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Displex Display Polish - Scratch Remover Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The fast and simple way to get your mobile phone & iPod looking like new.
Price: £4.99
The fast and simple way to get your mobile phone & iPod looking like new.
 3.1 stars from 108 customers

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Excellent and effective!
Great product for filling in scratches and keeping the screen smudge free.
Destroys 3DS screens
I made the mistake of using this on my New 3DS XL screen to remove a couple of small scratch and it quickly formed a very large bubble on my screen(It looked like I just poured corrosive acid onto it). The only way I was able to remove it was by scraping off the thin layer of plastic that covers the surface of the LCD by vigorously rubbing the screen with an ear swab. Now my LCD has no plastic which makes it almost impossible to play in sunlight do to the fact that the screen is very reflective without it. On top of all that it did not remove the scratchs at all.
it stinks!!!!
This stuff stinks and it does not work!!!
Don't waste your time or money, this stuff is useless
Don't waste your time or money, this stuff is useless
Displex Display polish
excellent product, worth buying
Sadly this product turned out to be completely useless. Even after long periods of applying much "elbow grease" in circular patterns, it had not removed even very light scratches - not the sort of scratches you can feel with a finger nail. More to the point - the sort of scratch one could hardly see! It's not an expensive product, but it is a waste of money!
Sadly this product turned out to be completely useless. Even after long periods of applying much "elbow grease" in circular patterns, it had not removed even very light scratches - not the sort of scratches you can feel with a finger nail. More to the point - the sort of scratch one could hardly see! It's not an expensive product, but it is a waste of money!
dont bother!!!
I read up on this and decided to ignore the bad reviews, follow the good ones and give it a go. What a bunch of rubbish.... I don't know what the people who said it worked were seeing but it really doesn't AT ALL. I used it on my LG LCD TV where my 3 yr old took a metal hair pin to it and scribbled :-( it doesn't disturb the picture quality but being a perfectionist I wanted the scratches gone... After use, it didn't even fade a little. Used it on my Samsung galaxy s4 tiny little scratch you can't even notice unless you look hard... it didn't make a blind bit of difference. Don't waste your money!
Slezzy way to fix it
i scrubbed and scrubbed only to notice it does not "fill" the cratches has i hoped, i thought it would in a way melt a little a fuze the ends, well it only abrases the scratch making it wider, i think you would have to use the whole tube to make it completly work, and it "destroys" the screen, the pixels are way more noticible its like putting water drops on your screen, after all that i put a protectice screen over it, only for it to leave air on the scratch area, making it even more visible since now it has a wider gap, even if it is not as sharp on the edges
Didnt Work At All
i had a tiny scratch on my phone, and being a perfectionist i wanted to fix it. i first tried toothpaste, which actually made the screen much much worse. it became cloudy and even more scratched up. then, hoping to fix my problem, i bought a tube of displex, and have gotten NO results. i even tried it on other screens and surfaces, but it works on nothing. it was just a waste of time and money, do not buy!
Did the job.
Pleased with mt purchase nearly did the job, still alittle scratch but very surprised on the result.

It was my husband phone and he had only just bought it so very pleased nearly removed all the scratch.
I'm amazed.
I'd heard reports of Displex doing wonders for the shiny finishes of DS Lites and PS3s, so decided to try it on my Wii's scuffed up sides.

I'm incredibly OCD and check shiny surfaces for scratches a lot. For them to be good to me they REALLY have to be good. So it came as a surprise that I can't see a mark on it outside of those which you could probably feel by rubbing a fingernail over. You won't be able to remove those, so don't overbuff trying to.

So try it. It's best to do a bit at a time if you're trying to clean a bigger surface than just a phone screen, and the amount in the tube is certainly adequate. I've got tons left. I used the cloth in the box and kept to sessions of 3 minute buffing per scratched area, not pressing on too hard, but certainly applying moderate pressure.

Also managed to fix scuffed up pads on my mouse, so the thing glides around again. So many uses!

Thanks MobileFun for saving me so much grief! Fast delivery too!
Took out those deep scratches
I must admit I was a bit dubious of this polish , but it worked a dream. I had same quite deep scratches from a bunch of keys on my mp4 player. Polishing by hand was hard work so I used my small hand held drill with a 1cm diameter buffing pad in it . After about 15 minutes of buffing all the digs were practically gone. I then finished off by hand . I wrapped the supplied cloth around a small flat block ( my lap tops psu actually) and rubbed the face of the mp4 player against this to give a final fine polish and the cleaned with a tissue. What was a totally unusable mp4 player is now 99% perfect.

