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Energenie MiHome Starter Pack Reviews

Make your home a smart home with the Mi|Home Starter Pack and take control of your lighting, heating and appliances using the free companion smartphone app or a web browser interface from anywhere around the world.
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 4.7 stars from 3 customers

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Control Freak!
I know its a bit sad, but I spent weeks reviewing the spec's of all the different brands of wifi switches, and for my money the Energenie MiHome System was very reasonably priced (best price was on Mobilefun). The system is really easy to set up in just a few minutes, allowing you to control lights etc over the internet, add-on's are also reasonably priced compared to other brands. I do hope that Energenie increase their product range as I will certainly be adding more to my system in the future.
A Great Affordable way to get Smart Home Technology
Wow! This is excellent value for money from Mobilefun.co.uk . Just plug them in, download the app, follow the instructions and you'll be up and going in minutes...Why buy these?


1. They are the cheapest of their kind on the market.
2. You can also use them with voice control using an Amazon Echo (Alexa). I now come up and say "Alexa, lights on" and hey presto, my 3 lounge lamps are on! Awesome.
3. You can also use these with timer scheduling for security.
4. IFTTT (If this, then that) compatible; you can use this app to set them to come on with options such as dawn/dusk, when you are near home/leaving home (phone geofencing) etc.


1. You need to be careful with placement and wifi interference. This can be remedied by altering your wifi router SSID channel number (1 to 12), if you suddenly find that either your wireless devices like Apple TV have slowed down or the power switches become a little unreliable.
2. Not yet compatible with Yonomi, but I asked and they are updating their software to allow cloud control very soon. You could then use an Apple Watch to turn your power sockets (with lamps or other things) on and off!
Great buy
I love the fact that I can control from my phone and I didn't have to run round and move them on an hour when clocks changed. Brilliant.

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