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Eiger Samsung S10 Plus Case Friendly Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Introducing the ultimate in screen protection for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, the case compatible 3D Glass by Eiger is made from premium real glass with rounded edging and anti-shatter film.
Price: £19.99
Introducing the ultimate in screen protection for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, the case compatible 3D Glass by Eiger is made from premium real glass with rounded edging and anti-shatter film.
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very happy the screen protector
As before via emails
Works great
This screen protector works great! I've bought it a couple times since I'm pretty clumsy. Everytime it arrives fast and is easy to install. It has a punch out for the fingerprint scanner and that's my favorite part since most other protectors dont have that so you cant use the scanner. But this one you can!
Perfect idea.
Everything about the product was explained before purchasing. Great!!
Easy to install
This was a great product. Not that expensive, easy to install, can use the fingerprint with it on. BUT once it's broken, there's no warranty process like with Zagg or Bodyguardz. If I'd have known this before my son bought it, I would have had him get one of the other two products.
Samsung s10 plus screen cover
I'm very happy with my purchase. Came very well packaged easy peasy instructions so very happy indeed.
Quality product
All I needed to know about the product was clearly available in the advertised information
Good-Not Great
I have had two of these. The first one cracked for no apparent reason. They are easy to put on and seem to protect the screen well. There are not a lot of choices for the S10+, but if this one doesn't last I will try something different.
Eiger Samsung S10 Plus Case Friendly Tempered Glass Screen Protector
The tempered glass is working very good. Not much of the finger print, easy to install and fits precisely in my Samsung S10 Plus. I highly recommend this product to anyone needing quality protection.
More over i got very friendly and responsive customer service.
Dependable protection
Done a solid job of protecting my phone. I wish the instructions were a bit clearer, i almost messed up and only realized at the last minute that there was a plastic protection piece for the fingerprint sensor. So far several drops and protector is intact. Only reason 5 stars not given is a did a lot of pressure around the edges to try and avoid hairy edges, but there's quite a buildup after only a month or two.
Good price and the cutout is usually not noticeable during daily use, only when i am answering calls is the offset obnoxious. But a fair tradeoff to be sure. Price was good and shipping prompt with no issues. Overall a great buy! :)
Awesome Protector - Totally works with the new Samsung fingerprint sensor
Great protector. Essy to install and the only one that I have found that works 100% everytime with the fingerprint scanner. Recommend for all the new Samsung phones.
Not great
The product didn't last long taken off today and lots of dirt inside the protector and the screen and plus when you get hot the protector gets all steamed up inside not great at all
Great product
Love this screen protector. Fits good with my case and allows me to still use my fingerprint. The only issue I had was that it took over a month to arrive.
Great protection for your new S10 or S10+
Tempered Glass Screen Protectors are so much better than the thin plastic screen protectors which only help avoid scratches.

I have been using these since I dropped my S8+ and the screen cracked. Fitted one of these on the S8+ and they saved the phone a number of times, yes the screen protector cracked, but it did its job and saved the phone so it was a must have for my new S10+.. Highly recommended.
It's hard to find a glass screen protector for the Galaxy S10 Plus. Apparently Samsung didn't think their fingerprint technology through as far as people who want tempered glass for the screen protector.

This has a circle opening for the fingerprint (should you choose to use it) so all is good.

Once I found the setting on the phone that allowed me to make the screen more touch sensitive, I was in heaven with this screen protector.
Finger Print Sensor Works Better With This Than Without Any Screen Protector At All! NC
I was a little skeptical about having a cutout where the fingerprint sensor is, but honestly, that feature is amazing! It gives you a tactile target to put your finger and the success rate is WAY better with this screen protector. With the pre-installed screen protector Samsung gave my success rate was about 50% of the time it recognized my print. With this screen protector is 90+%, I went a whole week where it got it every time!

This is a wonderful glass screen protector (none of that ugly scratches you get with the film protectors). There is a cutout for the finger print and camera. Both curious have a small border on the inside that doesn't stick down like the rest of the screen. At first I didn't understand it, but now I think that's purposeful. Looking at it, it looks like it should be a dust and mint magnet area, but it's really not! I think that's because the adhesive has space between the egde of the cutout and it that makes it hard for the dust and long to stick to it. Now don't get me wrong, there is a little that accumulates inside the cutout edge, but it's extremely mild and I don't even notice it.

The screen protector does change the display color slightly, which is noticeable in the cutout part, but again, I don't notice it much. If your a display purist, you may find it annoying. But if you're like me and would rather sacrifice that little bit of color difference for a protected screen, then this protector is amazing!

It was very easy to apply and the case friendly option does work with cases just fine. It's close on the top and bottom, but the side edges have some give, which is good if you have a hardier case. Do measure if you can, and just be aware that the top and bottom borders are not as forgiving of off measurements.

In short, this screen protector delivers on its claims to both protect the phone and be usable with the finger print sensor. I highly recommend to any S10+ users. Biggest hassle is having to wait for it to get through customs! But well worth it and I'll definately look at this company for my next screen protector too. Their quality and thoughtfulness seem to be superb and should be recognized for the great product it is.
not great
this protector has a physical hole cut out for the finger print sensor. The protector feels good and strong but the adhesive holding it on wasn't great as mine fell off after less than a week.
Screen protector
Great product. Excellent screen protector. Definitely worth the purchase
Good but ugly
I bought this screen protector for my S10 plus and I fitted it with the pre-installed screen protector still on because I didn't want to pull it off just in case. They work perfect together no loss of touch sensitivity my only niggle about the screen cover is the fact that there's the hole for the fingerprint which looks ugly and when you try to send a text message it's awkward.
Pretty good
Fits well with case, makes touch on phone slightly less sensitive but is very clear and doesn't scratch or break easily.

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