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Draco Design Aluminium Bumper for HTC One M7 - Flare Red Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Give your HTC One M7 first class style and protection with this flare red bumper case. Draco Design bumpers are award winning, made from aircraft grade aluminium and are precision cut.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39409

RRP $79.66 - you save 67%

$26.54 inc VAT
 4 stars from 11 customers

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Good Quality
As expected from the price, its very well constructed and exceptional quality. The only draw back is the back is un covered which in my opinion is worth it. I use a matt effect cover skin to protect the rear of the phone from scratches.

Its an exceptional case and really improves the ergonomics of the phone making it much easier to hold onto the slippery thing! The IR function remains working which is done using a clear power button extender through the case. Draco have spent considerable time making the volume rocker work perfectly and the entire thing feels very well put together (the spare screws in the box really help to!)

I have measured a 4% loss in signal strength which is barely noticeable but i would still recommend this highly to anyone.

I do think it would be good if mobile fun stocked a spare screw set and screwdriver just in case though!
Got my smartphone back!
Having originally bought a less superior case I was unhappy to lose the beautifully engineered aluminium body of my HTC one from view. The Draco Design Aluminium bumper has framed and now shows off the phone in all it's glory, while still giving some serious protection - Pricey, but excellent. The ultimate frame for the best Android phone on the market.
Draconian HTC One case
Great build quality but expensive and the on off Burton can't be reached at all with the case on.
Draco Aluminium Bumper HTC One
This bumper case is excellent protection for your HTC One,my phone slipped out of my pocket from waist height onto my carpet and landed quite hard,but the bumper protected it,as it stands slightly proud of the screen and back of the phone.
The bumper is quite expensive,but is extremely well made,and a perfect fit for the phone,worth the extra money for the peace of mind with the extra safety.
draco for htc one
Transforms the form factor of the phone completely. Build quality is immaculate and is comparable to the element class. Provides formidable protection to the front of the phone, but shoddy protection for the back. A knowledgeable blunder or a design compromise....that's a question for the stack design team.
I just gotta say that this is an amazing case to go with.....got nothng much at the back but jst great to hold and look at phone again and again....i guess it goes perfect with the HTC ONE Silver....

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