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Ellipse Universal Smartphone / Tablet Desk Stand - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Ellipse Universal Smartphone / Tablet Desk Stand is suited to hold a wide range of Smartphone and tablets at the perfect angle.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37844
$13.17 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 55 customers

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Great Little iPhone Stand!
i pretty much broke the bank with my new iPhone and was looking for an affordable stand. this little stand filled the bill perfectly!
tablet desk stand
I tried it and used it now I can not be without it
Does what I bought it for.
I was a bit peeved that the combined cover and stand I was sold with my Note had the unfortunate habit of colapsing without warning and needed a small but strong stand to hold it securely. This stand is perfect even in portrait mode and I feel confident when typing that the whole thig isn`t going to fall over.
Table desk stand
Very usefull
Ellipse Desk Stand black
A great product at a great price. It works with both my IPhone and IPad .

The web description was spot on.
Very handy phone stand
This tablet/mobile phone stand is terrific. Just what I needed for my Samsung Galaxy to keep it safe and easier to pick up. It also means that when the phone rings you can hear the sound better as well. A great buy and you can get several to have handy for around the house or office.
Remarkably stable
Does what it says. It holds ipad and S2 firmly and allows varied use without sliding. Even for a 4 year old!
Absolutely perfect!!
Have been searching all over the net for a good quality stand set at the right angle and good quality for my Note.And this is it! . Folds up so easily carried. Nicely padded so won't harm the device. I can also use it with my Galaxy Ace phone. Got two now one for me one for my wife. Delivered promptly and with fantastic service by Mobile Fun as usual.
Smart and simple
I was looking for a stand that would take a large tablet like my old Motorola Xoom. It fits perfectly as does my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. This stand is smart, strong and practical.
Great Little Accessory
I was a bit fed up with my inability to see my phone when it was flat on a table or at my desk at work and decided that I needed a simple stand to be able to use and stand my phone up at a decent angle. The service from mobilefun was great, simple order process and the product arrive as promised. The stand itself is a great little design, compact, good quality with some rubber sections that provide a very good grip to both mobiles and tablets. Works very well with thin devices but unfortunately I have an extended battery on my mobile so when I slip the phone into the stand, it's pretty much vertical, not at an angle as required. I have to fiddle around with the position of the phone so that I can see the screen - which was a bit dissapointing. I tried it with a friends thinner phone and it worked well. Also my tablet which is much thinner that my phone worked well and was at a decent angle. Overall I am happy with the product and know that my next phone is likely to have a better battery life and the body will be thinner so it will probably work/fit just fine in the stand. JUst something to be aware of if you have a larger mobile case or an extended battery. For all other thinner tablets and mobiles, this is a great little accessory.
Simply Brilliant
This phone and tablet stand is so simple, yet brilliant. Does the job with no fuss, great
Simple, elegant, but it works
I commute 2.5hrs on the train to London and got fed up with the angle of the magnetic case I had on the iPad. It always caught the glare of the sun. Saw this, and decided to hi it a go. I carry a rucksack with laptop every day, so his was small, light and quick to unfold and set up on the small tray table.

It is worth every penny - so much so, I bought another for a friend. If looking for a stand, then give this one ago, especially if you travel.
great for the iphone for using the alarm clock. i stay in hotels a lot and have always had to rest the iphone against something, this device puts it at the correct angle and doesnt fall over.
A Good Little Product
This is a well made, pretty device which does exactly what it say it will - supports a range of devices securely and without slipping or tipping.
Thoroughly recommended and value for money.
Nearly perfect
Very nicely built, very usefull, lovely design.
It could just have a hole to plug in the power line.
Hands free
Brilliant piece of design. Simple, elegant and a joy to use. I can read for hours without any fatigue for the hands.Congratulations.
Hold this for me
If it came in a tin, it would say "does exactly what it says on the tin! (Well it might if it wasn't some sort of copyright infringement)
It's so reasonably priced I'd recommend buying two or three so you ban have one by your bed one by your favourite seat in the lounge and maybe one at work. Unless you're a chimney sweep! It may not be practical , if you have a desk job! Then get one for work.
Fab stand that looks cool too
I wanted a Stand for my 6" Tablet to watch movies and hold the clock at night.

I saw the white Stand and gave it ago.

Its a great design simple and light but really strong and holds everything from my phone up to a 10" iPad with no problems.

Its very stable and secure and looks cool as well.

