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Eiger Samsung Galaxy S10 Case Friendly Tempered Glass Screen Protector Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Introducing the ultimate in screen protection for the Samsung Galaxy S10, the case compatible 3D Glass by Eiger is made from premium real glass with rounded edging and anti-shatter film.
Price: £19.99
Introducing the ultimate in screen protection for the Samsung Galaxy S10, the case compatible 3D Glass by Eiger is made from premium real glass with rounded edging and anti-shatter film.
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Good product
Good product
Not worth it for long term
Bought this protector for my new S10 and at first i was.very please with it mainly because the fingerprint access is so easy.But I phone on the kitchen floor once , not from a big hight and the thing just flew off!Luckily my phone didn't get damaged and i did manage to put it back on but due to the blue on the sides , it wont stick back properly anymore so that means at next accident it will come off again!But so far is the only one I found that work with the fingerprint and I've tried many!
Cover went of fab and touch screen worked fine, after a couple of weeks I knocked my phone off arm of sofa and the protector cracked and fell off! I'm messages mobile fun but not heard back yet, not impressed by this considering the price I paid.
The best available option
Nothing more to be said it's the best
so far so good
so far this one has been fine, its the 3rd one I have had on this phone but so far so good!
Screen over that actually works
The screen cover goes on easily, without bubbles and works well with the fingerprint reader
mixed feelings
I bought this screen protector for my new phone. I fitted fine and went well with my silicon case.
Two days ago I was leaving a car when my phone slipped out of my packet and fell down to the ground. Although it wasn`t dopping from high distance, the screen protector flew away off my phone and broke in the corners and sides. I was shocked. It saved my screen although I have one chip on the bottom edge.
I am happy that it saved my screen but surprised that is is broken that badly....
Make sure you turn your sensitivity up on your Samsung.
Amazing screenprotector with camera hole!!
I was looking for a really long time for a glass screen protector with a camera hole and fingerprint sensitive. It's strange that most companies don't make camera holes. I'm so happy I finally found this one!! Now my selfies are very clear :) When I first got it it fit perfectly and looked great, but it wasnt very responsive to touch which made it really frustrating. Then I figured out that you need to enable 'touch sensitivity' in the display settings and now it works really well. And this screenprotector already saved my phone screen a big crack, so I'm very happy :) would totally get it again!
solid piece of glass
Just realize that the S10 is a curved surface (convex) so any drop is more likely to hit the screen. The advantage of the glass protector is that the protector usually will crack before the screen does.

I purchased this for my wife's Galaxy S10 and after boosting the sensitivity of the "touch", it worked well. Fingerprint ID was also not hampered because of the circular hole where the fingertip goes.

After ~ 1 week, my wife dropped her phone and now has a small (noticable) crack on her protector; but the screen is unscathed. This is good evidence that the protector worked since replacing the protector is much cheaper that replacing the screen. At the moment, she's still using the phone w/ the small crack in the protector; and happy the screen isn't damaged.
First class product
Nothing your explanation was accurate
Seems a good product
Arrived on time & as describes
Great product
Great product, does exactly what it says, this is my second one, my first one saved my screen while on holiday, if I had any criticism I'd say it's a little expensive, but saying that I'm delighted with it.
Just what I wanted.
Screen Protector
Orite the circle in it is grand but gets very annoying looking at it even when your texting it gets on your nervous as it sometimes in the way. When I put down the screen protector down it still moving about on me which is pissing of now other then that its grand.
does what it says
The first one I purchased fell off my phone and Mobile Fun sent me a replacement within a couple of days. This one has stayed on and i am pleased with how I can still use the biometrics on it.
Good protection
Purchased the tampered glass protector, and applied it accordingly to installation instructions. However, dropped my phone from a small height and the screen protector just pop off intact. Reported this to Mobile fin, who sent me out a replacement. So far I’ve had no issues with the replacement. Easy to install and provide good protection. Only problem is you can’t unsee the cut out for the finger print sensor, which is annoying, but I guess it’s a small price to pay for having protection against crack or shattered screen should the misfortune of a hard drop occurr. All in all, a very goo screen protector which will put your mind at ease.
Not sensitive enough
It's not as touch sensitive as it could be especially on the edge of the screen
Screen protector
This is an excellent product fits perfect protects well
Top quality
Top qulaity product, good and easy to fit.

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