideal and just what was required
Small, compact and quiet, but surprisingly powerful. I needed something small to fit under a desk and this was ideal, powered via USB it even worked off a USB extension. Very impressed and excellent value for money.
Absolutely brilliant
How much of a difference it would make in a confined space?
My boss is impressed!
I ordered two for the office as a try out. My boss is very impressed with these fans so I'm ordering one for everyone. They are well made, sturdy and look good. They generate enough air to keep you cool, do not blow loose papers everywhere and they are not noisy. I highly recommend them.
Superb piece of kit in this weather
Double usb fans a must in the pc room!! especially in this weather! just could not be without them, Thank you
Cool value
I suspected that the amazingly low price would mean inferior quality. I was wrong! This fan is by far the best USB driven model I have ever used. A strong metal construction with an angle adjustable stand - brilliant. And of course USB connection is not limiting the use to just a PC. I use one of mine in the car with a USB cigarette lighter socket adapter. I use the other wherever I want, combined with my iPhone mains charger.

I recommend this heatwave-essential fan.
definately works and keeps you cool, recommend 2 rather than one though
Came as a saviour
Bought the fan at the start of the hot weather, wished i'd bought 2, for a thing that's not too big, it creates a cooling breeze.
Well worth the money
Hot & Cool
I saw these on the website as I was getting hotter by the minute sat at my computer. They arrived very quickly and after unpacking and reading the instructions (A must do for any products from China or similar) I plugged in and it did exactly what it says on the packet. Good speed, does not blow you away and adjustable for angel of tilt. I am now much cooler when working at my desk. A very good buy.
Cool Breeze
In this heatwave anything that cools you down is a good thing and this is a good thing. Surprisingly powerful for it's size it cools you down and is a breeze to use!
Does the job
I bought two of these USB fans and they are a perfect size to sit on our desks and do a fantastic job at keeping us cool. I was surprised how well they work....now to persuade my boss at work to buy one :)
It does what it says on the tin
Very inpressed with this product. Built with quality at an incredible price. Virtually silent but powerful. As usual, Mobilefun delivered incredibly quickly. Cannot fault this product, price and service
Heatwave cooler
The Executive Desk USB Fan purchased was very timely in view of the current heatwave conditions. I use it all the time whilst working on my desk computer and it certianly keeps me a bit cooler. The USB connection means that soon as I fire up the computer I get instant relief. A very good product.
A punchy little blower
The good points:
It is cheap - to buy and to run.
It kept a cool breeze on me while temperatures soared to 30 degrees in the shade.
It is small and fits on my desktop unobtrusively.
The not so good points:
It is not silent! However, its businesslike drone is still preferable to overheating and a 240 volt fan would make every bit as much noise and consume more electricity - it's the carbon footprint that bothers me most.
The ones I received were a slightly different design from the picture, the stand being made from metal rod which is probably more robust than plastic. You get three plastic feet to stick on the base, but they are quite hard and therefore transmit some vibration to the worktop. Softer feet would be a good idea and then maybe the 'drone' would be less obtrusive.
Perfect Desk Fan
I bought these fans for work colleagues, at the price they were on offer for I expected something average, however they are much better than expected.
Good build quality, metal fan, on/off switch and easily directed just what is needed in the current heatwave. They were so good I bought two more.
Highly recommended.
Just the thing for a hot day in the office
I bought these at the height of the summer. They are compact, silent and effective. Very good value.
Silent night breeze
I was delighted that these were almost silent and small enough to be able to give the relief my girlfriend needs without blasting me away. they can be used with any usb socket or mains adaptor. We use the mains adaptor so she is comfortable and I am not having nightmares over it blowing at me. They are adjustable and very light but give just enough air movement to give relief without getting stressed by it.......Everyone is much happier now because of it. Top marks all round.
Perfect accessory
Perfect size, doesnt take up much room,very quiet,blends in with all my black and silver equipment and works very well. Very happy with my puchase. Thank you.
Cool way to keep cool
Perfect for both home and work. Approx 5" across with its own on/off switch, powered by USB. This fan doesn't take up too much space yet manages to produce enough power to create a cool breeze without blowing your papers off the desk - and remarkably quiet.
Feeling Cool....
These were just what I needed, one for work and one for home. They keep you cool and don't take up a lot of space on your work station. As they use USB it means you are not looking around for another socket. Great
Two little beauties
These are great little fans. I've got one at work & one at home. They really do keep you cool and don't take up much space on your desk.
Executive Desk USB Fan - Twin Pack
Nice little fans, which do what they say on the tin! My wife and I are now keeping cool whilst slaving away over our computers. Do not expect to be blown across the room with these fans - they only run off USB. They are perfect for keeping a steady stream of cool air on your face and don't blow your papers all over the place like conventional fans.
I hope it did not bring the Rain on !!!!
My Office is overcrowded and gets to hot no air con. Thought this might be the answer, VERY IMPRESSED and did not blow papers of the desk . Would Recommend
Exceptional value for money!
Although i am not an Executive, but feel like one. It is very well designed. I would highly recommend it.
I just need some heat and sunshine now
I ordered the twin pack of these fans when we had the heatwave a few weeks ago. I suppose it was Sod's Law that the weather took a turn for the worse the day they arrived. Since then we've had torrential rain, cold temperatures and even floods.
I have, however, been able to make use of one of the fans. I have it angled to blow air under my laptop and it cools the high end graphics card down better than the Targus Laptop Cooler I've been using. It's pretty quiet when it's operating as well, which is a bonus. When, or should I say -if - the weather warms up and we're lucky enough to get some summer this year, I'm planning to use the second fan plugged into the mains, using a USB adaptor(Also available from MobileFun). Definitely worth getting. Not bad looking, either.
USB Desk fan
I expected an average piece of hard plastic.

Wow how wrong was I, It is very light smart and very effective, I have one on my office desk and one at home.

I was pleasantly surprised when I first used this fan I actually had to turn it off after 10 minutes to warm.

This product I would happily promote to anyone.
A really great little fan. Well made, very neat looking & works well. Its keeping me nice & cool as I type this. Great value, especially the price for two. Will use one in the office & one at home.
Half and half eventually
I ordered this twinpack and altho shown as in stock when ordered, it wasn't. Eventually it came, and one fan works fine - the other has an on/off switch which is permanently on - it makes no difference whatsoever.
And for personal reasons I can't return it for a month.
C'mon Mobile Fun - you can do better than this!
Retro USB Fan
This does exactly what it says on the box.
The retro look looks good in any desk environment, and it's small enough not to clutter up the desk, I use mine at work.
The fan is virtually silent which means that it's not a problem if you have to use the phone or talk and it doesn't disturb the afternoon nap.
Although the flow of air isn't gale force, when the fan has been left running for a while you can feel the feel the difference it makes.
These are very good, just thst little bit of extra air when at the keyboard. Just gave one to my son who said how good it is.
Not blown away !!
I saw this product listed on a newsletter and thought, thats just whatI need for the long hot summer days that must be just around the corner(?)
The image looked as though this would certainly not be out of place on any executives desk ......Shiny 'metal'looking finish, nice compact size and usb powered to boot! Wow, was I mistaken, I brought the double pack as it was 'cheaper' and a cheap looking plastic is what I got, not the shiny 'metal look' of the picture or even a paricularly powerful little fan (lightly stick a post-it to the front of the fan and it can't blow it off..!)Looks and power are what i would expect from a car boot seller.... Disappointed :(
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