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Eiger 3D Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Glass Screen Protector - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Introducing the ultimate in screen protection for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, the 3D Glass by Eiger is made from premium real glass with rounded edging and anti-shatter film
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 4 stars from 11 customers

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That is exactly what I wanted.
Thank you.
Like the glass, lost the fingerprint
Like the glass protector. Has been sticking on well. But fingerpront doesn't work anymore even when I increased sensitivity in my settings.
Screen protector
Happy with product
easy to put on.
but finger print sensor is not up to standard.
Great product and easy to use
When I ordered this product I did some research before and once I received the product (2 phone protectors ) I put 1 on and it was super easy but when I put the second one on a phone for some reason it popped off and continued to do so. I notified Mobile fun and they were very professional and extremely kind. They sent out a replacement immediately and it worked fabulously right away...probably a fluke with the one that didnt work...I've had not problem with either protectors since and live them..they are real sensitive so work great with touch and and I have no problem with glare...great product and great company.
Fit nicely.
Even though it fits nice on the phone but with a little pressure/ push from the sides the screen protector can come off. The finger print scan is not working even after I switched on the touch sensitivity on my phone. Is it necessary to have the “round circle “ built on the protector in order to use the finger print scan log in ?
Loved it
If this protector works with the thumb print recognition
Quality product! Looks great, feels great, touch sensitivity of phone is perfect and fingerprint scanner works good and protector works with all my cases. If you don't mind the small circle that shows at the fingerprint scanner (which I don't) when the phone is locked, than this case is the best I've tried and definitely for the price. Others I've used either did not stay in place, or made the fingerprint scanner useless. And I am not interested in a protector that is not tempered glass or that requires liquid adherence.
Fingerprint sometimes works
This is a screen protector that does not require any liquid glue or any uv lights.

There were a few steps but generally it was straightforward to apply.

The screen protector is strong and I believe will be pretty scratch resistant and be able to protect the screen underneath.

However I do have one issue - the fingerprint reader. When I first applied the screen there was a glue stain right on the fingerprint sensor. For several days the fingerprint reader would not work and the phone asked me to clean the screen which I obviously could not do as the screen protector was stuck on top. After a week or two the stain cleared up. I had to redo my fingerprints but the fingerprint reader worked much better. However for some reason it has again become tempermental. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
As it's a pretty expensive phone I don't really want it to be without a screen protector hence I've just held on to it.
Great product
I ordered 2 of these screen protectors and I love them.. only problem I had is one of them was completely shattered when brought out of the package so I had to order another one.
Not quite what I expected!
I think I might have chosen the wrong product. Whist this is of high quality it is not at all good to look at once fitted. There is a a circular patch of adhesive on the protector precisely where the fingerprint sensor is situated. One minute you have a crystal clear screen then, once the screen protector is fitted, you have a circular splodge over the fingerprint sensor. I've removed the protector for now and may try another.

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