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Encase Rotating 4 Inch Leather-Style Universal Phone Case - Brown Reviews

Wrap your 4 inch screen phone in luxurious, sophisticated protection with the brown Encase Leather-Style Stand Case. This universal case has credit card slots and can transform into a convenient viewing stand which rotates between portrait and landscape.
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 3.2 stars from 32 customers

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Not worth buying
Have been using this for a week and already the rings round the swivel part have broken. It's now in the bin.
Falls short
This cover/ wallet (red) looks and feels nice in hand. Unfortunately the cover does not have hole for camera to take pics. Instead you have to take phone out of wallet to take picture. Frustrating. The moment is lost. Poor design. Not functional.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Mark

You should be able to rotate the phone within the case so you can take photography without removing your device. Hope this helps.
Love the look and ease of use. The service was prompt and article more than expected.
the case arrived the same day as my phone died so I have no use for it now.
The case arrived the same day that my old phone died, so it was no use to me. The case is nice however, and the tracking emails were helpful in letting me know when to expect my parcel.
I am finding case quite good
Understand the design!
Max mobile size 4.5", less if you want all round drop protection. Very versatile cover, vertical and horizontal inclined screen positions very useful. Practise central position of mobile before using the sticking pad to PERMANENTLY locate mobile in the cover, ie get it right first time! Back of mobile MUST be clean first. Camera use is easy: swivel mobile 90 degrees and fold cover closing tab backwards down against back of cover and inbuilt magnet will then hold tab clear of camera. Used cover for a few months so far; no signs of wear yet. Discover the many folded shapes of the cover and use your favourite ones!
This smart looking phone case
It is a smart, useful little case, the only downside is the gel that hold your phone in place doesn't stay adhesive for very long.
A reasonable buy
Mobile cover for Samsung Galaxy J1. Product arrived within estimated time frame and looks great. There is one problem in that the rotating pad will not stay glued to the back of the mobile.
A very nice case. Good to the touch. Credit card pockets very useful for storage as well as providing extra protection for the screen.
PITY there is NO aperture for the camera lens.
Turning the phone in the case does not help as the closure flap is in the way of the lens.
Had I known this I would not have made the purchase.
poor quality
poor quality
phone slips out
Not happy
The product was not what I was expecting. There is no hole in the back of the cover for the camera. Also, there is no holder for the phone, you have to peel off a glue part which sticks to the back of the phone.
MobileFun Reply
Hi James

Sorry to hear you are not happy with the case. In the description it does state however "Adhesive gel pad to keep your phone secure". As far as the camera is concerned, you simply rotate the phone within the case so you can use the camera feat
Not recommended
There is no hole for the camera, so using this cover means you cannot take pictures. The camera is held in the cover by a sticky pad, rather than rubber surrounds, so there's no way of taking it out and putting back in easily. This makes the cover useless. It does fold over to hold the phone in a standing position if these other drawbacks are of no concern. Perhaps it was user error, but I need a cover that enables the camera to be used, and being able to remove the phone occasionally is good for keeping it clean.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Graeme

This is a rotating case, so simply rotate your phone and your camera lens should be revealed to enable you to take a photo without any of the case obstructing your shot.

Hope this helps.
What I wanted
The mobile case is what I wanted except it does not have hole for camera.
Shame it didn't fit properly
I bought this case as I really liked it & stated it fitted the new EE Rook. Unfortunately, in order to use the camera you would have to keep turning it as the case covers the lens. Previous experience says that the case will break easily. Gutted as I really do like the case. 2 stars only because of the camera & turning part. Quality, looks & price full marks.
Poor product
I recently bought a phone case for my Samsung phone,I ordered on line as local shops did not seem to stock them. I'm am very disappointed with the product,it fits bet leaves a sticky substance on my phone,I would not recommend the product to any of my friends.
When i decided to buy this case i was dubious about the phone sticking into the case but i can say it works brilliantly. Love the fact it rotates allowing you to use your camera
Aesthetically pleasing. Actual purpose is useless
The look of the product itself was fine, it was made of good quality material.
The problem I had was that the part you attach your phone to, stopped working after a couple of days. If you move the phone too much it falls out. If you rotate it, it falls out. If you fold it to balance it on a table, it falls out. It's not sticky enough. Personally I had to modify it to keep the phone in place.
Perfect for galaxy alpha.good quality.
A very snug fit 'Spot On'
A little confusion at first , but customer services soon put my mind at ease . The '"4' is absolutely ideal for this type/make of mobile phone , the 'sticky' backing is very strong to hold your mobile in position plus the swivel 'plate' is a very nice touch indeed to position your mobile in any position you wish also leaving room for the camera aperture to take your pictures ! All round an ideal unit well worth a purchase (P & P is acceptable)
Very Good
Case is compact and swivel action allows easy use of camera on phone but unfortunately phone is not easy to remove from the sticky gel and it would be better for a cradle than the sticky gel. When buying this sort of case a spare phone cover would be useful if the phone was required to be removed from the case.

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