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Encase ArmourDillo Nokia Lumia 735 Protective Case - Blue Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Lumia 735 from bumps and scrapes with this blue ArmourDillo case. Comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton, with a built in viewing stand. This case is also compatible with the Nokia Lumia 730.
  • Mobile Fun ID 51118

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 4.7 stars from 19 customers

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Exactly what was needed
It's almost the same colour as my sons Nokia Lumia so it looks great. He was really pleased with it as it looks good, is strong and feels robust to protect his mobile plus he liked the stand on the case too. Handy for watching his videos. I would like to say the service from Mobile Fun was fast and efficient too. I'll definitely use them again. Thanks!!
great buy
fantastic product for my wife who constantly drops her phone,even from a moving car,not a scratch on the case or the phone .Thank you
good unit
Fits the phone well and the buttons and jacks on the phone work with the cover. I ordered this 2 weeks before I left on a trip and it arrived while I was gone.
Great Product
Strong Sturdy cover for my phone, Exacatly what I was looking for.
Great Product
Strong Sturdy cover for my phone, Exacatly what I was looking for.
Good Enough
Case is complimentary to the phone. It doesn't add much bulk or weight but it does offer protection. My only con is it needs to come with a screen protector. I would recommend the case for purchase.
The good outweighs a little bad
The case has been designed with the user in mind. It's thin enough to go into your back pocket, and has groves on the side for a secure fit to your hand. Just needs a screen protector & belt clip to make it perfect.
The good outweighs a little bad
The case has been designed with the user in mind. It's thin enough to go into your back pocket, and has groves on the side for a secure fit to your hand. Just needs a screen protector & belt clip to make it perfect.
cool casing
This is a cool protective casing for the Lumia 735. Looks & feels good.
Practical and great value for money
I bought this case after initially having a flip wallet type one which was always awkward to open and didn't give much protection (I am a builder and use it on site)The new case was easy to fit, gives great protection and also has a handy little stand for use on a desk or hard surface. Nice bright colours to choose from. We got 2 different colours so we can tell which phone is which if they are both together. Also not easy to lose from site if its just chucked down on site which is often the case. very happy
Exactly what I wanted
The cover is exactly as described and is very robust. Easy to fit. The stand is a bit stiff at first but looks as if it will last well.
armourdillo cover for Lumia 735
The armourdillo cover I ordered for my Lumia 735 is perfectly fit and looks awesome as the quality is very good. I am very happy with the service and quality product provided by Mobile Zap. I recommend this product for Lumia 735 owners. It makes Lumia 735 look too good and feel strong.
Encase ArmourDillo Nokia Lumia 735 5/10
Dear Reader,
Having previously been spoilt by having an iPhone 5s with an Otterbox defender case, I changed to a shiny new Nokia Lumia 735. I scoured the internet looking for a "ruggedized" case to protect it, but was dismayed at the amount of cases that claimed to be tough yet sadly fell very short of the mark. Some cases were nothing more than a flimsy silicon sleeve that more or less fitted the phone and in reality were about as much use as a chocolate teapot! Then I happened across the Encase ArmourDillo case and I can tell you now it certainly is the best of a bad bunch of cases that are currently available and there is scope for improvement, let me explain…
Firstly let me point out that the case does not have an integrated screen cover so offers no prtection for the screen! This for me is a huge design flaw.

It is a two part case comprising of a rubber back sleeve that snuggly fits over the back of the phone and a sturdy plastic exoskeleton type frame that fits over that which also houses the kick stand. The access to the earphone socket will accommodate most types of proprietary jacks but will not fit larger style phone jacks. The volume & power buttons are fully covered but the charging socket sadly isn’t. Camera lens, speakers and microphone do not nave integrated protection and are again open to the elements. The exoskeleton cover can get quiet slippery in the hand and offers no form of slip protection.
The case on the positive side does offer some form of protection when compared to its rivals but nothing on the scale of an Otterbox or Dinosaur case. It is light and slim adding very little weight to the device. I would give this case 5/10 as the manufacturers could have done so much more with it…
Must-Have case for you 735
I love my new Nokia 735, always did, but I found the phone itself very slippery, and I was always afraid of dropping it. Not any longer! With the Encase ArmourDillo protective case,with its cool grippy ridges all round, I am in control. It also has a neat stand incorporated into the back, which is useful at work, where my phone stands on my desk and I can see instantly any incoming calls and messages. Lastly, the bright green that I chose means that I can at last find my phone when I have left it on my all-black sofas! A great product, highly recommended
Need to Armour your Mobile ? You need an ArmourDillo !!
Easy to fit,comes in two parts ie back case & rubber amour cover which clips over the other cover it also incorporates a pull out stand.

With the case fitted it makes the phone much easier to handle & less chance of dropping & if I did it's well protected.

One small disappointment is there is no lanyard/strap attachment point.
I have tested this ahead of ordering for my field team within BT. It is light but rugged. easy to use and although I have not tried to drop it on the floor it looks like it is up for the job. My engineering team will now be ordering these units.
Armour Dillo
To realistically protect your phone from breaks and falls, it needs to be completely encased to protect the screen from breakages and the rest of the phone from damage. The armour dillo like the Griffin for iphone is a case that clearly increases the size of the phone with its bulk and the phone rest at the back is a nice touch. However, where is the screen protector. Nothing at the front, not even the usual plastic stick on protector. This is a serious flaw and I would suggest not to purchase this product unless you can be certain your phone would never fall face down.

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