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Draco Design Aluminium Bumper for the iPhone 5S / 5 - Luxury Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Give your iPhone 5S / 5 the ultimate style and protection with this Aircraft grade Aluminium bumper in luxury silver.
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 4.4 stars from 126 customers

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Beautiful but disappointing
Really, really well made and beautiful bumper but sadly it was scratching the edges of my phone so I had to stop using it. There needs to be more silicon padding to stop this happening.
Great case
Very nice case. Fits well. Make sure you unscrew fully before applying as it's metal it can scrape the sides of your phone.
Sits nicely in the hand and has a very pleasing feel.
When held sideways the fingers naturally wrap around the curves edges and the phone sits very comfortably.
Just WOW
I have one of these and Im very impressed with it, Its saved my iphone a few times but stupidly I managed to drive over my iphone with a volvo estate!? the iphone is fine theres a few scuffs on the bumper but other than that its perfect, I have a rhinoshield that protected the screen but the draco bumper stopped it getting crushed! I will never take this off its amazing!
Just what I was looking for.
Having purchased iphone accessories, I was still not happy with the covers or cases I received. I thought I would try the Draco Design Aluminium Bumper having seen it advertised via Facebook. The reviews were all positive comments so thought this would be what I was looking for. I was right, it doesn't look like a bumper with its sleek design and looks part of the phone. I was happy to pay more for a decent product which protects and looks the part, let's face it the iphone 5 is not a cheap phone so definitely worth paying for a decent bumper. Well done once again to Mobile Fun for fast and efficient service and delivery.
Draco Design Aluminium Bumper for the iPhone 5S
It's just brilliant and high teck!
Looks better than expected !!
Fabulous looking and feels great on the phone making it feel more robust and secure. Very slight fitting issue around the lower end of the phone where the button is as the phone doesn't fit 100% snug in the casing and has a bit of movement though 100% secure at the top which is a real shame!! That said this bumper certainly enhances the overall look of the iphone and makes it feel more robust.
Better than vapor case/bumper
Smart design and very sleek.Great quality and fits perfectly.Best all round iphone case so far.Great value for money,and I love the subtle gold finish.10/10 from me.
Does exactly what it says on the tin
As I spend my working life in building sites I needed a bumper for my phone that would take all the shocks and knocks that my working environment throws at it. This bumper is extremely well made and although not the cheapest on the market it's to protect an expensive phone and it's well worth the money.
And looks really funky to boot !
bloody expensive.....
....but is the best cover and protector I've used and, for those that care, looks great.
You get what you pay for.........
When I told my wife I had just spent nearly £60 on a phone case - I very nearly didn't have a phone to put in said case.......... Now she wants one!! There are many many cheap and nasty cases on the market - but if your going to use one of the best phones available - why opt for a sub standard case. It is incredibly well built and unlike so many cases I have bought in the past does not add much the the dimensions of the phone - whilst at the same time offering from what I can see the best protection out there. Your going to have to take my word for it as I am not prepared to deliberately drop my phone for the sake of a review!! Fitting took a tiny bit of tweaking to ensure everything was smooth and I was offered a replacement by Mobilefun (but realized it was me not the case). All in all - a great buy, fast postage, good product and fantastic customer services - could not really ask for more.......
Best bumper I have ever bought
This bumper is the best accessory I have ever bought for any of my iPhones. The service from mobile fun was excellent the bumper arrived incredibly fast and in excellent condition. Only wish Draco made iPad bumpers as well.
Elegant and hard wearing!
Finally found exactly the thing I was looking for. This sleek aluminium bumper holds the iPhone perfectly. It doesn't compromise on the sleek industrial feel of the iPhone, but just gives some protection along the sides. The rubber bumpers inside make sure it doesn't scratch up your phone either.

It's certainly a challenge getting the iPhone in properly, the mute switch is diddly to get right. But once locked in place with the alan key, it's not going anywhere! They even give you two spare screws I case you're a butter fingers!

One final thing, if you liked the look of the iPhone 4/4s, then a black 5 in the plain aluminium bumper is very reminiscent of it. Very happy!
Great looking bumper!
Purchased this as I was after a premium 'Bumper' for my iPhone5 and it does not disappoint. Great quality, fits well, looks great on my black iPhone5; in fact people have asked where I got my iPhone6 from?!?

I was apprehensive about the reported signal loss, but in my experience this has not been case. WiFi and 3G signal seem completely unaffected.

