Elago AirPods Strap - White Reviews

Designed exclusively to be used with iPhone AirPods, the Strap from Elago is the ideal accessory to stop you losing your precious AirPods.
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Simple Idea & Great Product
Really useful accessory and such a simple design. Worth every penny to save loosing those expensive ear pods. Exactly what I expected and more.
I Must Item
Your Air pods are more secure round the neck, comfortable and make sure the pair stay together.
Over priced and non functional
1-Cable is too short when placed behind your neck. Every time I turned my neck the earpiece fell out of my ear. I had to wear under my chin.
2-Impractical when you putting earpieces away.
3- Overpriced.
Given the price paid for, it is definitely and without reasonable doubt a waist of money.

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