Excellent stuff 8-)
Poinless Polish
I brought this product without reading the reviews really wish that i had now because this was a total waste of my time and money.

Just lying it was absolutly Fantastic! I would really recomend buying it! See I test these products first on everyday phone scratches and it works a treat you would think it dosent but yes it does!
It works
Unbelievable it works mainly for slight scraches.
Don't even risk it
This ruined my mobile phone screen. Don't even risk it, live with your scratches. I tried it on my HTC S310 and it left my screen so cloudy and worse that I'll have to resort to buying a new phone.
I'm using it right now and felt compelled to add my negative comments to those already given. In a word it's useless, even for small scratches. I'm sure that toothpaste would be a lot more effective ... and cheaper. DON"T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!
Displex display scratch remover
It only worked on part of the screen and that had ripples, it was useless.
So I bought a replacement case on e-bay for £3.99 post paid which had a front panel with new perspex screen a new back and new key board. It took me less than 1/2 hour to fit them and I now have a lovely new looking phone. I wasted more time with futile polishing than it took to fit the new parts and the parts were cheaper than the Displex.
Polish but not remover
It cleans the screen, but doesn't remove the scratches. In fact if anything it shines the screen to a point you notice the scratches more.
it works if you put in the effort
i also wish to say this was a reall fast service from mobile fun.... next day delivery.
i used it same day...i received.... and taped off around the screen... it did remove the one or two scratches i incurred from being slightly tipsy one night and placing my new phone with my keys in my pocket....after i removed the tape, i did find i was left with a square...impression in the screen...but i read the tube ...and when that kinda thing happens polish the whole screen... that evens it out.... after you remove tape... just be careful... what kinda body of phone you have.... mine is aluminium style and was not scratched... took me hours working at it... and i ended up with a very satisfactory screen... you would have to know there had been a scratch trace at all... the square effect has gone, with a lot of work.. polishing in different directions... last night i was left with a little ding kinda, hardly noticeable at bottom of screen, could only be tilting to the side.... but, being the perfectionist i am.... i finaly managed to smooth that off this morning.... i'm always tempted to improve more, but i think its as perfect now as possable...someone mentioned (here) to do not use on polymide screens or something.... i didnt see that, i have been sucessful...with this product...though i dont know my screen composistion...all in all i used the whole tube... and cut it open to get the last drops... it took that to make my screen look right again after the intial scratches were long gone...i would say if you want your phone ... you will put in the time with this...there maybe quicker products...
Displex Display Polish
Sorry but tried hard to remove scratches, but to no avail. Scratches, sadly, are still there
displex display polish-scratch remover
the item listed as displex display polish-scratch remover,i'm sure it does what it says but it was'nt able to remove my slight marks on my mobile phone fascia,i tried it three or four times but they are still there.
Displex Display Polish - Scratch Remover.
I bought this to remove some minor sratches from my phone,only to read(in very small writing at the very bottom of the instructions),not to used on touch screens and as mine is touch screen,it is a waste of money.I am writing this review so no one else makes the same mistake.I feel this should be made more obvious,maybe in red?.
This product does NOT work.
Please note that my Displex didn't come with a cloth.

I am absulotley HEART broken that my phone is ugly with scratches. I was overjoyed when I saw this, so I ordered one. It comes in the mail, I try is over and over again. I try leaving it to set in for over an hour. Nothing changed. The scratches are as they are. :[
MobileFun Reply
First of all sorry about the cloth - contact with your Order ID and we will get a cloth sent out.