Top product with the normal flawless service from MobileFun!
Bang Tidy
I be honest with you, i thought that a lot of wedge to pay out for a case But have to say it was worth it every penny.
It's looks fantastic, it was easy to fit and holds together really tight.
All together a very sound piece of kit, not cheap but you pay for what you get and this bad boy is worth it.
Good bumper and stylish
Have my Draco bumper almost a year now. Its expensive but cannot find fault with it. Its is comfortable to hold and the shape makes the phone very stable in your hand so slipping is very unlikely. I have only dropped the phone twice (breaking the fall with my foot both times). The edges are a little sharp. Getting plenty of comments as it makes the phone look different. My phone moved ever so slightly from front to back (thickness) but the wrap around is not moving on the length or width of the phone I would have gone for the silver and red or aluminium and black but because my phone is regulary in a outdoor construction inviroment went for the all aluminium. Good buy and I am tempted to get the red or black one still as they look great. If it were only a bit cheaper.
Ok but a bit expensive for what it is
nice looking doesn't spoil the look of the phone but its an expensive case and doesn't fit as you think it should for the money
Very smart case
It makes my phone look amazing !! Very practical
Best, most stylish and effective bumper for iPhone 5
I bought one of these several months ago for my wife and now I have bought another for myself. All other cases or bumpers I have owned for iPhone have made it slippy to hold and spoilt the looks of the phone.
The Draco bumper looks sharp and stylish and makes it really easy to hold. Whilst not inexpensive it really is top quality, and cheaper than a replacement screen. It's no thicker than the phone so it preserves all that attracted me to iPhone's looks. I can't recommend it highly enough. So good I bought it twice.
Fantastic case
An absolutely superb, high quality case for my iphone
Amazing product
I ordered this product and it came with a screw that happened to be worn away, this meant that I couldn't unscrew the case because of this I fillled in a returns form and on a Monday morning returned it using their free returns method using collect plus. I had just missed the post and so it got sent out tuesday and on wednesday they received it and sent me a new 1 and I received it in 2 working days on friday. This is a great product it makes my phone look so cool and it is a unique design and I like it how it makes my phone look different to everybody else's. This company has a great customer service.
Great design and feel to the item but cut down on my wifi and telephone signal as well as stopping me from using my adaptor. If you are using a standard lead fine, if not .........
Class piece of kit
ok not cheap but worth every penny, easy to fit, looks fantastic, light, gets lots of attention.
you wont regret buying this product.
Very Poor Signal
Product looks great and does give your phone a much smarter appearance.
Definitely stands up to dropping and bashing around as it is pretty strong too.
My only issue is that my network(UK Orange) coverage went from average to almost none existant. It got to the stge that I had to sit/stand in certain areas of the house to pick up wifi or make a call.
I resisted taking of the cover for as long as possible having spent £50 on it. Having now removed it signal is perfectly acceptable.
On reflection , I wouldn't buy this product.
Stylish, solid and drop-tested!
As usual MobileFun processed and shipped the items promptly and efficiently. Excellent service.

The bumper now comes with a small soft pad inside the left portion which addresses some issues you may see online. That shouldn't put you off because this is an amazing product that is very stylish.

And, not through choice, I drop-tested this 5 feet onto a hard ceramic floor. It protected the phone and didn't dent or scratch the bumper.

One last piece of advice is to buy a screen protector as the bumper is flush to screen/glass.

Expensive but worth it.
Quality and class
This draco Iphone bumper is the best. it makes my phone look even better and would recommend to anyone and have already shown friends and family of which have gone ahead and ordered one from you.
First class delivery came the very next day.
Thanks for a great product.
Looks good but that's all.
Brilliant design. Makes the phone look something right out star trek. But it gives you a run literally trying to find a spot where you can get some connectivity. Really a thumbs down for something so fantastically designed.
It is not just a bumper ...
I am really satisfied with the Draco Bumper. It is a piece of art. Besides it protect your iphone, it also give it a charming look. The aluminium is a sculpture that after linked with invisible screws you didn't notice that it is a two pieces. I am pleny satisfied.
Perfect fit on the phone,hard to notice the join once fitted
No drop in signal strength
Only negative point is that you are unable to connect the 3.5mm jack plug
to the bottom of the phone with the case fitted
Stylish iPhone cover
A very stylish and quality cover. Discreet and shapely it fits perfectly on the phone and into your hand. Expensive but worth it.
The design is very nice and beautiful, however when you adjust it to your phone, the wireless becomes very weak! The same happens with the 3G or 4G network. Overall I fell that is waste of money!
As gorgeous as ever
I have used Draco aluminum cases ever since I've had an iPhone 4 and they are the best aluminum cases on the market, bar none. It's sleek and gorgeous in the hands and protects the phone moderately to not much, so look elsewhere if you want something more protective.

