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Energenie Universal 3.1A Dual USB Mains Charger Twin Pack - White Reviews

Designed to quickly charge tablets, smartphones and so much more, the Energenie Universal Folding Dual USB Mains Adapter delivers 3.1 Amps to fast-charge even the largest of devices. This pack features two Energenie Adapters for double the convenience.
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Designed to quickly charge tablets, smartphones and so much more, the Energenie Universal Folding Dual USB Mains Adapter delivers 3.1 Amps to fast-charge even the largest of devices. This pack features two Energenie Adapters for double the convenience.
 4.8 stars from 80 customers

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Very good
Bought this to replace an old plug thru' good good solid feel to construction,does what it says on the box
Just what I wanted
Does in one plug what a phone adapter and a multi three in one plug did and takes up much less room
Needed 2 sockets to charge devices
Exactly what I needed and a reasonable price
Practical and neat
After a lengthy search I found this to charge my tablet and phone. I have an iPhone and a Galaxy S5e. In addition I don’t loose my plug socket. Looks good , is well made and so far seems to work okay.
Basic charger does what it says on the tin!
Basic charger does what it says in the tin. Do not expect fast charging however!!!
Handy and simple way to charge
Useful device that can be used anywhere
Save your Sockets
If you are continually plugging your USB charge cables in and out of your sockets, this is a great solution. No more searching for a spare socket, unplugging one thing to use your USB Charge cable. Now you can keep your other appliance plugged in and simply plug in your USB charge cable and no more searching for a spare socket
Great item for a great price!
Does what is supposed to do. Decent quality as well!!
Great buy
Purchased two of these in the ‘twin pack’ deal. That’s easily the most competitive price out there.
Items work well, the USB ports charge fast.
The only issue is that, if you have a certain type of plug, ie one of these chunky ones that have an additional part to the plug, then it obstructs the USB port. Standard plugs are fine though.
It’s great on most devices, as you don’t loose a socket when plugging in a USB device for charging.
Overall, am very happy with these and have no hesitation in recommending them.
On the move
The person for whom I bought it is delighted with it when travelling
Tidy little device
Great little plug in for 2 tech recharge. Very happy with it.
Just the ticket !
Just like it appeared on your website; I always buy these items from you since they always do the job and you are easy to deal with
Superb charger
Very happy with this charger especially as it has two charging ports and also a 13amp socket.
Nice Charger
Rapidly charges devices and worth the money. Very pleased with it.
It works very well
The photo and description were very clear. The plug supplied initially was faulty, but when I reported it to Mobile Fun it was replaced very promptly.
Very Useful
Very useful
Works fine and is very handy . With a standard plug in use there is still plenty of room for the 2 USB leads to fit.
Great little Gadget
Brilliant idea, really useful. Ordered two but one didn't work so returned it. Waiting now for its replacement as we are all fighting over the one we have.
Keeps the Mains Socket Free
Works as it should - charges as well as keeping main socket free for other uses
A god send
Couldn't believe how hassle free this has made life. No more having to disconnect 1 device (which is never fully charged) for another that you suddenly need
A god send
Have a few devices and now don't have to wait on 1 charging before charging next lots of time saved
Invaluable travel companion.
There are too many devices today that have a USB connection so this USB-mains charger becomes a travel essential. Don't leave home without it !
Very useful plug to have in the home.
Useful and easy to use. Saves buying and installing a new socket
Everything was easy
Just what was needed
Fed up with having lots of plugs about with chargers so bought this. Brilliant and fast delivery too.
Value for money
Value for money product - worth buying if you want to keep your plug for other things
Plug is genuine, works fine, no issues, great for charging and using appliances simultaneously. I use mine in my kitchen where the sockets are far apart. Bit pricey but glad I bought it.
Nice piece of kit
So simple , but extremely practical , now used at home , in hotels and the caravan !
2 USBs and a mains plug , much easier than changing the socket .
2 x USB and you don't lose a socket!
Great idea you gain 2 x USB outlets and you don't lose the use of the socket
Not used much yet but seems OK
Suitable for charging an iPhone
Spot on Muldoon
Living in a house where plugs next to where I sit are at a premium this item is perfect. No more having to charge my iPad/iPhone in the kitchen now it’s too hand. I brought this item to replace a similar charger that didn’t have enough ooooomph to charge my iPad Pro but this one most certainly does and at a decent rate too, sorry but I’m not sad enough to work out just how long it takes.
Frees up the socket and seems to manage running all three items
Very good for limited access situations
Very good for use in a cruise ship cabin where the existing socket is too close to a shelf for the usual bottom connectors to fit.
Brilliant Charger
This is such a great little plug, my husband & I can charge out mobiles at the same time & still use the plug bit for other stuff. Nice size to so doesn't look bulky. Would recommend to anyone who was thinking of buying one.
Works well and does not mean we lose 2 sockets when charging
Like that the USB connections are at the top. Others where the connections are at the bottom cannot be used if the socket is near a table top. Will be good in our caravan.
Excellent Product, does what it says on the tin
Just what I needed for my kitchen work top. I can now charge my phone while using my kitchen appliances, so all good in my book.
Practical and space saving
I have one or two pin plugs that would have proved useful if the adapter could have catered for more plug types, but nevertheless it has proved a useful item in my home.
Perfect 100% service
Service is first class phone contact with staff was really good so helpful would highly reccomend your company to friends and famil

