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Encase Slimline Carbon Fibre-Style Galaxy S5 Mini Vertical Flip Case Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Galaxy S5 Mini safe from harm with the slim and stylish carbon fibre-style vertical flip case. This beautiful case offer high performance protection to match its high performance looks.
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 4.7 stars from 21 customers

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Excellent product
Gives good protection, easy to install and use but not cumbersome. Three in total purchased, two in use, one Spare.
Even better than I expected :-)
There are many different possible designs for a phone case, but this is my favourite ever. I'll break it down.
1. I find it a total pain to put a screen password into my phone, just to see my diary, or even to check if the tube is running OK, for Christ's sake. So I have no lock on my phone itself, but instead using something like Applock to lock each individual app that I deem to be private or sensitive in some way. It works great!
2. Then the problem you get is that if the phone is in your pocket, it can get woken up by random key presses or button presses (not sure how it happens but it does). So the phone now MUST be in a case which has a cover.
3. The Samsung official S5 mini case is great because it locks the screen automatically when you close the cover. Beautiful... but, I find the side-opening cover a pain when you want to make a call, and it gets totally in the way if you rotate the phone to landscape mode to get a wider keyboard. Ergo, the case must have a flap that opens downwards, from the bottom, like this Encase one.
4. Next problem: how does the cover stay shut? Many manufacturers put a little flap with a press-stud closure on the cover. WRONG! When the case is open that flap has a life of its own and creeps round to cover the screen. And when the case is shut, the flap and press-stud adds a good 5mm depth to the phone - so remind me then, why did I buy a thin phone? Therefore, the flap must close with a push to shut type edge clip, just like the Encase does.
5. Finally, we have the Encase design! Now how is it implemented? Very well actually. It's not overengineered in premium leathers, so the price is correct. It's well made and has a nice bit of cushioning, but not so much that you can't still slide the phone into a tight pocket. The case adds only a minimal amount to the depth, height and width.
6. The clip on the top works like a dream, and when the cover is open, the clip acts as a mini stand on the table, to orient the phone slightly in your direction.
7. The case has all the openings so you can still access ALL the switches and ports with none of those awful hard plastic over-buttons that you have to press thru to get to your real buttons, if you know what I mean.
8. Well, you've probably realised by now that for me, this is the Holy Grail of phone cases. And whichever phone I have in the future, I'm going to be looking for this Encase type, if I can get one.
S5 Mini case
Very good case that fits the phone well, allows easy to all buttons and the phone can be charged without having to open the case.
I would buy this cover again.
Very Happy
Very happy with my new flip phone cover , nice and soft to the touch. Fits my phone perfectly and made of quality materials. Delivery was excellent and wow the price was fantastic. To tell you the truth i was expecting a cheap looking cover as the cost was so good but boy it looks very classy. I will recommend mobilezap to all my friends and any body that is looking for a quality cover for your phone.I will be using this company again thats for sure.Thanks to mobilezap i am one very happy customer and recommend to 100%
Good quality
Well made product which fits well but is simple to remove. Protects the phone well and doesnt hinder any use. It does however almost double the depth while on, so it can make the device a little bulky and does not fit as well into smaller pockets
It is a lot better then the other one.
Nice Device.
Well made flip phone case
I had a similar case for my previous phone which lasted pretty well for 2 years plus and protected the phone well from the occasional fall / knock. This case fits snugly around the phone gripping it tightly. The case shuts well and the catch at the top keep the case closed without being too tight to open easily. All ports readily available -the only thing is that you have to take the phone our of the case to use the heart monitor (but I imagine the same will be true of all cases, except perhaps the Samsung one which replaces the back of the phone).
Excellent product and good service
On the plus side the case is sturdy and feels good to hold and you can charge the phone without opening the case. On the negative side the cover is stiff to open - maybe it will improve with use. This is a similar product to the one I bought for my Galaxy S2 where the clasp at the top of the cover was much better to open from the outset.
Nice case but doesn't clip shut
The quality of this case would be Excellent
The case doesn't remain closed as the clip does not clip on to phone
Poor design or lack of testing?
Improvement required
Protects and enhances your phone.
Plus points - it looks good, it effectively protects the screen corners of the device from knocks, it doubles as a desk stand for the phone, you can charge it up without opening the case and you do not have to remove the back of the phone to fit it. It also makes the phone less slippery to hold. Minus points - it does slightly increase the size of the phone. On my previous phone I had a case which flipped open vertically, which was irritating because it flopped around while the phone was in use and it hinged across the charging port, so it had to be open to charge the phone. This is much better.
Nice case. Neat and compact
Does what I was looking for - neatly and safely encases Samsung galaxy s5 phone. Quite neat actually.
Ideal, suitable, definitely recommend
I found that the case was the most ideal accessory for the phone. Its protected, its very fashionable infact; i'd say its the most stylish case i have seen. The fact that i can also use it as a stand is fantastic for when im travelling on bus or train. Im happy with the buy and i'd happily recommend people for this product.
Great product
i thought the product was great it looked good and works well
Phone case
This has to be the best case .wallet type I. V seen for the money that you pay good strong stylish and with a flip part to for your selfie. S fits like a glove seen other but wooowwww the price is crazy get this you won't be disappointed

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