What it does do is add a level of sophistication to the iPhone that is very hard to imagine any other case doing. It's fantastically crafted, and if Apple were to make aluminum case, I can guarantee the Draco 5 would be much like it.

Some say it affects LTE signals, but since I don't have LTE here in Mumbai I can't comment on that. As such, 3G and wi-fi hasn't been affected noticeably.

I went for the black one, and it really does look best with a black iPhone. The black and silver combo is a knockout, and it's made a truly beautiful device even more stunning. That, in a sentence, is the biggest compliment I can pay it; that it segues into the natural design of the iPhone and not only blends in perfectly (not as if it were an aftermarket accessory), but enhances it even.
Very disappointed, the signal degrades terribly with this bumper attached.

I had an element case on my 4S I wish I'd spent the money on another for my iPhone 5.

Very disappointed indeed.

Such a shame as it looks great on the phone.
my long waited for bumper
i finally decided to send for the red Draco bumper,i have to say this bumper is just gorgeous,it feels lovely in the hand and looks superb on the phone,i read a review that said the phone moved a little in the bumper but so far i'm not getting any of that,it feels solid,the on/off button was fiddly to install but after 2 or 3 attempts i had it on,the screws go in easily,putting the screws on the end of the allen key makes this job easier,this bumper is not cheap but in my opinion it is worth the money,i love it.
Personally for me, this is that near perfect bumper case. Nice lines on the case. After 3 months of usage, I can say it is a lovely case. Has a few minor flaws however unless it's just the one I've received. The first is the cutout at the bottom for for headphone jack. Will certainly not fit any large headphone plugs. Some may fit with JUST that bit of force applied to get the plug in which I had to do with mine (using Bose MIE2i).
The other is the phone strap cutout to put any phone charms or strap etc. The cutout is fairly sharp...so dangling any big phone charms or the similar is not recommend, especially a neck strap. I've lost a small phone charm as the cutout had cut the strap somehow from an unknown force applied while I was out. They should of somehow smoothed out the sharp edges with that cutout. Rather than going straight raw sharp line cuts.
You may find that the bumper's case has a bit of sharp lines from the sharp raw aluminium cuts.
The cutout for the sim is fairly deep so it can be fidgety if your trying to get the sim. Using nails or tweezers will help when the sim is ejected

Apart from those 3 small problems, the case is a thumbs up. Case feels like an unknown alien object.
For me the best case in the market.
I wouldn't Recommend this Case
With lots of protective cases comming out in the market, this one wont come upto the mark

reason 1 - it does not protect the back of your iphone
reason 2- the front is uncovered also

it only protects the Sides of the iphone which already are made by super rich aluminium material , enough to protect your phone, The case does protect getting scratches on the sideways but what about the back and front?

this case is just a strip of aluminium, though made of aircraft material, can only deliver protection if your iphone from scratches, it has no cushions which would protect from Shocks from falling down.

Conclusion- At this price i would get a wayyyyyyy much better protective cover which would cover my iphone from all sides and give it a good protection.
very smart
Just what I needed
It blends in perfectly with my iphone5...gives the phone a sleeker look and at first sight it seems as if the Draco bumper is part of the iPhone. That's wht some of my folks thought whn they saw my iphone5. And the phone does nt feel heavy with the bumper on it. You won't regret buying it.
Great (Eventually....)
My first exerience of this product was a bit of a disaster - the fit was poor (the phone moved within the bumper) and the edges on the bumper were quite sharp (it was uncomfortable to hold). I was very disappointed and returned the bumper for a new one. The second one is completely different - it holds the phone firmly in place and is completely smooth. The bumper looks fabulous (I have silver on a white iphone) and has been much admired. My only negative comment is that the bumper has resulted in a drop in reception - not a great issue for me personally but I suddenly have no signal in places where I was previously getting one bar. To fit the bumper is slightly fiddly but i would suggest it is fine if you have a normal level of dexterity and common sense.
Warning for iPhone 5 users with docking stations
The Drago Aluminium Bumper for the iPhone 5 is a fantastic and stylish eye-catching case,but be warned! it won't fit onto your docking station with the mini adaptor in place which renders your docking station obsolete . Its not the kind of case you can take on and off all the time because of the tiny screws. For the cost of this case you'd think Drago could have warned us. I love the case but I need my music . After spending £54 for the case and £25 for the adapter I am a bit gutted.
Excellent quality
This is a very well made bumper but it has one floor if you own a sound dock and it has the old 30 pin connector you need to purchase a new apple lighting 8 pin adaptor which fits onto your sound dock as normal but with this new £57.00 Draco aluminium bumper it will not fit on to the apple lighting adaptor.. So this means that if you want to put it on your sound dock you need to remove the bumper every time... Two Allen screws every time to listen to your music!!! All I'd say is hassle!!!! 😞
I have just recently bought this so called cover which I can honestly say it looks terrible. The quality is very poor and you can cut yourself on the corners of the cut outs for the buttons etc. I have literally received this half an hour ago and I have now removed this and I will not be putting it back on as it even spoils the look of the phone.
Great but with a hidden flaw
Great bumper loved it until realised you can't fit the charger with the new adapter in it, so your only option is the new charger. If like me you have a charger at home work and car then you would need 3 new chargers. I bought 2 adapters at same time as phone and bumper but they are useless with the bumper on real shame as bumper is high quality and looks great.
Product Review
This solid aluminum bumper for my iPhone 5 is really a work-of-art product of technology. It's ergonomic but it makes my iPhone quite bulky. It perfectly fits the sides of my iPhone. Packaging itself is very impressive and a reflection of a good name of a competitive renowned company. The colour (aluminum) of the bumper blends perfectly for a white iPhone. It is very stylish in appearance. I really like and love its style compared to the rest of the bumpers for iPhones in the market. It is exceptional beyond words. Although it's quite expensive, hopefully, quality of the product will always be the frontline and should never be compromised.
Well worth the wait!
I ordered a Draco 5 (Astro Silver) Aluminium bumper as soon as I saw it on the MobileFun website after doing some research I KNEW it was the best protective accessory for my iPhone 5 (white).