Very useful and compact
Allowing the mains socket to be used whilst using charger outlets is a great asset when there is lack of enough mains outlets for other uses
Amazing Gadget
Everything that i ever wanted for my bedroom, now i can charge 3 devices at once. Superb Quality
This dual pack is very useful
This dual pack is very useful expecially if you are short on 13amp wall sockets each one will let you plug in three devices at the same time 2 USB devices without loosing the original 13amp standard 3 pin socket.

Good Price good quality easy to use!
Love this product has freed up my wall socket
An extremely useful device
A very useful item that allows you to charge two devices at the same time and still use the socket part for another item again at the same time, so you do not lose a socket at all. Brilliant idea!! Thank you MobileFun!!
Very Useful
Simple but very effective. Now able to charge I-pad and I-phone and still make use of three pin plug.
Eating your cake as well!!
We've all got power-charging adaptors to charge all our USB devices, and all-too-frequently they reside in those sockets even when you're not charging anything!
Well, this device has the advantage in that you get a pass-thru 13-amp socket in addition to those USB sockets, allowing up to 3.1A charging current between the two sockets!
Perfect Item
Perfect item for my needs, frees up the socket for other things and lets me charge phones and tablets. Excellent value for money and I would be lost without it now.
good price
With certain plugs the usb sockets are not accesable.
Good value, useful product
This is high power charger which can simultaneously charge 2 devices via USB. Whilst I haven't really noticed that the charging time is any quicker (despite the 'high power') it does work well with all my devices (iPad, iPhone, PS3 controller) and the other great thing is that it also contains a standard wall plug socket, so you don't lose an outlet when it's in use. Excellent value in the twin pack, too.
Ordering was easy. Delivery as scheduled. Product useful. Very happy.
Exactly What I Needed
The online description and the actual item matched exactly. I never seem to have enough power points in my bungalow so this item has definitely been a great help.
An excellent piece of kit
An excellent piece of kit. I purchased two that sit side by side in a double socket used to charge my Apple devices without having to bother with their three pin adaptor plugs. Plus the extra availability of three pin sockets should the need arise. Well thought out device.
Found them very useful
Bought two, one for my wife and have found them very useful.
Absolutely brilliant product
Absolutely brilliant product well recommend I can recharge two appliances plus use as a 13amp socket well worth the money and not over expensive
Restored harmony
The dual USB and plug charger has restored peace and harmony in my home when my Grandsons come to visit. Possibly even prevented bloodshed, as they all want to charge some gadget or other at the same time! I just wish I'd bought one ages ago!
Superb versatile replacement charger
As above. Having teenage boys is always a challenge when they cant find their chargers (probably because I wont look}. This charger is perfect as they both have data cables, so I take control and tell them to put them in my charger and leave it in my room. So far so good, they havent managed to take it away (I know they would like one - its a useful stocking filler - soon its xmas)
Not impressed at all
Not impressed at all, so far it has done nothing. After about three hours it had only given about 10 per cent of a charge.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Trevor

