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Draco Design Aluminium Smart Strap - Meteor Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Ideal for attaching to Draco Design bumper cases, this aluminium smart strap allows you remove your phone safely from your pocket or bag.
  • Mobile Fun ID 40124
$13.89 inc. VAT
 4.3 stars from 3 customers

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Lower quality than expected
The rubber cover around the wire needs to be crumpled up to attach the wire through the lanyard loop of your device/case and takes some adjustments and time to make neat again afterwards.

It's a bit shorter than I expected (not quite 5cm from the Z3 Compact's lanyard attachment).

On the picture the loop looks like quite smooth, but it actually has a ridge on it, and relatively sharp edges pretty much everywhere. Not necessarily painful or anything, but it's something I would have liked to know in advance.

After removing it from the device to (I decided I didn't want to attach it through the case), the cloth around the inner plastic wire already tore. It doesn't prevent it from functioning (I've had similar problems with other lanyards, which did their job for years after), and the rubber outer cover hides it from view, but it's not exactly nice to have happen so quickly after purchase.

A nice unlisted feature is that the shiny part of the ring can actually rotate independent of the black part of the ring.
A very useful little thing
Thank you just what i needed .

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