As I understand from MobileFun's helpful updates and Draco themselves that due to the demand of the product and supply problems meant I my expected date of delivery was put back about 2 weeks. I had to contact MobileFun about this issue due to a wrongly-issued dispatch email but the representative helped me and explained everything - what more can you ask when you have a question about something you really want!?

When I had the Draco Aluminium delivered along with a free MobileFun smartphone screen wipe, I was overjoyed as I had been using my new iPhone 5 for a week or so without a cover which was a nervous experience considering the investment! Previous reviews have mentioned that this product is tricky to put together and that they were glad that extra screws were included - I have to disagree.

Putting the case together only requires some normal hand dexterity and knowledge of how screws go into fixings. The buttons, spare screws and hex key come in a small sealed package securely in the Draco pack and I put the buttons (volume and mute switch) in place and assigned that half to my phone. The other half already has the flush power up button inbuilt and so I aligned them together to then see where I would secure the screws that were removed before putting it all together. The hex key and screws all fit perfectly in to where they should go - but nothing can compare to the build quality of the bumper case as a whole itself. Once the screws are tight (but not too tight as you have polymer dampers in-built to the bumper), you have an iPhone 5 which is beyond doubt IMPROVED from it's existing design.

If you have cared enough to buy an iPhone 5 you will already know how beautiful the machine is and how you would want to protect your investment. Although this bumper case is expensive it cannot be compared to a snap case or rubber bumper. The signal never drops, all 3.5mm jacks work under the phone, the new Lightning port cable fits just right and it actually improves the audio from the bottom speakers on the iPhone 5. I know from previous dropping experience that should you have no protection you will regret not protecting it. If I had held this product before buying, I would be happy paying even more for the look, and the protection.

With this amazing case, you have shock dampers in each of the corners, a small lip over the back and front panels of the phone (about 0.5mm) meaning your screen and back aluminium panel and camera are protected should you rest your iPhone on a table. I've always been a big fan of not covering any iPhone's material beauty with inferior materials and products but with this Draco case you have all round sexy shock protection with durable machined aluminium which will last the length of at least a 2 year contract whilst at the same time enhancing the design and trumping any case your iPhone 5 equals will have!

My only further recommendations is to tighten the screws tightly every month and take the case off once every 6 months to make sure that the dust doesn't accumulate (and to see your iPhone is in pristine condition!).

If you doubt the price of the case, think of it insurance it gives you and the next level of look it takes your iPhone. As an additional comment I wouldn't go for the half aluminium / half plastic and whether you have the black or white iPhone 5, I would say either Astro silver would suit both.
Draco iPhone case
Draco build this iPhone 5 case is prefect but will block the wifi signal .
Good item...
I bought this bumper for my Iphone. It is looking good, made well, designed perfectly. Only my concern is just little bit sharp side edges. So if you have children to touch your phone then I would not recommend. Overall I satisfied with product.
This is coolest case I ever had.

If you want something unique which one of the kind I dft recommend this case!!

My iPhone even looks special. Just watch out for pick pockets coz it look special.
Excellent,followed by a big bowl of excellence
Great top quality product and was matched with the same quality as the guys that sent it, I'm in NZ and with standard shipping it arrived in 7 days
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