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DrinkMate Portable iPhone Breathalyser Reviews

Meet the world's smallest iPhone breathalyzer. DrinkMate is a quick, easy and safe way to test your BAC (blood alcohol content) using your iOS device. Compact and convenient, it's the ultimate way to track your alcohol consumption.
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 3.3 stars from 3 customers

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Wasted my money
Used it for one night and it worked amazingly well, however. After that night it was constantly stuck on "cooling down" or it would say that the device was saturated and tell me to wave it around. I can't get past it unless I skip the cool down but even if I do that then It will read 0.00 BAC. Contacted DrinkMate and they haven't replied so I guess I've wasted money
MobileFun Reply
Hi David

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this accessory. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Great for both novelty purpose and serious use
This is a handy little device that easily fits in your pocket to take on a night out for a laugh and also accurately gives you a reading if you need to know if you can drive the next morning. Only criticism is that it only works for 2/3 consecutive tries if used for novelty purposes, then it needs to cool down. Would still recommend a purchase though, great value for money!
A brilliant bit of miniaturised kit.
The DrinkMate Portable iPhone Breathalyser is a brilliant bit of miniaturised tech - far batter than I thought it would be. It does state clearly that this can not be used to ensure you are actually safe or legal to drive but it does give you a great guide as to your BAC (blood alcohol content) which can be used to make a more informed decision as to whether you are actually fit to drive, especially the day after a night out ; the results can be surprising! The App is quick to download and fairly glitch free with a clear interface. It takes maybe 15 seconds to warm the DrinkMate up and take a reading which is pretty quick and easy to perform. The only slight difficulty is remembering how the BAC reading relates to performance and fitness to perform tasks but there is a simple table in the instructions to remind you. The small neoprene sleeve supplied with the DrinkMate makes it very portable too so you never need be without it. A great bit of kit at a very reasonable price and I think next year I may have to get one each for the rest of my family if they have not already bought their own by then!

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