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Energenie Solargenie Mini Charger Solar Power Bank Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Energenie Solargenie is a 1200mAh Power Bank with solar charging and is the perfect companion to ensure your smartphone has enough charge to power your app usage throughout the day and even includes a built-in torch.
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 4.2 stars from 11 customers

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Great piece of kit ...
Excellent value item. Particularly useful on camping trips for charging 'phone & mp3 player. Easy to order and delivery was prompt.
Great product
Great for people going travelling to charge up their devices on the go to stay in contact.
Excellent Emergency Backup Phone Battery
Before buying, I needed to be sure that the Energenie Solargenie Mini Charger Solar Power Bank would have enough charge within it to provide some top up charge for my phone battery and would be able to raise phone battery charge by several percentage points. Mobile Fun's description of this item answered these questions and so I went ahead and purchased the item. Having given the mini charger its initial charge, I used it the same night to top up my phone and it worked a treat!
Amazing Solar Power Bank from Mobile Fun
Before buying the product, I wanted to know whether it would be able to be left unattended to top up my phone overnight without having to use an ac mains wall-plug charger. Having read the information about the product on the Mobile Fun website and watched the attached 2-minute video, I was convinced this power bank would do the job. It's excellent when you're away from home and don't want to impose on someone by asking to use the mains! Once you've charged the power pack initially, you can top it up with solar power from the Sun, and that's free!!!
Mini solar charger
I have to be honest here, not had long enough with this to say how effective it is at charging the phone or MiFi battery but I'm a sucker for shiny stuff and it seemed great value for money

Overall it looks cool and should hopefully prolong the lifespan of the MiFi used outside of the home
Perfect purchase for those lost power moments
"Excellent products, first class service, prompt delivery - would thoroughly recommend your company "
Good buy
Very good, buy, great idea for a device, works anywhere you are.
Solar underperformer
I realised this may be a gimmicky charger when I ordered it and it has turned out that way. As a reserve power source it functions reasonably well..as far as I can judge - after I fully charged it, a day later it boosted my mobile from 5% to 35% charge. On the solar side, I left it out in direct sunlight for 3 hours resulting in only a hint of power available, not even enough to give a 1% boost. Based on that, and that alone, I imagine that you would have to leave it in sunlight for 8+ hours to register a worthwhile charge, not much chance of that in an average UK day. I would recommend buying a non-solar charger instead.
Good purchase
Good product, though a bit confusing to start charging a device.
My thoughts
To be fair to this product it has been dogged by the recent poor weather and low light. The instructions do not exactly reflect this. A charge from the computer does not totally charge my phone in fact nowhere near. I am unable to judge the Solar panels as either they are not functioning or the cloudy weather is not helping. I also live in fear of someone stealing both phone and charger if left outside to charge in adequate sunlight

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