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Echo Three Bright i-Beanie Hat with Rechargeable LED Headlamp Light Reviews

Light your way when exploring, dog walking, going for a late night run or simply relaxing with friends outdoors. This warm, well-made and well-fitting beanie hat from Echo Three features a built-in rechargeable 150-lumen headlamp for outdoor adventures.

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 4.9 stars from 41 customers

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Very useful!!
Really useful item. Decent quality all round. Definitely recommend. Excellent service from Mobilefun as usual!
Beanie hat with light
Really well thought out for a simple product, got at a discount so well worth it, great idea as we often do diy and can see this being very useful, fast and efficient service from mobilefun
Practical hat
Really useful hat to have. Been using it in the shed if I have to look for things in the dark and frees up my hands. Should come in handy for other things as well. Glad I bought it.
Very handy piece of equipment to have in the house.
It's a very comfortable hat even without the very useful powerful light. Charging it is simple too.
Very useful
Excellent so easy to use no fiddling with straps etcalso very good light sourve
Excellent item
That the head torch was not fully charged. Once I found out that I needed to charge the item I now realise how useful it is. An excellent item!!
Excellent item
That the head torch was not fully charged. Once I found out that I needed to charge the item I now realise how useful it is. An excellent item!!
Comfy and bright
I bought this for my dog walking hubby. When I saw how well it worked and how saoft the beanie was I wish I had got one for myself too.
Very bright LEDs and a useful cap
Perhaps not the most elegant of headwear but immensely useful! It would be great for walking at night in dark areas as the light from the LED unit is bright enough to read by and would make you easily seen by oncoming traffic. I use it for going out to my refuse bins and wood store which are not illuminated at night.
The highlights of the light are ease of use, very bright light with 3 settings (even the lowest is very bright, 4 hour battery life, and the light unit is easily removed and replaced and easy to recharge in any standard USB socket. Also you can reverse the light unit so that you look less geeky if wearing the cap during the day but do not want to leave the light behind. I suspect the unit is not fully waterproof if immersed in water but looks likely to be adequately rain-proof. Over all, a good buy with which I am thoroughly satisfied.
Very good
Good product
Ideal for taking dog for walk in dark
brilliant idea!
A great product, this will be used a lot this winter.
Very good cap
Nice and easy to charge cap nice and warm
Good item
I like the beanie the only problem was I paid £5.00 to much it was over priced,I could have bought from another site cheaper.
Great Item
Ordered 2 of these, received items very quickly.Given as a gift, the recipients were delighted.
Fab beanie
Nice beanie bright light on it will be very useful
Light head
I bought this for my son as he goes night fishing, I think this will be good for this. Also keep his head warm for the colder nights. Delivery was good and so was the packaging
good light
Comfortable warm hat with a bright light that is easy to recharge
A present
This was for gifting. A test of it was satisfactory so was very pleased to give it as a present.
Great for taking the dog out at night
Comfy and well made. The light is really bright and leaves your hands free. I did have a small problem with one of the LED's but that was quickly put right.
Great for taking the dog out at night
Comfy and well made. The light is really bright and leaves your hands free. I did have a small problem with one of the LED's but that was quickly put right.
Light Headed
Decent quality beanie and a neat little light. The way forward is clear!
what a bright idea
keeps head warm and the dog knows i'm not lost in the dark
Simple and effective
Hat a good snug fit. Device simple to use and means light is always in right place when you need it. Very useful
Great for fishing &power cuts
Usage time &charging time!!
Excellent for Cold Dark Nights
The brightness is excellent and the hat warm. Will be great for those dark winter nights when I am out in the paddock seeing to my horse.
Very useful, but not for running
My son really appreciated the gift. He runs at all hours of the day including in the dark. One one run he removed his LED beanie and switched it off, to wipe his brow, but didn't replace it straight away and ran on for quite a way. Several hundred yards later he replaced his beanie on his head only find that the LED unit had fallen out somewhere. Unfortunately he never found it again and I therefore replaced it with this one.
LED Headlamp Light
Hat is warm, torch gives off a good light.
It's brilliant - literally and metaphorically!
Great value for money.
Very good
Warm cosy hat with a light. Purchased it for my son who is doing his Duke of Edinburgh. Will come in handy for the night time
His and Hers hats
I purchased two Echo Bright Beanie hats for a friend who is getting married and then going back to central Africa to live. In spite of living in a city power outages are frequent, and it can be cold at night. Ideal gift in the circumstances.
Great beanie hat, light very bright, brought for Christmas presents
Not used these yet as I Brought these for Christmas presents, the beanie is well made and the light is very bright, would recommend
Practical present
Bought as a present for a family dog walker. Seems a practical and warm idea when walking the dog on winter nights without needing to carry (and try to use!) a separate torch whilst holding onto the dog and 'clearing up'! Also practical being usb rechargeable and hopefully a long time between charges.
Just the Job First Class
Very Helpful when looking items in the garage in the attic in Draws
Very handy in the garden at night with the dog
Very easy to use and it keeps your head warm in the cold. I still have to recharge the battery so assuming it will be an easy operation.
Scary Stuff
Bought this for my Daughter so that she could get her horses in after dark. Well, scared the living daylights out of one and fascinated the other. Eventually did the job it was meant to do. Well done! I am now going to order one for my gardener who finds himself working in the dark sometimes. Definitely recommend this to anyone who has to do winter after-dark work.
An illuminated purchase.
This item arrived quickly and was well packaged. The light unit is very bright and shows a good distance in front of you. The hat is very well constructed, with the light unit slipping out of a pocket so the cap can be washed, a very good idear and one over the competition. I did buy this for a present, but I've kept it as it was so good, and as this good a price point will be more for presents.
Very impressed with quality of product
The hat is of good quality and fit. Light is bright with option to reduce beam as required. Product is fit for my purpose, very pleased. My main purpose is for dog walking at night.
brings light into your life
This is a god send for me as were I sit in my living room no light get to the back and when that happens on goes the hat and there in front of me is daylight very good buy if you want to light dark places buy this save you working with a torch
This hat is very effective for my Daughter when she is putting her horses back in their stables after dark. Finding them in their field is now much easier for her. Would recommend this to anyone who needs to find anything, big or small, in the dark!

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