The best way to use displex is to continuously rub into the scratches. I've personally found you may have to do it for
Displex Display Polish/Scratch Remover
Excellent product for use as a polish, but only suitable for very , very fine surface scratches.If you have anything other than fine scratching this product is not ideal.
Don't even bother :/
I bought this expecting it to work really well because I have a lot of small and a few medium scratches on my phone screen which were starting to bug me. I have a pink samsung tocco lite. It didn't do anything, it frustrated me so much because I got my hopes up. So my advice is, don't even bother really. Waste of money and time. I sat there for ages trying and nothing. If anything it made my screen worse and I'm afraid if I carry on it will break the touch screen. So it's up to you but I wouldn't :).
Try before using
Noting that some reviewers rated this product highly and others not at all, I tried it out on three Nokia phones, all of which were quite heavily scratched: a 6111, an old 6100 and a truly awful 2610, which I got as a freebie from Vodaphone. The product worked quite well on the 6111, although it required repeated applications. It didn't seem to have any effect on the 6100. The screen on the 2610 turned out to have a protective coating on it, which was wearing away anyway. The polish succeeded in removing even more of the coating, in patches, so now the screen's almost illegible, except in very low ambient light. So the lesson is: you have to know what sort of screen you're dealing with, though how you find that out, beyond trial and error, is beyond me right now.
Excellent Product!
I had recently bought a new phone, and within the first day I accidently scratched my screen with my keys. Heartbroken as I was, I tried calling phone dealers to see if they could replace the screen. The quote I got was around 89pounds! I then searched online and found Displex. I had my doubts about whether it would work, but as soon as I tried it, the scratch on my phone completely disappeared! My screen was repaired at such a cheap price! I am extremely impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone!
waste of time
I bought this thinking it would work but it did not, it made my screen much worse than before. Now I can hardly see the screen.
Waste money an time
If you want to waste you money and time bye this product. I bought it today and I tried to remove very small scratches on my cellphones, but, it did not work at all.
I DO NOT suggest this product to anyone for any things.
Work on Blackbery Storm
I recently bought for a bunch of money a scratched BB storm.
I want to try this product.

30' minutes of hardly up & down, left & right (no circular movements!!!!!) with COTTON for the application of DISPLEX, clean cotton for cleaning the screen...and so... I am happy.
Waste of time, money and energy!
Displex is a complete waste of time for anyone looking to remove scratches from their mobile phone screens. After reading mixed reviews I purchased it anyway for the scratches on my Blackberry Curve 8900 (which I may add were a combination of faint scratches and a deep one from contact with my car keys) and had the attitude of "nothing ventured, nothing gained". However after a tube and endless wiping till my arm was numb there was absolutely NO improvement! And to the guy who said it makes scratches worse..? It certainly appeared that way! DONT waste your money.