This sounds very strange when this is such a powerful mains charger. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Excellent Product
I've now had this for around 10 days and had no problems. The pass through design works well, allowing two devices to be charged simultaneously with the electric socket available for use as normal. Great product which I have no hesitation in recommending.
Energenie Universal 3.1A Dual USB Mains Charger - White
This has got to be one of the best USB charging adaptors on the market if you need a fully portable USB charger that takes up no room and you can still use the normal 13 amp socket as well this is the one for you
Fantastic value USB Mains Charger
Versatile useful, rapid charging. Everything I needed.
Very useful piece of kit.
Quality good
Fantastic value USB Mains Charger
Versatile useful, rapid charging. Everything I needed.
Universal dual USB charger
I loved the product, great price and the fact I can charge two items at once is a bonus!
Great fast charging
These are great chargers that don't prevent use of the mains socket and charge my mobile phone quickly - awesome! I bought 2 so have one in the office and one at home - highly recommended and always great, efficient service from mobilefun, thanks
Neat and very Functional device
Really does as it says - nothing complicated - plug in and use. In use it charged my iPhone 5SE from not a lot - to full charged in a two or three hours. Didn't time it particularly - it just did it.
You need this
Useful piece of kit ....quality good
Universal mains charger
This charger is simply brilliant should have bought one or more before. How did I manage without it! It does exactly as described well happy.
Brilliant Idea
This is a brilliant idea. I can charge my iPhone, iPad and still use the socket for another plug. Exactly what I needed.
Good product,a little bulky,and is reliant on the 3pin plug not covering the USB sockets.
Great little unit
I have had a couple of this type of charger and one of the annoying features has been the extremely bright lights on the unit which disturb my sleep (as I use it in the bedroom). Luckily this one does not have any of those lights and I have found it to be a neat little unit that charges up two items without a fall off in power. Added to the fact that it has a mains pass through socket, what more could you ask for. Summing up I find this to be one of the better chargers at a great price.
wonder plug
This is such a useful product. Its super fast and that I can have it anywhere in the house is very useful and don't loose a plug. It also saves having to install new plugs with usb ports in to the walls. A great little product for a very good price. I shall be buying the multi pack next.
Us mains charger socket
Mobilefun as always very efficient with despatch and delivery of my orders. Socket is very good quality.
Great product
This is a great idea as you can charge 2 devices at the same time and still use the socket as normal. I wish I had found them sooner. My phone and iPad charge just as quickly as if I had separate chargers and after using for two weeks can find no fault with them
multi functional plug
this piece of equipment is very handy you get two usb power outlets and can still use the plug for the hoovering!! I bought two and gave one to a friend who also thinks its great. Would have no problem recommending.
Gives you back your plug and charges devices quickly
Sockets being taken up by adapters for your devices? This plug declutters your sockets and gives you 2 USB sockets that charge quickly. Have one in every room!
Plug is too big
When I bought this device, I never thought about the size of the plug and now that I am trying to plug it in together with my other chargers it is too big. There are smaller options being manufactured by some of the other companies and I would find this more useful. Unfortunately there don't seem to be too many options for a 3.1A charger
Charge in a flash
Looked at several fast chargers and the claims they make about fast charging. Needed to purchase a replacement for my Sony Z5 premium. Glad I made the right decision in purchasing this little gem. Charge 2 devices at once plus a 3rd using a 3 pin plug. All in all very happy simple to use does what it says amd most importantly it's compact. You won't be disappointed.
Very useful product
A very useful device which saves plug space and by allowing two devices and the three pin plug to be used at the same time, so now my coffee machine, my phone and tablet are all being either charges or used at the same time from the same plug, very neat
Perfect phone charger
What a great product! It works really well, saving me time and space when charging mine and my wife's phones. The charging seems very fast, a lot quicker than the charger that came with my phone, the only negative is it's looks as I would have personally preferred a gloss finish. Overall though I really can't complain, as for the price I paid it's an absolute bargain!
does exactly what it was designed too
This charger is ideal for me. I have one spare outlet at work that I use for charging my phone, tablet and my e-cigarette. So now I no longer have to prioritise which item I want to charge. The USB ports charge my iPhone fine, and the main 3 pin plug port is what i use for my tablet (iPad Air) and that has also been fine.
Great gizmo!
A really useful gadget - always handy to have additional USB charging points and with this you can have a standard device plugged in at the same time.

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