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Encase FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Case - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone case for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini in black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37036
$7.95 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 38 customers

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Excellent fit
Very quick delivery, fits my phone exactly. The buttons on the side require firm pressure which means that there are no more accidental switching on/off in pocket and the case provides ideal protection without making the phone any bigger.
So far so good
My daughter was very pleased indeed with the item, indeed it is really early days and I would not expect it to be faulty yet but as summarised above "so far, so good".
So far so good
My daughter was very pleased indeed with the item, indeed it is really early days and I would not expect it to be faulty yet but as summarised above "so far, so good".
Great Case
I was looking for a great looking case for my new phone. The one I chose was perfect. It felt so much better when handling the phone and the colour was great too.
Great Cover
This cover fits like a glove where as most cheaper ones the holes don't line up. It offers great protection and the anti slip properties are good. I must recommend this cover to all. M
Samsung Galaxy s3 cover
Very happy with product and service. Thank you.
great value robust case
Really pleased with this case, fits perfectly and looks great. Unlike a previous case this does not affect photo quality. Excellent value for money, already looking at ones to fit new phone when upgrade in a few months!

Ordering and delivery fab
Looks great! However...
Looks great,however unable to switch phone on and off with case on. Also, same with volume control on left hand side of phone (not able to use with case on).
Great case. Fits well without adding bulkiness to the handset. No echo on the line as mentioned in another review. No excessive fingerprints either. All ports and buttons still work well. All in all it's a very smart case and I'm very pleased.
Great product. Simple and easy fit.
Simple, snug fitting, comfortable grip.
Ideal for purpose.
Slick, sleek and minimal. A perfect fit.
Get a grip!
I like this phone cover for the positive grip that it provides. It also provides a degree of shock protection if dropped onto its edge.
I was very pleased with the quality and fitting which enables access to all buttons and sockets.
Good but not great
Its acceptable but the holes on the bottom for charging and the microphone are not centered. Its difficult to keep the charger plugged in without removing the case.
Fits like a glove
Good quality product, nice feel to it, complements blue colour of handset.
in these modern times
In these modern days of indiscriminate hacking and other abuse of the mobile phone it is good to know that your back is covered by a flexishield in order to keep your physical reality safe.
Practical case to protect from knocks and bashes
I was after a practical case to protect my new phone from knocks and bashes (and for when I eventually drop it) as I keep it in my trouser pocket while out at work driving around and hauling stuff about.

One reason I bought this is that I had a Flexishield+ case for my previous smart phone, which had done it's job well.

The case adds minimal additional bulk to the phone. I think the smoke black is relatively subtle with my Pebble Blue phone.

It has a raised button areas for the power button and volumn rather than a cut out, which make it harder to use but for me that is a plus as I was worried that it was too easy to accidently turn it on anyway.

I have added a screen protector as well, that with the case probably do take away from the aesthetics of the phone, but for me the protection is more important and I am now happy to take it out and about, pop it into my bag and and take out into the garden, I trod on it earlier (although very lightly in wellies) and it survived unscathed.

It seemed very unsubstantial when it arrived in the packaging, but once on has a good grip and feels like it will do it's job.
Just what hubby wanted
As usual, I sorted out his mobile upgrade and got the Samsung Galaxy S3 for him. If it was left up to him he's still be carrying a brick round! As he works in a warehouse a case is an essential to protect it and this was a sensible price for a blokeish looking skin instead of a pretty in pink version. He loves it and it fits like a glove.
Very good product
This case fits the phone perfectly and has cut outs in all the right places. It has a shiny appearance but is also grippy in the hand. The case covers the side buttons which prevents accidental operation when in your pocket but the on/off button is a little stiff as a result. You can, of course, use the front button at the bottom of the screen to turn the screen on which halves the number of times you need to use the on/off button.
Great price and great service
When I got my new phone I returned to mobilefun.co.uk as I had bought a great flexishield cover for my last phone. It fits really well, is a great price and really fast delivery.
Fits well, not very black
The fit of the cover is excellent and the volume and power button all very well.

The extra grip helps, I found the phone on its own to be quite a slippery character!

If you buy this cover don't expect it to be anywhere near as black as the photo suggests. The photo makes the cover look very dark even on a white phone, though on my navy blue phone the cover is definitely a 'mid grey', smokey would best describe it when off the phone.
Perfect product for the job
My wife wanted a clear cover for her Galaxy S3 Mini so she could still see the La Fleur design on the back. After a pointless search of Samsung genuine items I stumbled across this site and bought one straight away. She is now very happy. Perfect fit and high quality.
Does exactly what you would wish it to do and more
Perfect fit for the phone. Fully protects the casing and makes it easier to keep hold of. I s also aesthetically pleasing.
Good case
Brought this to protect the phone from everything a teenage boy can throw at it!

Case fits really well and shields the delicate screen edges.

All cut outs very well matched, case looks good on the phone.

Only time will tell if it is truly teen-proof!
Great product
I bought this as a protective cover for my phone, after watching reviews on YouTube. This skin is good quality for the price, fits well, nice colour, doesn't make the phone too bulky. The only fault with this is fingerprints show up fairly well, and it needs cleaned often. Overall a great little case, does the job perfectly :)
Good case for the price
This is a good case. The Galaxy S3 Mini has a smooth back case, so trying to balance the phone between your ear & shoulder doesn't feel "secure". This case offers a nice amount of traction. Also it bulks out the phone in a good way. You feel like you have a good grip on it. And the side buttons work. So no loss in functionality. I don't need to ally any extra pressure to adjust the volume, or access the functions off the power button. There is plenty of room around the microphone. And also plenty of room around the micro USB port. So even chargers or data cables with a big bulky frame don't need the case removing to use the port. Even the view out of the camera isn't hindered. The only thing to be aware of is the touch screen is still fully exposed. So you may want to consider a screen shield or a case with a folding cover.

In short, it's a good case for the price.
Caused an echo on the line
I first thought this was great simple product looks smart and offers good protection. I then kept on getting complaints from people that there was a very bad echo on the line. I tried the phone with and without the case it was the case that was the problem. Would not recommend!
just the cover
Bought this protective cover as a stop gap as there is not much available for this new phone yet. How ever this is an excellent little cover providing excellent protection And I maynot buy an official cover when the are released.

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