If you really are desperate to get rid of them just pay to have a new case put on.
Bumpy Screen!
It got rid of my scratches but left me with a bumpy screen! :(
It works pretty well!
I bought displex because there were tons of scratches on my Samsung Gravity phone which had a rainbow effect on the screen. At first, the displex did nothing. However, I kept polishing it with a glasses cleaner cloth, adding 4 drops every 3-5 minutes, for about 1 hour while watching TV and the rainbow effect was gone! The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it took a lot of work to remove the scratches and scuffs.
This product is a con!
Bought this product expecting it to remove scratches from the display on my mobile phone, it is an absolute waste of time and money, and really does not work!! Don't even bother wasting your time on it!!And infact made the phone worse by adding tiny scratches to the face!!!Does not deserve one star!!!
Useless Product!
I tired on my Samsung Pixon (Is touchscreen but has a glass front so not actual screen so was ok) didn't remove any scratches only made them smoother. New front ordered today. Don't waste your money on this
waste of money
phone still covered in scratches. waste of time and money/ what a joke!!!!!!
I bought the scratch remover for my iphone which i dropped and scratched the screen the second day i bought it :))))
Unfortunately it didnt work but the sad bit is that now the scratch looks even more eyecatching...
I will rate it 3 stars beacuse it got rid of minor scratchs off my mp3 player.
I bought this product as my Sony Ericsson had a number of minor scratches. Applied as per instructions. Even after 3 applications and a great deal of elbow grease still no result. Have heard 'T' cut will do a better job. Save your cash. Stay clear!!
Save your money. Do not buy this product. Not only did it fail to remove the scratch from my phone screen it left a sqaure mark from where I had masked it off. Not even worth one star. Very unhappy.
Believe it!
Having bought a used phone with the expected scratches I gave this a try expecting to be underwhelmed. But it works! The screen now looks brilliant. Do the masking as instructed and don't worry as you first apply as it looks milky. Work away at it and then clean with a lens cleaner. It is just so, so good.
Displex Is a Great prouduct!
Displex worked great on my phone!! It totally cleaned all of my scratches and left my phone looking brand new! the reason why it didn't get five stars for me is because it was a little lengthy trying to get the scratches off the phone,but hey atleast it worked. Some people thinks it didn't work or damaged the screen. It didn't do anything like that to mine so you may have used it wrong. what i did was use a cotton cloth and then i wet and squezed it to make it damp,then i squirteed on a line of polish over the scratch and rubbed wet the screen then dried it. In order for this to work you have to repeat the proccess over and over again. I highly reccomend this prouduct!
I have tried tens of time but no luck still same scratches,don't waste your money...
Displex Display Polish - Scratch Remover
Saw this item and thought I'd give it a try but being a sceptic did not expect any great results so was surprised 'IT WORKS', still have couple of scratches that are deep but can see the screen again after only about 10 mins polishing. Will try again later on the deeper ones but well worth the money.
Displex Display Polish
I first came upon this polish some time ago, and recently found my specs were quite badly scratched. I ordered a new tube, and it arrived the NEXT DAY (brilliant service!).
I then used the polish (sparingly) on the lenses of my specs, and although it took a wee while, the result was absolutely amazing!). ALL the scratches have gone,and I can now see again. Its so good, I even did my mother-in-laws specs (I think she has been using sandpaper instead of a clean cloth for cleaning them !. Again a first class result. THIS STUFF REALLY DOES WORK !. Thanks again, MobileFun for such a quick, reliable service. Would recommend your website to all.
Does exactly what it says on the pack!
I must admit that I was a little dubious about this product before I bought it but as my phone was scratched anyway I didn t really have a lot to lose by trying it so I gave it a go Having recently purchased a Sony Ericsson C902 and scratched it after less than a week I was gutted On returning home after discovering the damage to my phone I immediately ordered this product from Mobile Fun and the order arrived the next day Excellent service I thought As for the product after applying the scratch remover to the top section of my phone not the screen where the scratches were and polishing it a bit I was pleasantly surprised to find that the scratches were slowly disappearing After a few more applications on several deep scratches all I have now is a highly polished although slightly rippled area where the scratches once were which is only noticeable if you look closely and blends in with the rest of the phone so looks as good as new I m sure that if I do a bit more polishing with the scratch removed then aforementioned the rippled area will disappear completely.
good stof
this is great bought on new nokia 5310. Dropped it on rock and my screen was scratched heavily. When i got this i was surprise they had gone
Scratched n95 8gb
Well first of all I have to say something about mobile fun, This was the first time I had dealt with them and what a top class service I received! They even sent me a text to say the item had been sent and that was only about two hours after placing the order. The following morning it arrived! "now that's fast service".
Now For the product, Like a lot of people I had my doubts as to whether this would work and I have to say I was even considering buying a replacement screen! not because it was that badly scratched I am just a bit fussy. Anyway after a few goes with this product I was amazed and very pleased to see or rather not see the scratches, they had almost gone. It does take a good few goes but trust me it does work! Just make sure that you read the instructions and mask around the screen. All in all A great product and a very friendly professional business which I highly recommend!!
Dont Work.
i got a slight scratch on my phone (w595).... 10 times smaller than the n95 on youtube but i couldnt manage to get it out.
Scratched Laptop Screen
I managed to put a fairly deep scratch in to my new laptop (no insurance). The displex got the scratch out completley!! My screen has a high gloss finish and the displex didn't damage it at all!! It looks as good as new. It did take a lot of elbow grease to get the scratch out, but it is out now! Great Product! Couldn't recommend it more!
Fantastic Delivery. Ordered it late afternoon was on my desk first thing the next morning.
Waste of money
Applied it bit by bit to my phone screen and it made no difference what so ever. An hour and a few quid wasted!
Dont buy
No results at all. I don't recomend this product.
Save your money folks
This product comes as a 5 gramme tube of creamy paste (probably enough to polish 4 or 5 screens) for £2.95. The 'included polishing cloth' is a piece of paper which looks like a dried out PC screen-wipe (perhaps it is? If so, top marks for using a clapped out product as a freebie sale-inducer). Displex is passable on areas of screen 'hazing' but poor on deep scratches. On the other hand ... buy yourself a 375ml bottle of CarPlan T-Cut for around £8.50. Tape off the screen you want to polish with sellotape, to protect any coloured surround. Get a good old yellow household duster, apply the T-Cut to it and apply to the screen in circular motions. Don't be afraid to apply pressure to the worst-scratched areas. You'll be AMAZED by the results. And if you only want to polish your phones and iPods, then the T-Cut will last you for the rest of your life. If, however, you have grander ambitions you can then go on to polish your car, your brass open-fire tools, your gold & silver jewellery ... the world's your shiny, scratch-free oyster!
Dont buy it
I bought this item to polish some minor scratches in my phone. After I used it the scratches became like big bubbles and the surface now is completely Awful, I have to change my phone now!
Displex on a blackberry screen
I tried Displex on a blackberry phone but it did not do a thing. Looks like it does not work on all phones.
Bad News
Stay well away from this I had a few scratches now I can't see a thing on my Nokia 6280 it's like looking through a pool of water nasty stuff waste of time money and effort....
Aviod at all cost
Panasonic Home Phone
Somehow my wife had got nail varnish remover on the screen of a Panasonic home phone. The screen had melted slightlt and had gone misty. I didn't beleive that this product would work but work it did. The screen was as good as new without much effort. Very impressed.
Brilliant Stuff!
First i would like to say how quick the delivery was on this. I ordered it Tuesday and got it on Wednesday!! Its brilliant it really works. I had loads of tiny scratches all over my screen on my samsung soul and i kept doing it for maybe half hour to an hour and they have gone. I do have one quite deep scratch that hasn't gone but it has definately faded. I didn't use the cloth it came with as it felt quite rough but i just used an old cotton strap top and it has worked brilliantly. I also had scratches on the back on the metal and it works on that too. Best stuff ever and really cheap!
OMG! it does what it says.
my 1 day old Nokia N73 did a double flip & landed face down on large pebbles, result 2 very large deep gouges( a finger nail depth). ordered 5/3/08 arrived less than 24 hours.
read some of the reviews & went to the task.
found a good peice of cloth & 3 hours later a very scratch free screen. The scratches were so deep that circular motion deep not help . so I went side to side along the scratch until they flattened out , then did circular movements. if you hold screen up to window & look along the reflection you can just see the scars of the scratch. put the effort in & you will see the results.
it really works!!!
well worth money, got out deep scratch on nokia 6300 my ipod and psp, fab, takes a few applications but really works, get some!
brilliant stuff i didnt think it would work as well as it did will definatly recommending this product!!
I brought this product because I had scratches all over my psp. It took alot of time and patience but the results were amasing!
Superb product
I had some deep scratches on the screen of my Nokia 6230. Rather than buy a new cover I invested in this product. After the first application most scratches were removed - after the second application they all vanished. The screen is genuinely like new again. Brilliant stuff.
Do not use on K800i
Odered Some Displex as ive got a small but annoying scratch on my new k810.