100% recomended.
perfect fit
very good product, phone and tablet fit very well. arrived the next day after placing order.
Simple but Effective.
Brought this for my wife's iPad mini, perfect fit, she loves it, result!
Delivery super quick, ordered 5pm arrived by 11am next day. Brilliant
Just what I needed
I use my ipad 3 in a number of different places. I us it at work and the desk stand is set at a good angle for veiwing.The grip is very good and is very safe when moving without coming off the iPad.
Not for S3
Cannot charge S3 while in this cradle and without a charger, you cannot reach the back and menu buttons. Be warned
Simple spacesaving product. Ideal for the desk or bedside table.
Does exactly what it says on the tim.
Didn't think it would be so useful
The Ellipse e-kit Universal Smartphone/Tablet Desk Stand - what a mouthful.
Such a small gadget but such a useful one.
The iPad stands rock steady and is able to be placed at an angle that begs to be read from, as does the Kindle, even with the covers on they both fit comfortably and make it so easy to see. No hands to move or jog them.
I am so impressed with quality and price. And when you have finished, well it just folds up and slips comfortably in your pocket. What could be better?
just what I needed
So good I bought two.
The naked phone stand
As a too-hasty purchase this stand does not fulfil MY day-to-day needs as my phone is constantly in a 3400mAh charging jacket and the iPad sits in a ballistic case. This renders both too thick to sit in the stand...
But - take them out of their protection and they sit perfectly in this neat little stand.
neat and simple
very simple and robust design, does what is says and very well.
Great if you are using kindle or pads as a reference book.
How wrong can you be.
Okay so I have to be honest and say I was sceptical that this would work as a universal stand but having purchased before from mobile Fun and had superb service I thought why not.
How wrong can you be, these little guys work perfectly and I have tried my Galaxy 3, Blackberry, Kobo, Kindle Fire HD, Nexus and Sony e reader. All are held fine and great to have something that is so simple to use.
The perfect prop
I bought two of these and can't rate them highly enough for what is essentially such a simple yet effective idea.

The best use so far is as a stand for my Nexus 7 in the kitchen when using it to read a recipe and the anti-slip pads help it to stay perfectly in place on the worktop.

Brilliant piece of kit.
Well designed, but...
This is a brilliant product with a good viewing angle, well made - more robust than it looked on screen. Good with the Kindle. I'd give it 5 stars, but when I use it with the Samsung phone I can't access the right or left-hand buttons because the cradle rises on both sides. Design fault? Otherwise wonderful!
Well designed, but...
This is a brilliant product with a good viewing angle, well made - more robust than it looked on screen. Good with the Kindle. I'd give it 5 stars, but when I use it with the Samsung phone I can't access the right or left-hand buttons because the cradle rises on both sides. Design fault? Otherwise wonderful!
Simple idea,works well
I sent for this product as it was inexpensive .If it did not work then I would not have wasted a great deal of money.
Surprise then that it is an excellent device,simple to use,light and easy to carry. Well worth the money and is sturdy without the weight.
As I said in the heading,a simple idea,that works very well.
Spot on!
This is just what I have been looking for for my Sony Tablet. My tablet sits comfortably in it as does my other smart phones. I'd been considering a cradle for my tablet for a while but they all seemed so expensive. This little gadgets does exactly what a cradle does but at a so much lower price. Now I can use my tablet as a bedside digital photoframe as well! Awesome!
Neat item, just the job.
Used it with my kindle an blackberry. Folds up neatly so can take it to work and use it with blackberry playbook. Worth having more than one!
Just what the desk doctor ordered
Just fed up with my phone being under paper and out of site. This is a small discreet gadget that allows my phone to be in view and used whilst in the holder.

Would highly recommend.
Ideal Holder
This holder does exactly what it says and holds the Iphone and Ipad perfectly, It folds into a neat item for easy storage at home or on the move.
ellipse e-kit
wonderful device i can read my kindle very easily from the great angle and can stand any phone on my desk
I have been looking for this for a while
I just didn't know if one was made but I finally found it. This stand for my phone is perfect, its the right angle for reading and I switch it to landscape when charging it. The stand holds the phone firmly so I can easily continue to use it,
The stand folds neatly away to be stashed until I need it again, I would recommend this stand to everyone.
The Ellipse e-Kit Universal Smartphone / Tablet Desk Stand
Brilliance in a small package, bought as a surprise gift for my wife
she is over the moon as it is so convenient and yet practical.
Great product
Holds my Samsung Galaxy at the perfect angle to use the clock function. Holds it tight enough so it doesn't fall out if knocked.
Simple and effective
A simple and effective device, at a very reasonable price, for holding a smartphone on one's desk at the right angle.
Just the thing to save holding your device when using Skype for long periods. Excellent!!!
Doesn't work well with covers
Fits nicely on the desk but not so practical with covers.
Simple, cheap, functional
This is a lightweight, compact stand that fulfills its function well. Folds out for stability, and folds back for transport or storage. Does its job admirably for a pocket money price.
Good buy
A simple idea that works brilliantly no matter what size of phone or tablet you wish to use - good value for money and highly recommended
Desk stand
When I first saw this I knew wanted one, so I ordered 3 ....one for myself and one each for my son and daughter. I suffer with aching fingers after just a short while, so this was a godsend...brilliant! so simple yet funcional, and I can put it in my pocket to take anywhere I go.
As Advertised
This Gadget performs exactly as described! If you prefer to use your smart phone or tablet in a typical PC position. Then buy one!!
Its brilliant!!
Take a stand!
A neat little piece of kit. Comes folded up but opens into a smart looking stand for phone or tablet. Works very well indeed ONCE you've taken your piece of kit out of any case its in. Its very rocky if you leave it in and doesn't fit very well. Naked though its perfect and is rock solid when in use.
Good for great or small
Nice firm base ideal as a stable mount for watching films' texting and even table top photography. Not pretentious just ideal for the job.

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