I thought that i would test it on my old and scratched k800 first. After about five minutes of polishing i wiped the screen clean and noted that it had seemingly "melted" the screen! ( left a patch of a sorta "wobbly" effect in the middle of the screen )

I followed the instructions but i did notice the it said "do not use on polycarbonate screens". I did try and find out what the k800s screen was made of but to no avail, so i thought i would just try it. Needless to say i havent brought myself to use it on my shiny new k810 lol.

Obviously going by the previous reviews it works great on other phones and ipods etc. My star rating is only because ive only used it with the k800. Just try and check what your screen is made of first.

All that said, the service i recieved from mobilefun was great. Placed order on the wednesday at about 11 am, and recieved it in the post friday morning.
Does what it says on the tube...20 mins on my LG Shine and good as new...also cleaned up the face on my Rolex Oyster ( the one I bought down Brick Lane for £20.00! )
Everyone please do not buy this item as it does not work i tryed and it actully made it worse. It does not remove scratches it ruins your phone - DO NOT BUY.
It does not work!
I bought it about a week ago and i tried it on my iPod and my Sony Ericsson K800i and it did not work at all. It did not remove any of the scratch and i only had a really small scratch on both screens. I follwed the menu and i quote " Repeat application as neccessary for deep scratches". I did it 4 times and yet still the same infact the cloth that came with it made some scratches on my phone. If you want a scratch remover than don't bother with this one. It's a waste of money and your time.
Small Product Big Results
Bought this to use on my car stareo face off, scatched the face up by just chucking it in my glove box and not in it's case, paid bucks for the stereo thought it was ruined untill I wiped this stuff on and WOW back looking like new, also used on my PSP screen worked a treat.
Sold as being suitable for SPV M3100 yet instructions clearly state "Do not use on touchscreens"
need i say more?
Doesn't work on my MDA
this was meant to be compatible with my mda, but isn't. scratches on other phone didn't appear to go despite multiple applications.
It Really Works!
Ok, deep scratches take a couple of hours rubbing but it does restore the screen to almost new...well worth the money
Works pretty well
Very Good
I didn't think this would work but it has - a deep and I mean deep scratch in my Samsung P300 is all but gone
Easy to use and effective
Simple instructions and fast delivery for a product that is a brilliant price and gets good results
Clever stuff, works a treat on smaller scratches but deeper ones are still visible. Still makes old look new, and for £3 nicely priced.
Very good. Very handy on scratched products
Not at all happy
Bought this for my W810i as it unfortunately had a couple of shallow scratches on the screen.

The displex arrived with no instructions so I applied some and used the cloth and waited and rubbed and waited.

No change.

Went on line and read that you have to rub hard in circles... so I did... now the screen is scratched to pieces. Then read to rub slowly and gently ... no change.

I guess you get what you pay for .. now have a brand new W810i with a crap screen. Gonna buy a new front fascia when the oem ones come out.

Not a happy bunny.
Works !!! Just how to do it right here
Ok people. All the negative coments mean that you either did not put in enough polishing time or your scratches are extremly deep. ( With time I think they can be removed as well )
So... How I did remove mine ?
I had 2 scratches on my LCD ( Motorola V330 ) Not too deep be they affected the clarity of the screen.
I put 3 drops along the line, used pieco of old bed sheet :) delicate cotton fabric.I didn't use the original cloth cuz I read it 's rought surface and can scratch.
I polished twice for 30 min each time with and circular hand motion. I applied 3 drops every 5 min. I worked hard over the course of 2 days.
Thanx for reading.
amazing. Does what it says on the tin, even if there isn't a tin. Sorted out my scratched iPOD screen and for that I love it....
Be careful with this stuff, its probably cood for very shallow scratches, but i had some scratches from keys and whilst it removed these it also disolved part of my screens surface leaving it marked worse than before.
This stuff really works, and when i say works, i mean WELL!!!! I have a DS Lite and the external case had millions of tiny micro scratches, which i tried to remove using toothpaste but to no avail, i then tried displex, worked first time and also, with a little elbow greese, removed 2 deeper scratches. I cant recomend this highly enough, it is well worth it and you should definately con-sider using this stuff as it is a wonderful product. Happy buffing!!!!!
not ipod was in dasperate conditions. Still isn't as new but i wasn't expecting miracles, the scratches were really deep!!!
this item is brill and it got rid of my scatches in minutes
i bought this to try and get rid of the scratch that was on my phone, i did as follows but it did not seem to take the scratch out.
scratch removal
Works on light scratches, but did not get out the deep ones on my Nokia 6280
this is fantastic does exactly as instructed
Works well on fine surface scratches. Doesn't deal with deep scratches too well
Ipod 30gb Video
I scratched my Ipod screen really badly and thought I'd have to put up with it. This cream has taken 95% of the scratches away after 3 treatments, GREAT PRODUCT/GREAT VALUE
Did it's job and removed scratches from Blackberry screen.
it does work however you need to follow instructions carefully. I had a deep scratch on my i300 it got it out but took a long time
Wonderful product!
I recently bought a used Olympus m:robe MR-100 off of ebay and it was scratched like whoa. I found Displex at the TKS store and my m:robe is stunning now. :D It took me 4-5 coats for it to remove a lot of the scratches, there are still a couple on there that you can only see under a bright light. This was used on light scratches.
Didn't find it much difference to a heavy scratched Sony Ericsson. Maybe to deep.
A wonderful product, you must own it
Absolutlely wonderful, my phone was really scratched and look terrible and after now it is really good, aloso worked on my ipod and watch! Excellent
It works with iPod
I was a bit sceptic in the begining, but when postman delivered a package I quickly got myself to work. After about 30 minutes of polishing, front panel of my iPod looked like a brand new. In fact some very deep scratches stayed, but all those tiny were totally removed. All in all, Displex is much chaper than this expensive liquid proposed by Apple and it usage isn't so dangerous like this method with Brasso. It's is worth it's price, beleve me!
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